Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weight Loss is not an enigma

I may be stressed out of job but I am more stressed when I look at myself and my weight. My body has got a weird look because of pockets of weight which I would not explain to myself. How many times you have thought of this and other related things just because your shape and health is not the way you have expected. You have tried all exercises but without any discipline.

I think weight control is an art more than anything else. It is a mixture of exercises and what you eat too. Trying a healthy diet along with mixture of best diet pills is something which can do wonders to your plans for controlled weight. Best diet pills may look new to you but it is something which people are already using and with increased return on their investment. Definitely do look for the ingredients and its usability in the market before you come to any decision but best diet pills definitely demands one unbiased look.

There are many best diet pills available in market and hence there are many places which can provide you with the list of best diet pills which will suit your appetite. You can be selective about them and give them a try to see definite results. Weight loss is definitely not and enigma and the handle is in your hand to work the most on it.


Increase in Home Loan Interest rate- Another shot in the arm

I don’t know if this is my luck but suddenly this questions keep popping my mind “why me only”. Indian story was good and everything was in place. We saw people making money from everything and a huge burst in job market. Real estate for something where thousands was worth lakhs and lakhs was worth crores. Seemingly everyone is into everything and coming out with flying colors. Even if you not actively buying or selling, the worth of properties in hand was good enough to make you feel better.

I don’t know if I am victim but in sheer euphoria I took out decision to invest in two places. Banks like HDFC, Axis, ICICI, LIC etc. was giving you loans like anything for anything on which you put your hands on. Almost every analyst was of view that interest rate would go down and inspite correction you should go and buy. So I did and for some month the rates did got lowered but now it has crossed my rate and tenure of both my loans has been increased.

You need to be optimistic and yes I am. There is a hope that low rate would counter against the high ones in near future. The markets runs in cycle and probably I made the wrong decision. You need to sustain this phase in since property is something which have a habit of giving you something, I am hopeful that my short term investment….which now is long term would benefit me somehow.

To be straight forward, there is no option left in front of you. You need to be positive about it and wait for low interest rate to happen so that your high effect gets compensated. This is market and everyone say that best time to invest is now. I agree if you thinking of long term, go ahead for now I think these things are behind me and I am again thinking to cash in the latest bust. You need to e optimistic somehow.


Looking for weight loss- Best Diet Pill is your answer

Being healthy is the buzz word around. Everyone needs and want to be healthy and stay fit in order to overrule the excessive stress in everyday life. Having a healthy mind is all dependent upon how your body responds to it. Excessive weight is not only a problem but it is also a cause of many diseases which catch you much earlier than your normal age. It is important that not only you maintain a healthy Body mass ratio but also plan it for future in order to have smooth sailing ahead.

While exercise can do a bit in this hectic schedule, a best diet pill is definitely an answer to all the weight problems. Having a best diet pill in your daily routine is an effective measure you can take to take care of all your problems. While you may get many sites which talk about it, has an excellent analysis of best diet pill for you. It has ranked various diet pills based on many parameters and has come out with the list of best diet pill for you. While a rating has been assigned against each pill it also talks about the additional benefits along with the cheap internet price available for the same.

Selection of best diet pill is definitely an important decision and one should be careful of all things that should go into it. The evaluation parameters is something which one should read careful and then should go for the right solution.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LinkedIn is worth how many dollars

LinkedIn entered the market when it was crowded but has created a niche for itself in small amount of time. It has become an instant hit at face of other sites which did not hold their ground for ling time. The concept was ideally the same but at the same time unique too. While people are now not only considering to create login but also to update them from time to time.

Given all what would be the worth of this site and who would be interested in it. It has potentially huge data base and with time it is growing rapidly with all trendy feature. The are enmarked in the journey of constant innovation and can be a force to be reckon with in future. According to me its worth will be in billions. What you guys think?


TVLinksDB - An effective online seach engine

Just happen to chance upon an excellent search engine called TV Links. This search engine crawls numberous sites like Youtube, veoh etc and collects the links of all TV shows, Movies, and music videos and provide them free to the users.

The site give some cool listing and search results too which which not only help you to look into what you want but also what others are looking. TV Links is growing rapidly and its effective results is making it a must watch site over internet.


Monday, July 28, 2008

How to prepare for Trade Show

Most of us learn by experience and many times you get an experience just by learning from what other has experienced. Trade show is one are where after spending huge money you need results which should exceed your expectations. Getting the right mixture is one of the best bet before you should even think of making any positive impression. Yes there are event management companies available but then what to extract from them in your budget is always the first priority.

The first and foremost thing which one should consider is the location of the trade show booths. It is important not only from the location perspective but also an important element which can give the footfalls the real boost. Not only you have to make sure that it is ideally located but also how comfortable it is for your customer to visit it along with the aesthetics. While one should consider choosing the next set of displays, having the right mix of table skirts is very essential. A neat table skirts with right mix of color is something which will act as right pull strategy for your trade show booths.

Other aspects which one should consider and are important are the Banner Stands and the Pipe and Drape which one should select from their booth. Banner Stands can be put booth inside and outside the both and Pipe and Drape would be a logical mix and an essential element to cut down your costs. In short the look and feel which you can get should be an ideal and aesthetically important aspect whenever you make a case for presentation for your company.

For more information one can visit the internet but one site which has caught my real attention is You can visit site for all your trae show information and arrangement needs.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out of box thnking- Does this buzz really counts

Everyone working in varied environment has at any point in time heard this buzz "out of box thinking". People give various reasons for it and try to attach different perspective to it but reality remains that it does count something and it has lot of meaning.

Incidentally i have heard this word every alternate day in long career with my company. To me at times it seemed to be a conspiracy to let me down and at other times it gave me a sense of fulfillment and a weapon to be smart in front of my seniors. But over years my understanding has got pretty sharp on this and this is something I have talked in different forums.

My idea in this post is not to make you learn how you can do it or not but it is to tell you that you cannot be blamed if you are being labeled (as non-thinker) till the time your employer has tried hard on you. You can see as much as you can and to the extent your company would like you to see. To see whole picture you need to know that different colors do exist in the canvas. I think it start with employers who give an opportunity to an employee and expose him to various functions. This is essential because you need to know what is happening around in order to co-relate how you can do best in your job or help people and processes scale. Till the time this investment happens its difficult for everyone and labelling as "frog of the well" is quite an injustice. But yes even after that if one does not help with company then this job is probably not for you. Take your time but start showing results.

So don't put blame on anyone but start from you. Companies expect many things and this is on the top list.                                                              

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cisco Certification- How important it can be for your career

It was days when we graduated from our engineering and worked hard for admission in one of business school. Finally the day of joining our management school has come and everyone was too excited about it. It was fun being with seniors and going through everything they have for us. Few months Pass by and placement for them was almost near. Of all the preparations they have done it was surprising that everyone was having a Cisco certification and there was almost no one who has left any stoned unturned. They D-day was there and then it was like everyone was placed on the very first day. The main thing that was coming out was that not only you require the management, marketing skills but lot of knowledge about system and intricacies involved that you should look smart in front of customer. This again for people whose stream was systems and it was like must have for them.

Finally it was enough realization and I started by going through the Cisco portal to know more about their products. It was CCNA where I was most interested and over the period of time I had most background information on course and its modules. Incidentally their was study groups within our batch also and it was of real help to be part of it. I started studying and it was much of knowledge from all the perspective. The most important part was not that I wanted to do this certification but I wanted to learn for myself in order to be successful. It was not easy and quite a hardwork over months. Finally the day came when I had to go to prometric centre for my test and I was prepared enough to clear it with good percentile. I was not only the marks but I felt more confident.

My placements were much of cakewalk for me. The did a case study on how I would convince my customer with real technical knowledge and I had answers and views on everything. That day and now after 4 years I have not fallen behind. I have more Cisco certification on my name and its been a nice and fulfilling career till now.

My advice to anyone who is interested in this is always “If you want the change- This is it”

Sponsored by Cisco


Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to avoid depression if you have broken up or suffered in the relationship

If you are reading this then probably it can be out of curiosity or because you seriously need some mild or serious help. Human being is a social animal and affinity to someone definitely holds its weight. This is infact a serious issue because relationships either tends to break when its mutual or one –sided. I cannot say that how much one really agrees to when its mutual but when its one-sided then the other person definitely suffers a lot.

Its not about you cannot live without but somehow you are finding it hard to because your routine has been set in a way that it becomes increasingly difficult for you to adjust. I know people going into depression and trying out various stupid things but according to me its not a solution at all. People try a lot and then fail because every effort is not whole hearted but done keeping that other person in mind. So if you try to drink coffee but not tea just because that other person like tea and you would hate to have tea now. This is useless stuff and tends to make you more reliant than self sufficient.

You might have suffered in past and know how to get over it and this case I would be happy for you. But if you trying hard and not finding a solution then the best and effective way is to try to change the place. I know it’s very difficult but if you can do it then let it be. This is best because you tend to get off the routine stuff with which memories are attached. Memories are generally attached to the place you live and as you change them the mind also makes the shift. This is the first step and there are following too but by the far it is the most effective.

If you cant go by above then there is nothing to worry. All you need to do is to change your routine and of possible some settings in your house. Having done this best way now is to try to avoid talking about that person with anyone and if anyone talks you need to change the topic. Lat but not the least is to start new work and try to get yourself busy. Spending more time in your job, reading more or trying to develop an expertise on something is by the far best things.

Briefly I would say that try to change the routine and you will find that things would change drastically. Time is a big healer and great motivator. There are times when people have got over it and started to go ahead. Everyone can do and you are not different.

Frankly if you ask me nothing is held in such things. It all about where you spend your time. Change the schedule and devote time somewhere else along with change in environment and you are done.

Let me know what else you think about this and I would put that in my posting. Comment on this blog and be a part of larger forum to help the like minded social human beings.                                                              

Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk- Contribute your bit to the cause

Alzheimer's Memory Walk is a big even contributing to the cause of Alzheimer care. This is about a disease which is 6th largest cause of death in US and every 71 seconds s person is diagnosed with that. People who suffer from is on one side of it but the near and dear ones are the most affected by it too.

You can contribute to the cause by participating in the walk where more than 200 thousand people would participate to show that they care. Its an even to express you concern and feelings for the world which is without this disease.

You can participate in Alzheimer's Memory Walk by signing up yourself for it at When whole of US would participate in it you can do so either alone or by calling your friends and family members.

You can start by either joining a team or being the captain of the team too in case you think you would like to lead it. There is set of manuals available to help you participate in the cause.

You can also volunteer to be part of the team who will take care of the event. This can be in form of team captain, event planning or joining the local level committee. Another form is to help the cause raise money to make this even a success.

You have to be there if you care to wipe this out and show your concern. Alzheimer's Memory Walk is a walk where 600 communities will join to show they care. It’s a typical 2-3 mile memory walk held on weekend morning in the fall. Come be a part of it.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk                                                              

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Malaysian Restaurant in San Mateo- Langkawi

Langkawi a malaysian restaurant in San Mateo is something which impressed me a lot. Initially I was worried about the taste because I had a real bad experience with Vietnamese restaurant but this it proved out to be otherwise.

It all started when our California colleagues took us out for shopping. We were late and then the plan was to visit Indian restaurant called Annapurna. Incidentally it was closed and we had to look for alternative. There was huge discussion and finally they took us to a place was Danny’s diner (I think it was this only) which had this restaurant.

Ambience is very good and we ordered mango chicken along with two vegetable dishes. Everything we asked was pretty good along with the rice bowl with these dishes. Only thing I didn’t like is their desserts.

All in all it was nice experience and its worth visiting there.                                                              

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From New York to California- A nice trip unveiling itself

This week I am in San Mateo California after spending more than a week in New York. As usual US has its own bit of surprises and I am glad I am in middle of action. Though I am here for second time but this place continue to surprise me. Everyday is new and every experience is turning out to be new in itself.

New York visit was full of fun. Apart from my office work I had an opportunity to visit some of best places like statue of liberty and times square. Raging bull is one of my favorite and very close to Status of liberty. A walk down from battery park to J&R was also good as there were many vendors on Sunday that you can lend a good deal.

New York office hours is full of activity. The life here is too fast and everyone is running here and there. To get good view go to grand central and you would find the difference. According to MTN transit system on a normal working day New York Population goes from 2 million to 11 million.

The more I talk about Manhattan the more i would like to write about it. The only good thing about it is the Deli and restaurants in every street and every bit of it is full. There are so much people that it seems that you are in some fair enjoying every bit of it.

This time I took a night tour of NY through new york sight seeing service. I loved the skyline and every bit of new york. The only issue i had here is that even though i had a rebate coupon they refused to acknowledge it.

My flight to California was great and the hotel is too good. Let us see how it goes here especially when I plan to visit Costco for buying some good stuff.                                                              

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everything you need to know about Diet Pills- visit

Ever wonder how your decision would change when you get more knowledgeable about the things you would want to try or purchase. We are bound by limitations of our thinking and are excited when we have choices in order to make informed decision. Diet Pills is one area where as many knowledge you can have is always beneficial. is one site which has review of more than 200 top selling diet pills in the world. The selection of 10 best diet pills is very exhaustive and and has gone through rigrous review. The reivew is based on tough criteia which consists of 12 point system. The 12 ppoint criteria was segregated into

1. Value
2. Ingredient Quality
3. Customer Feedback
4. Safety
5. Company Reputation
6. Reorder Rates
7. Customer Service
8. Product Sensation
9. Packaging
10. Long-Term Benefits
11. Product Convenience
12. Weight-Loss Potential

The buck doesnt stop here becuase this site has went ahead and looked for places where you can buy them online with best prices and lot of convenience.

You can go to the Experts Blog to get more insight on the diet pills and how effectrivly you can use them. Also the reviewer bcan be contacted for indepth details.

In effect is the best place to look before you base your decision.                                                              

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Staying in New York- Be careful if you going for Indian food because of taste

Its my 5th day of 2nd trip to New York and if i miss anything apart from my family is Indian food. While I tried most of thngs for breakfast, lunch or dinner .....there was craving inside me to go for something which would feel like home which Indirectly meant Indian food.

So after 3 days I pursuaded my friend that we should have indian food and how sick I am feeling in absence of it. I was staying in a hotel at E 45th street and Grand Central was nearby. I had knoledge of this and henc we went there at sunday night but unfrtunately Indian cuisine shop was closed. So that did not detered me and I returned there the next day. Yes I got their Entrees but it was pathetic. I didnt knew who to blame but neither rice or chicken was same. Though i can sense that chicken taste vary between Indian and US but the curry itself was dissappointing.

Sensing that it could be one of bad hits, vary next day we went to Darbar at E46th Street. Here I asked for spicy but the way that $15 dish was something more than being spicy. Well the decor was good and I liked the papad and chutney which they give with my mojito but then again chicken curry was huge dissappointment. I have realized that either my taste buds or the taste of chicken was to blame. Yes the taste of chicken cannot be same...........but hold on....the gravy was pathtic too. After giving bill of $70+ i was more dissappointed than happy.

My syory didnt ended here and i tried the third one next to Darbar called Joy Curry & Tandoori. I read the review in and thought that i have found the secret to good food. But frankly food here is worst of all. Their platter is pathetic and I threw everything in dustbin. Dont try their mango lassi because it add an insult to your injury.

At last I dont know why I am writing this blog. Yes you cannot expect things to be same as home but think I am deceived by the use of India in their nature. I think I have done the old classic mistake of expectation and hence I am feeling so bad about it. Next time its all Deli's shop in manhattan and nothing else.                                                              

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Solvent Recovery Systems- A waste is not a waste

I am not sure how to make best use of resources. A waste is a waste till the time you think that it has no logical value. But the moment you think more and see what more can be done about it there is a plethora of ideas which come to your mind. Maybe what I talking about here is more of industrial sense but the logic applies to one and all and can be used over varied systems and operations. Solvent Recovery System is is one of such logic which will help you to understand is more in depth.

Solvent Recovery is a mechanism whereby you tend to recover important constituents or chemicals from mixture and dissolve off things as minimum as possible. so in effect a mixture of many things eventually leads o separate things which can be used for your work in cost efficient way

Another way to call the above is Waste Recovery System which share the similar logic its just that the waste differs from industry to industry. I think it is one of ideas where important constituents are separated neatly without any effort.

If you would like to have more idea I would suggest you to visit the web and read more about it. Its more of a logic which when applied can create and all round efficiencies.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Want regular Income on Internet- Try Mylot

MyLot is one of renowned sites over Internet which works on the concept of paying the users for their participation. The participation can be in any can respond to people by answering their queries or you can start new discussions .....just anything you do be sure that you will be paid for it.

While what i said above is something which may prompt you to straightaway jump and sign up for this site, but keep the below factors in mind before taking any step

-- the payout may not be much and you need to judge whether it suits your appetite or not. It can be 10 to 20 cents for 20 discussion or question
-- In order to make more money (this is in Dollars) make sure you write clear and good responses with nice words. This will increase the chances of high payout.
-- If you are non consistent and their is every probability that you would quit it after making 200 postings than don't join (if you joining for money). Their minimum payout is $10 and many of their members earn $2 to $3 and quit. This is sheer waste of time.
-- Join if certain group interest you and you would be part of it forever. Make Money Online is one of forum which interests me and I generally answer and ask questions there. Well this is not nly one but about from list of 20 I have shortlisted for my self.
-- Put your hands in many groups as this will keep you involved and provide you new food for thought everytime you login.
-- Do tag your blog and rate oter people too.
-- Last but not least, make your profile trendy and give name of your blog to in profile page.

I got to chat with people who made more than $1 a day. It may be Rs. 40 but some youngsters are pretty happy with it. Also in my other posts I will talk about such opportunities. Good Luck and be consistent. (Slow and Steady wins the race)                                                              

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SocialSpark- An Effective Medium To Socialize On Web

While my earlier post featured on how to launch your blog, in the interim I would like to talk about SocialSpark which is a social marketing network site that would help you to generate revenue by connecting you to advertisers and sponsors through the web. This essentially means is that apart from normal revenue streams you can find the advertisers and sponsors who are ready to shell an extra amount for some publicity from your blog. You must have watched the cricket match and the billboards that are displayed around the ground, well this is not different because you are making you stadium available to advertisers to show their product in exchange of some revenue which you can possible use to enhance your blog. Social spark is medium which makes this whole process happen in an effective way.

There is a plenty of stuff which you can do at this site, But first of all its very important that you create a very effective profile of your own and your blog. Yes this is very important because the advertiser would be the first person interested in this. While your blog would definitely help you to get the best of deals but this step is something which needs an investment of your time.

Next important step is to get your account approved. SocialSpark follows some steps to approve your blog. Obviously don’t expect to write some posts and think it will be approved, no it will not be, you need to show some real good content over a period of time to create an impression. Mouse over on account, click on manage blogger account, and then click on Blogs. You will get the blog status on your right.

All the three steps in the blog status need to be approved before you can think of generating revenue from this site. If you blog is not approved at first go, don’t lose heart because more your work on your blog, more are the chances it will get approved as and when you submit it again.

Next you can go to marketplace and browse through opportunities. There are two types of opportunities- One that pays you for writing a post about them and second is the one which uses your blog to advertise their product. The profile of advertisers is good too and in most cases its fun to write about them. You will see several opportunities and hence it is always advisable to browse for your own opportunities by using the tool provided on your right

Another feature which distinct this site from other is the networking platform it provides to meet other bloggers. Featured blog is my favorite where it’s an opportunity for me to see some blogs shortlisted by SocialSpark. They have sections like highlighted post and other important blogs which again is a must read. Apart from above I have made new friends here by giving or taking props from them (Props is basically vote of confidence). Also its always nice to talk to them and share your opinion about things you would like to talk about.

Lastly I would like to emphasize on stringent code of ethics which this site follows

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

This makes it more transparent in its act and an opportunity for you to be part of social network which with time will help you to be more effective.

Sponsored by SocialSpark                                                     

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