Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gaur Green Vista – Possession Has Started

As expected, gaursons has started giving possession of their prestigious project Gaur Green Vista. The project has turned within timelines.

While the club has been shifted to Block B (Maharaja Floors) the gym is expected in Block C (under construction- new wing). The greenery and the swimming pool would no longer be in front because that property belonged to V3S builder. In a way you won’t find things as described when this project was initially sold. The place where tower C is coming was earlier expected to be low rise commercial complex. But now Gaur is building 13 floors. So in a way builder cheated the people related to certain critical aspect. You can never expect how greedy a builder can become, gaur was no exception.

I visited Maharaja towers and both the entrance and tower B looked good. Though entrance was bit conjusted but it certainly felt nice.

Now related to possession- The calculation was posted in guar green vista forum and I am pasting the same. Join this group and you would have query solved.

Copied from Group-
Apart from that - project is as expected. Saw sample flat and the finishing was good. tiles, woodwork, shower panel, water purifier etc. would be part of standard delivery. Infact everything shown in sample flat would be part of standard delivery (as told by Gaurson executive)

Now for registration.- the calculation looks like this. (approx)

the stamp duty would be on circle rate or flat cost whichever is higher. in mine case circle rate was high.

so for 1254 sqft- 1254x2625=3291750
on this they added 150000
total= 3441750

7% is registry charges= 240000 (approx)
rebate is 10,000 only for sole women owner. else it is not there even in dual ownership.

the court charges are another 17,000 that would cover lawyer fees. Rs. 10100 receipt would be given……rest don’t know.

So it would be about Rs. 262,000 for maharaja floors. Samrat would be bit high.

As per lawyer (ref given by gaurs) it take 5 days if stamp paid in cash and 12 days if through demand draft.

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