Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Voted For Vindoo Dara Singh

Never imagined Pravesh would chant the slogan of Aam AAdmi and then put all the food in the pool. Did he know that how many poeple in India did not even get one meal in a day? Clearly, the drama and the hostile atmosphere he has created is to gain mileage and votes. Last time he foughts was to get votes and as a result Raju was eliminated (the trick worked for him). But not this time.

Vindoo is cool and is true reflection of what a Bindaas person looks like. Seeing him I can clearly see he is the best friend material.

I am voting for vindoo. In last 2-3 days I have done many votes and will do so till the end.

Good Luck Vindoo. I like your attitude and everyone in my family wish you to win (excepy my mom who favors PoonamJi)

By the way, I am Aam Aadmi.

Good Luck Vindoo.


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Basic Principals of Get Rich Attitude

Get Rich Attitude aims to develop an attitude which will help you become rich from any or every action that you take related to money. The right attitude comes from understanding the nitty gritties involved in making money to the way you finally spend it. Money made at every small point makes you rich and wiser. There are four principals which you should not only remember but also try hard to practice. These four principals are the channels that help you make money and get Rich

1) Income- This is very important channel which makes you rich. More income leads to more prosperity. Investing in yourself and your career is very important. If you have a good job with good salary or a good business with impressive turnaround than the channel of income is already ON. All you need to do is to keep widening the flow and make more money.

2) Taxes- Yes this is imposed by government but at same time government gives you a chance to save taxes though various mechanisms. An understanding of how this works and way you can save takes in every front has potential to make money for you. The money paid for taxes if saved makes you rich.For example- home loan from axis bank, hdfc, icici bank, state bank of india etc or any scheduled bank gives you opportunity to save tax and make money

3) Spending- You pay Rs. 100 or you negotiate and pay Rs. 80 for vegetables. The approach used by you makes you rich. Controlling the way you spend or amount you spend has a potential to make you rich. Splurging if cannot be controlled should be made judiciously. You not only earn money by earning it but also by spending it. There is no harm in negotiating if that helps you save money. The way you spend money on clothes, food etc. has a lot of potential to make you rich.

4) Interest or Return on Investment- It can be interest or returns from your investment or money parked in the bank. Interest is basically what your money earns for you. If put in proper use you money has ability to work for you. Again an important decision here is where to put your money to give you maximum returns. Many avenues are available like stocks, bonds, FFD’s etc which help you earn interest or returns on your money.

The above four principals are basically the channels of money which helps you get rich. Most of people know about Income and interest only and completely ignore taxes and spending. It is important for everyone to make best use of all four channels in order to get rich.



Friday, July 10, 2009

News or Factors That Affect Stock Prices

Many People has always wondered how news or different factors has an effect on stock prices. Essentially, It has two parts

First- The type of News of Factor
Second- Its nature, i.e. positive or negative

One has to be smart enough to decode the news and take the position quickly in the stock. People who are adroit in this do make good short term gains even if we leave the insiders or fund houses that generally have good information much before the release of news (I presume so).

I was reading an article from some research paper that did a study on relationship of fund house investment and their holding in a particular stock. What they found out was most of the fund houses exit the stock much early than the release of numbers by the company.

Considering above I think there is little opportunity but then chances are that news is there in market and fund houses are smart enough to read the signs. What individual investors look for is immediate gains but if they play right on news than chances are sooner of later one might see the results.

As I write, I don’t see many clues about anything except that at times it does work. So if it does than why not try it through paper trade to start with.

Below are different types of news that affect stock price. Keep your eyes and ears open and try to come out with a pattern. Who knows it might work for you. Good Luck.

1. Crude Prices
2. Macroeconomic Data (IIP, Inflation, GDP, Industrial Growth, Consumer confidence,
Employment, Unemployment etc)
3. Government/Politics
4. Draught/Monsoon
5. Federal Policies (Interest Rates, Monetary Policies)
6. Company Results
7. Global Cues
8. FII activities
9. Stock Manipulations
10. Insider Trading
11. Mergers
12. Acquisitions
13. Money Markets
14. New Orders
15. Buy Back
16. Bonus
17. Split
18. Tax Benefits
19. Change in stock Group
20. Inclusion in an Index
21. Loss of customer
22. Short and Long Positions
23. Spinoff of arms
24. Lawsuits (win or loss)
25. Change in Demand
26. Change in Supply
27. Budget
28. Raw Materials
29. War
30. Terrorist Attacks
31. Management Changes
32. Dividend
33. Rights Issue
34. Joint Ventures
35. Business Expansion
36. New Invention
37. Rumors

If you know more than Leave a comment. I am very much interested to build this list further.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reliance Retail coming in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Reliance Retail is coming up in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Call it Reliance Trends, Reliance Fresh or Relaince Shoes but soon Indirapuram would have a good big set up from Relaince Group. The location is pretty good too. Right on the highway dividing Indirapuram and Noida, it would be set up in front of Gaursons upcoming and soon to be delivered project Gaur Green Vista.

Gaur Green Vista had already made a provision for commercial site in front of its maharaja floors. The area has already been demarcated and work is in initial stages. The location is cool because it is right across the road and pretty much accessible. You have not only one more project of gaursons (Vista Heights) coming up here but V3S and supertech icon along with Patrkar Vihar is close as close as 100 m from site. This would ensure access to about 1000 families even if you leave the traffic this would come beyond this 100 m.

Gaur Green Vista location from the start had been in much demand. The project was total sell out in first few months and it never lost its value even in the downturn. Relaiance Retail would definately give a big boost to prices of nearby places.

Update- The news was wrong. Reliance has bought some flats in New Block C of Gaur Green Vista and news about Relaince Retail was wrong..

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Are You Planning to Buy a House?


GetRichAttitude.com considers Home / House as the very important investment one should make in one’s life. This investment can be made either to secure your future or get a high returns on your investment. However before buying house there is two important principal which you should consider in mind
Principal 1- Location
Principal 2- Location

Remember there is no substitute to Location. Your investment can get stuck for lifetime or you can double your investment only by virtue of its location. However this principal makes many places unaffordable and away from our budget. In that case the best plan would be to do a thorough study of places which would get developed in near future. The pointers can be construction of new highway, airports, new industries coming up etc. If you foresee something developing in near future than the place should be your ideal target. However again location plays an important part there too and one should be very cautious about it.

Remember your investment would multiply only in places where there is a flow of money. Highways, industries, airports, offices bring with them the prosperity and more money and you stand to gain by getting a little share of it. Even If you planning to live on your own house in same place than also it is advantageous because you would have all amenities available at your disposal.

Buying is House is a very costly proposition. However the main principal you should remember is that “Money attracts Money”. If you don’t invest and allow your money to work, it wont get you more money. At same time more sound your investment is; more are the chances that it brings you handsome returns.

To start your search visit some good sites which will give you a good idea on projects around your area. Some are

here you would get information about launches and type of builders.

The story becomes completely different if you planning to buy a builders house (apart from location). The reputation and track record of the builders becomes very important because you don’t want your investment to get stuck in an undelivered house. While focus on builders is not under the scope of this article but two things which you should keep in mind is
1) The reputation of the builder is very important. Don’t go by what people or broker say but go by his track record. If builder is new or you not satisfied than don’t invest. Period.
2) See the quality of construction of builder. Don’t go by sample house but see from the projects already rolled out.
Sometimes you tend to make bad decisions when you have money in your pocket. Avoid impulsive urges because wrong decision has capability to ruin you.

Now you must be confused where to invest and avoid frauds. I apply two principals here
1) Investment in plots or houses gives by government bodies is good. HUDA, PUDA, DDA, HIMUDA, GNIDA are all government authorities and the investment made in their projects is clean
2) Investment made in reputed builder projects is also good. We are particularly impressed by the way DLF has reduced prices of their houses in current scenario. These builders charge a premium and it is worth considering the peace of mind which you get with it. Some issue do remains (like Park Place Project which has not yet started) but this is less compared to unknown or fly by night operators.
Remember an investment stuck in a house can be as fetal as a disease. So study and do more survey before you make this investment.



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Information to Start Your Career in Ethical Hacking

Ethical hackers, also known as White Hat Hackers, are computer and network security experts who attacks a company network on behalf of it owners. There Job is to do penetration and other type of testing and seek vulnerabilities which a black hat or a person with bad intent would like to exploit. An ethical hacker need to be step ahead of other hackers and report all problems which can compromise the network security. Big and Small companies including government organizations employ hackers or seek their service in order to secure their network before it can be made Live to the outside world.

Ethical Hacking as a career is very much in demand. Not only companies are willing to hire them but also it offers an opportunity to run your own consulting business. This is a premium job because of the nature of work involves and high level of thinking you have to employ to secure the network. The IT Security of the company depends upon them and they have to be alert and updated with all developments in the network and security arena.

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member-based organization that certifies individuals in various e-business and security skills. It is the owner and developer of the world famous Certified Ethical Hacker course, Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, Secure Programming and various other programs which is offered in over 60 countries around the globe. All these courses are offered live and online through an instructor led IT Security Training. You can also know more about the course by registering yourself for the FREE , one day, FREE LOOK Event. This is an ideal place to start your career and excel in corporate world.



Gaur Green Vista Indirapuram – Get benefit on Your Home Loan

The Gaursons Prestigious Project - Gaur Green Vista Indirapuram is nearing completion now. As per the company the Possession of the house would be given on 31st December 2009 which is 9th months of this financial year. While I would soon update everyone on construction status but as per my last visit the progress was much in line with the final date.

If you have taken Home Loan for this property than it makes you eligible for claiming the tax deductions right from the start of this financial year. Yes, you can claim deductions in your salary right from the month of April and should not wait till December for Possession. Read this Article
Home Loan - Are You Eligible to Get Benefit

The Home Loan was distributed by various banks in this project and the prominent ones include ICICI Bank, HDFC, Axis Bank, and PNB Housing Finance.

How much benefit you can get- Lets take Mr. X scenario as this will help you to do your calculations (all figures are approximate ones)
Loan amount- Rs 30 lakhs
Bank- Axis Bank
Rate- 11% (now 10%)
EMI- Rs. 30966 (opted for reduction in tenure than EMI- so EMI is constant)
Principal- Rs. 50,000/year (approx till now)
Interest- Rs. 320000/year (approx till now)
Interest paid till April 2009- Rs. 5 lakh (from October 2007 to April 2009)
Home Loan- In name of Mr. X and his wife Mrs. X
Ownership- 50% each
1) Self Occupied- 1 lakh in principal, 1.5 lakh in Interest plus 1/5th of total interest paid before possession for next 5 years(to both individually)
So in this case the total benefit (individually) would be
Principal- Rs. 25000
Interest- Rs. 160000 + Rs. 50,000 (1/5th of Interest paid in previous financial year)
- Rs. 210000
But the maximum interest that can be claimed individually is Rs. 150000.
Note- If you in same city than either you have to let go your HRA benefit or show your property as rented.
So in self occupied both Mr. X and his wife stands to gain Rs. 8600 approx. together each month or Rs. 4300 individually. This is 36% of their EMI.
2) Rented- If you show your property for rent in this year than Mr. X stands to gain a lot this year as whole of interest (minus 70% of rent) would be deductible. However from next year the benefit would be less than that of self occupied.
There are many scenarios that related to self-occupied or rented. In case you need any help than you can post your comment at below post.
Home Loan - Are You Eligible to Get Benefit

I am sure author will help you.                                                              

Your Security Is In Your Own Hands

We always think that nothing bad can happen to us. We hear stories and believe that we are insured against everything bad that can happen to others. But this is not true. I experienced this myself when I was away from my home for a business trip and someone broke into my house. My neighbors informed me and Police the next morning and I had to rush back leaving many things in-between. It was a very traumatic experience because I had lost almost everything from jewellary, clothes, furniture, electronic gadgets, and even kitchen utensils. Following up with Insurance Company, Police and helping on with investigations took another three months of my career. In the end I had lost too much than what I had procured in last 3 years of my career.

I got the lesson of my life. I have realized it completely that the protection of my home is in my own hands. A security system from an established company would have saved me from the agony and pain. I immediately opted for a wireless security system. The Platinum Package from Protect America was my natural choice. The package comprises features that include talking control panels, 20 entry points, internal siren, one button arming among other state of art benefits. They also have a toll free number 877-470-2751 for their customers to provide immediate assistance. Moreover since I placed my order through Toll Free number, I got 2 keychain remotes free with my order.
Remember, Your security is in your own hands. A right step at right time can save you from lot of problems in future.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don’t Get Swayed by Self Styled Analysts

Rising markets are back again and so are self styled analysts who have come out from hibernation to mint money again. You can see them everywhere in both online and offline media. I was surprised that a magazine who was till yesterday talking about negative sentiments is now talking about how next bull run has started. While it is easy for some to comprehend the current situation there are some gullible investors who get trapped. Nothing has ever destroyed the investment if the people than the stock markets all over the world. Despite of this even a small positive sign in stock market attracts lot of people and they flow in herds to invest their hard earned money.

While it does not surprise me but what concern me is another phase when innocent people would get cheated. Well the one who needs to be blamed for such situation is the people only and not the one who cheat other people. Markets everyone knows is full of risks but still people fail to understand that. While everything till now was negative, yesterday I got Money Today which has carried a column where they highlighted people who have made money in this small bull run. The article served no other purpose than a bait and is making people feel bad about themselves. End result, they would now go and invest in market and then would lose a shirt in small correction. They fail to understand that the publication has to come out with something every month and it is them who have to take informed decision.

My advice, stop reading anything which makes you feel bad about yourself. Just calculate the amount of money you have to take risk and invest that portion only in stock market. It is not at all bad if stock market is rising and you ave not invested even a single Penny…….why???? because this helps you to keep the Job. Yes even if I don’t earn a single penny from market, I am happy that markets are rising because I am able to maintain my job and get regular promotions and pay increases. So, I am Happy.
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Join BeeWellMiles.com for Breast Cancer Network of Strength

I recently gained a lot of weight due to unhealthy lifestyle. Earlier I used to watch what I eat. But due to long working hours and nature of my Job I could not take much care of my diet and developed some bad habits like smoking. It has affected my stamina and I have started to put more weight. I tried a lot to exercise in office but all my efforts went for a naught. I started climbing 300 stairs everyday during office hours in order to remain healthy but due to severe pain in my knee caps I could not continue with it. Finally I have thought to develop a habit of walking 2 miles every morning in order to catch up with my health.

While I work on my plan, I have decided to keep myself motivated by joining BeeWell Miles . BeeWellMiles.com contains lot of resources which include interacting with healthy living experts, logging your miles and keeping a watch on calories that I would burn. I can share my walking route with others and can even understand the caloric value of my meals. It also gives me an opportunity to interact with other guests and share ideas and tips on getting healthy. Moreover, From 4/1/09-10/31/09, Bumble Bee Foods will donate $0.15/mile for every mile logged at BeeWellMiles.com (up to $200,000) to help Breast Cancer Network of Strength provide emotional support to those who can't wait for tomorrow's cure. Every mile I walk would help me support a cause and provide better care to people suffering from Breast cancer. There is also an added incentive for all people, where each day you log miles or enter the game code from the pink Bumble Bee cans, you can instantly win one of the $15,000 prizes.



LG India Cheating its Customers

How you would comprehend 3 Free Services Offer. Certainly you would think that each free service can be availed in consecutive three summer seasons. Afterall you need a service only once before the start of the summer season. SO when LG India claims 3 free services don’t get very excited. All they mean is that you need to avail all the 3 free services within one year.

I just remember the way LG 2 ton split AC was pitched to me along with the promise of 3 free services. Like all other consumers I also didn’t bothered to read behind the lines. End result, The Company has made a fool out of me like they might be making of other customers. This also shows that they are not confident that their product would behave normal after one year of sale.
While we never faced any problem with our windows AC’s but the 2 ton split AC has taken out all the excitement. It all started when an AC bought in May/June last year was not working fine this season. We started to book our compliant in LG service centre but as promised we never not got any sms or call. My father than followed up and after around 20+ phone calls managed to get hold of someone at supervisor level. A service engineer was sent to our home and he told us that all gas has been leaked out.
Since I lost my bill (my folder was stolen) I asked him to get the purchase date form their records. But they were not ready to do that. The service engineer only told me that 3 services are available only in first year and after that you are on your own. According to them they would now log a complaint to other department and it is on them whether they would consider it in free period or not. Even with serial number they are not ready to give us the date of sale.
Now after getting fooled by one of the biggest brand name in India “LG India” we are waiting for the next batch of service engineers to come. One day has already passed with no response. We have been told that it will cost us between Rs. 2000-3000 for the complete process or even more. They were almost sure that since we lost our bill, there is no way anyone can help us.

Also an additional observation- The guy who installed our AC was from LG India. He seemed to be a novice and took 9 hours to install one unit. We were pretty sure that he will do some damage and seems that he has done his work. Now no one from LG India would listen to us and all their promises of excellent service has proved to be another market gimmick. Their marketing teams devise royal ways to fool customers and end result is what has been happening to us.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

HDFC Bank using Customer Retention Strategies

With bad economy, HDFC Bank has come out with well tailored customer retention strategies. Though not known to be as aggressive as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank has now started to focus more on existing customers. This is done more in order to prevent existing customers from switching accounts. Last morning I got a call from a lady who told me that she has been assigned to my account based on the balance I maintain. So for my account
1) All charges has been waived off
2) Services like locker, de-mat etc would now be charged at 50%. Would let me know in case it can be waived off completely
3) The charges on my debit card have been taken off.
4) Gave her number to contact regarding any service
This happened not only for my high balance account but all 4 accounts which my wife, brother and father maintain. I was particularly moved by the way they waived off all charges and converted my account to a classic account. While they have little relationship with HDFC but they were much ready to discuss the home loan stuff and wanted to help on that front too.
I see this more as a welcome move at the time when finance markets has to get down to the basics i.e. look after their existing customers. I am sure others would now follow suit and ultimate beneficiary would be the customer.
Everyone must recall how last year people shifter tomes of money from private banks to public one’s like SBI. Though too late, these banks have started to reposnse.
Apart from this do read on excellent article on How to Get Rich The Basic Principals of Get Rich Attitude


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Charter Communications HDTV-a-day Sweepstakes!!!!


What is HDTV?
High definition television is the highest form of digital television. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the same as a movie theater screen.

Who can participate in the Contest?
The contest is open to both new and upgrading customers. To be eligible a customer has to order services at Charter.com and they stand a chance to win a 22” flat screen HDTV every day throughout April. The contest is part of easy to use website, www.charter.com, which is used very efficiently by all current customers to bundle their Cable, High Speed, or Telephone services.

More about the Contest
Charter is also offering an opportunity to win a grand prize package that includes a 52” LCD flat screen HDTV, a Home Theater System, and one year of free Charter Digital Cable® service with HD programming.

More about Charter Communications
Charter Communications has won many accolades till date due to its excellent services. It has been one of the favorite vendors in an online circle and they even use twitter to offer customer service. They have been known to create Buzz through series of online contests. Last year it gave away laptops and Xbox 360 game systems and one customer drove away a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Satyam to Close its Gurgaon Center

The repercussions of scam have started to show off. The company has lost many of its top customers which include the like of Statefarm, Cigna etc. Though companies like SAP have decided to stay with company but situation is not very bright. One thing which has happened good in this situation is the management of the affairs by the Government. This has at least secured the Job of many employees who might have been chucked out of company because of various reasons.

Many employees have already left the company because of their good experience but there are many who are finding it difficult to cope in this environment. There is a hope that new management would normalize the environment and bring company back on track. Also people are confident enough that Government might put some clause which would make it difficult for new management to chuck out people.

While Microsoft Group has already been shifted out of Gurgaon centre there are rumors that the office would be closed soon. Company is providing alternative to their employee to either shift to Bangalore or Hyderabad center. Almost all of the employees have decided to relocate to new office and resume their work there.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Expect More Rate Cuts Soon

Government has really come down on Banks especially Private Sector banks for not passing the benefit of rate cut to the customer. While rate has been reduced by 4% by the government, the public sector banks reduced the rates by 2%-2.5% and the private sector banks reduced by around 1.5%. Most of Banks has hiked the rate by large extent last year and then reduced it marginally which has not made much difference in the credit flow.

Government is very serious and wants to remove clogs from the credit freeze lines. According to them the economy would soon go into bad shape until and unless banks reduce the rate. On the other hand with release of inflation data banks hope that government would reduce more rates. This has become a situation where government is looking at banks and banks at government related to reduction in rates. While the government at present is concentrating on elections there is definitely a bit of lack in incentive at their end. On other side senior government bureaucrats are still on the job and want banks to reduce the rate soon. While not much action is expected soon but formation of stable government would definitely be good sign.

The economy situation would not improve soon and banks need to reduce the rates. Discussions are ON at the Private Banks also related to reduction in rates. According to sources private banks are willing to reduce the rates but then there is a host of factors that they need to look before taking any action. The factors can be further reduction in rate by government or a collaborative movement where each banks reduce the rate together. The important thing is that some banks are indeed serious and can take the first step anytime soon. With this there would not be much option with other banks than to fall in line and reduce the rate. Expect this soon and at maximum few months after elections. Everyone is looking at other and this jinx will break soon.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

MagNext Virtual – The Next Revolution

I love playing games online. They are a great way to release the stress and have some fun. One of the great sites for playing games online is MagNext virtual from MEGA Brands. The concept is different and the graphics are just amazing. Most of the online games are the version of toys available through the stores which include iCoaster, Soheron and many others.

Adventure starts the moment you log into their system. Your avatar is a magnext ball which you can paint or design through interactive interface. There is a map available in the mini world which will help you navigate through the arena. You can either play solo games or can join other player in an online face to face competition. Of all the games available iCoaster is one of the amazing stress busters available. In iCoaster you have to put the tracks for your ball to roll along. Success depends upon the number of levels you can cross and time which you can save at each level. You earn Magz at each level which can be used to buy things for the Magnext ball. My favorite accessory is electron action that makes little electric circles spin around the ball for few seconds.

In case of multiplayer games you can play the game with other members. You need to challenge the members to play against you. You can also chat with other members and make them your friends through a very interactive system available. You get rewarded for every such action in the form of more Magz. This is a pure fun and excellent way to spend your time. An excellent stress buster and something I recommend to all my readers.



Is the Economy Turning Around

No one knows and this is still a mystery. A lot is being talked in media and predictions are being made by almost every analyst. After painful last few months almost everyone is hoping that good days would be back soon. The data on housing is good for the month of February in US and that has offered some hope. Apart from that the voices are being made by many literary people who think that currently markets are making the bottom.

On personal front nothing has changed much except that marketing pitches related to credit cards and loans have started again. In last few weeks I have received lot of calls from sales people willing to sell their cards and offer host of waivers. A credit line freezed by one of the financial company has been opened again and they called up requesting to take the loan. The loan processing which was taking much time in last few months is now taking less time. Series of measures has been taken by financial institutions in all these months with fear that they should not get caught again in the whirlwind. The effort by government would take shape soon and one can hope of better days again.

The people who have lost jobs have started to find the work again. Two of my friends who were laid off have got the break again. This period has literally stirred the souls of many people and has made them wise too. While some have realized to live life fully others are still hoping to get the break again.


Sears is offering 75-80% OFF Fall & Winter Apparel

Sears is offering 75-80% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES ON FALL & WINTER APPAREL from now till April 18th. This is a great opportunity to get quality clothing at great prices. A sale offering 75-80% off of everything is unheard of and something one should definitely check out. Sears sale items extend to not only women’s apparel, but also apparel for men and children. As a matter of fact there are clearance items for the entire family. In this economy, this sale is an absolute stealClick Here.

Due to hectic schedule I was not purchase a Jacket this winter. I started my search at Sears website by signing up for email which gave me $10 worth of discount coupon. After about 2 to 3 searches I decided to pick faux-suede bomber jacket mainly because of its rugged look. See the screen shot above. I am sure you would like it too. At 80% off I could not have asked for more. When fall or winter comes they will not be discounted at these prices and hence it is a wise decision to stock them up now. The prices are so low that it is impossible to get this deal ever again. So, if you are looking for a good quality and trusted brands, this is the place to go. Grab this opportunity before it is too late.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Comparison of Home Loan India- Axis Bank Home Loan Scores Big Over HDFC Home Loan - A Comparison

Comparison of Home Loan India- HDFC has finally reduced the rate as was also predicted in HDFC may reduce PLR by 0.5% in April.

Through a series of posts like
HDFC cheating its customers by not passing the benefit of low interest rates
HDFC Home Loan - Prepayment Penalty increased from 2% to 3% (This appeared in this Blog much earlier than regualr media)

I have tried to voice my opinion on home loan given by HDFC. Also when I took loan from Axis Bank I was so much harassed by their process that I had written a big post on their procedure and mechanism. Axis Bank- UTI Bank- Home Loan- Hidden Charges and Frauds

Almost an year and half down the line, I can categorically say that Axis Bank has scored big over HDFC Home Loan on many parameters. The main are
1) Loan procedure- Bad in Axis Bank as it gets handled by their DSA’s. Good in HDFC as they have their own workforce. When you go to construction site you get to meet the DSA’s of Axis Bank and not their workforce.
2) Customer Service- Very Good in Axis bank. They have replied to all my emails and have sent me requested documents in short period. In HDFC my emails have never been answered and documents have never been mailed when requested through email. Even queries posted in their portal are still unanswered. More humiliating was when their Noida Branch head requested one of the person to travel 50 odd kms to their branch in order to get reversal of Rs. 64/- wrongly charged in his account.
3) Pre Payment Charges- Nil in Axis bank. Yes even if you transfer loan to other bank it is nil. HDFC has recently raised these charges to 3% for transfer to other bank. HDFC Home Loan - Prepayment Penalty increased from 2% to 3%
4) Rate change for new and old customers- There is no concept of new and old in Axis Bank. They change the rate equally for all customers. My rate was from 11% to 10% in 2008. It was again raised to 11% but has been decreased again in line with what they offer to new customer. HDFC on other hand charge different rate not only to new and old customers but also there is difference between old customers too. While I was being charged 11% one of my friends was charged 11.5% during same duration on quarterly basis.
5) Rate reset- This is on monthly basis in Axis bank while it is quarterly basis in HDFC. While this does not make difference but when rate gets low you tend to get the benefit immediately.
6) Portal access – Available in HDFC and not in Axis bank.

As of today I feel more comfortable with Axis bank than HDFC. HDFC has big reputation but its action does not reflect its stature at all. Public Sector Bank like SBI are giving them hard competition.

The above are my own personal views. Since the service varies from person to person based on their history this post in no way claim any recommendation to buy and ignore any of the service. The readers are requested to consult their advisors or take informed decision based on their understanding and experience. I am for now happier with AXIS Bank and thought to give it thumbs up through my post.

Please leave your comments to help me continue post on such issues.

Visit www.mysticmadness.com A Personal Finance and Personality Development Blog.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Amazing Phenomenon- Dolphins Blowing Bubbles

You have to see it to believe it. Dolphins are actually blowing the bubbles in the water and then playing with those bubbles. Their elegant move is complemented by the joyful acts especially when they whisk past the bubbles. You must be lucky if you have seen this phenomenon in the brand new video that just aired on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson. If not, you need not worry because you can check out www.DolphinBubbles.com to witness the experience of dolphin bubbles yourself.

Dolphins are very elegant, graceful and intelligent creatures. There are many aquariums in the world which gives you an opportunity to play with the Dolphins but my favorite is SeaWorld in Orlando. It gives you an opportunity to be closer to nature. It has a team of professionals who makes your experience truly memorable. The more I read about it, the more I am attracted to visit this place again. This is on the must do list for our upcoming trip. Most important is that the kids would love the experience to see the Dolphins perform in front of their eyes. This is the best gift which parents can give to their children and I am happy to be one of them.



Thursday, March 19, 2009

HDFC cheating its customers by not passing the benefit of low interest rates

Today inflation touched the historic low of 0.44%. This was in line with the expectation considering the high inflation period we saw in the previous year. Home Loan companies were smart enough to increase the rate with every move of RBI but the scenario is different when it comes to reduction of rates by RBI. HDFC which is king of home loan market has been among the slowest one to reduce the rate. Till now it has been riding on its reputation but in recent days it has more been exposed?

Many existing customers was recently told that pre-payment penalty is 3% but when it faced a lot of criticism in media it quickly changed its policy and made it mandatory for new customers. Many customers have not yet received reply on its queries related to shift of their home loan. The mail remains unanswered and it seems no one in HDFC is willing to talk.

HDFC till date was using its market leadership position to acquire the customer. Its rate was stable but the main fact is that the existing customers are suffering both in terms of customer service and their greed. While whole of markets has reduced rate, including LIC housing Finance by 75 bps, HDFC has literally kept quiet in this matter. People in HDFC are paying different rates and it is not consistent at all. The rates are way above 11% to 12% and repeated queries by customers are ignored.

This can be a safe strategy by HDFC wherein they have parked their money in safe but less interest yielding investments and are covering up the lost part through their customers. If this is the case then why the customer has to suffer. They should better know how to manage money.

In comparison my loan from AXIS bank is doing pretty good. They respond to my queries quickly. They reduce the rate in line with new customers i.e. they have only one rate both for new and old customers. The most important thing is that they don’t have any pre-payment penalty even if you transfer loan to other bank.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Young Christian’s Weekend March in Branson

Spring Break is here again and everyone in the house is ready to visit Branson, Missouri. This has now been more of a tradition where we either go to our relatives place or go for short trip outside our city. This time we wanted something exciting and the natural choice was Branson, Missouri. There is no better place to stay in Branson than Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the HIlton Branson Convention Center Hotel. I have already done my reservations at Hilton Promenade and the hotel has offered me the host of offers including guest’s access to shops, boutiques, restaurants, a river walk and other attractions. These hotels are at very respectable distance of Branson’s championship golfs courses, lakes, museums, and Silver Dollar City. Branson also has additional ongoing shows like international folk music and cuisine of World-Fest at Silver Dollar City, the first ever Branson Air Show at the new Branson Airport, and the Great American Pie Show.

Since we are going in the last week of March we would be very lucky to join the Young Christian’s Weekend March 27-29, 2009 at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. We would be having an opportunity to Witness concerts by the powerful vocals and intelligent lyrics of DownHere!, Kutlass and the sounds of Leeland along with additional mini-concerts and spirit-filled worships throughout the park. In addition, the Midwest’s premier Christian youth event features message that feeds the soul from Joe White of Kanakuk Kamps and others. Everyone in my house is very excited and has done all the preparations. While everyone is excited about the Young Christians March, My wife and I are also looking forward to a river walk.



Plan your finances for secure future

Bad times are here again and everyone is wondering when this bad phase would end. There is so much pain in the system that all the efforts made are proving to be less if not sufficient. Common man is most hurt in this phenomenon at time when there is no security of the job. More and more people are declaring bankruptcies and credit markets has literally squeezed.

Things were not bad a year back. People were earning good and prospering in their careers. However the only mistake everyone did was not to plan their finances. Most of their investment was either made in stock markets or went down to pay the hefty housing loan. The end result was little cash which proved insufficient by any means. If one goes by planning rules than to be on safer side you need to have six month of emergency funds available in liquid form. Apart from emergency funds an asset base needs to be build out by equally dividing your assets in various forms. This includes a division in the form of equity or debt depending upon your age. While people at young age should invest more in equity while the baby boomers should invest more in debt instruments. However investment should only be made in equity if you have spare cash which you would not need for long time.

It is never late and this time too there is a lesson to be learnt. One should make a habit from now on to work on single plan and should not deviate because of greed. Normally we get swayed away when someone shows us big dreams and repent when same gets broken. It is important to dream realistically and plan in order to avoid surprises in future.                                                              

Business Credit for your fledgling Business

Credit situation in the markets is really worse. It is now not limited to US but has spread to the other parts of the world too. These tough times calls for tough people to stand and help the economy grow. The need for credit is very important for business in order to grow and expand. Even though the availability of the Business Loans is less in the market there are some companies like EZunsecured.com which can get the financing easily in this kind of market. They are good in what they do but they are definitely not cheap. For their services they charge modest amount of around 10% as success fee on the financing they obtain for you.

In case you have a bad history of Personal Loan or Personal Credit but you still need unsecured financing than you should definitely check Businesscreditmagic.com. They offer upto $250,000 in unsecured Business Credit with no personal guarantees; they don’t even need your social security number. The company offer multi tier programs and once you cross the 5 levels you will have over 25 unsecured business credit accounts. The benefit of having good business credit is immense and since you own the business you know the best how it is important not only to impress your customers but also your lenders. This has other advantages like attracting more investors is bonus on top of it.                                                              

Check your Credit Card limit before your next purchase

Banks across the country have revised the limit of credits cards based on consumer spending pattern. Hence if you have missed your payment couples of times than there are chance that your limit might have got reduced drastically. This is one of the methods used by the banks to avoid risk at the later stage. Many people are under shock because their credit limit has been decreased by almost 70%.
The cards which were earlier given free without any questions are now being withdrawn from the consumers. Also personal loans are being given along with freebies to make people pay for their unpaid dues. Banks are making all effort to clean their books before more problems starts to hound them. On one end economy is in bad shape and consumer spending is required to pick the sentiments up while on other hand credit availability has reduced a lot. Government has made lot of efforts but it still needs to be seen how much of these benefits reaches to the consumer. Not only US but most of the economies of the world are reeling under severe credit crunch which has made the credit situation across the world worse. However things will start to improve soon because we have passed much of the time under recession. Only small pain is left and we hope this will also pass soon.                                                              

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Great American Pie Show in Branson

This Christmas was very special for us and we decided to take a week off in Branson, Missouri. We picked up Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing for our stay because of its location and proximity to important places. The room was very nice and the bathroom was very spacious. Being on the 5th floor we got an excellent view of the Landing. After a night sleep in a gorgeous and comfortable bed we were ready to explore this place the very next day. The hotel is within easy distance of golf courses, lakes, museums, theme parks and 49 live entertainment theaters. Also it hosts a lot of ongoing events like NAIA college basketball championship, FLW Bass Tournament, and the first ever Branson Air Show. The possibilities to explore are endless and your itinerary can be as innovative as you want it to be.

A big event which is now coming up in Branson is The Great American Pie Contest. Branson and my favorite Taste of Home magazine are sponsoring this contest which will also feature Al Roker from the today show. You can participate in this contest by booking your stay at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Your favorite and delicious pie recipe could win you several prizes including a first prize of $2,500 cash, plus a trip for two for a 4-day/3-night vacation in Branson. The Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel has reserved a block of rooms from April 20th to April 29th and is offering a special room rate that will be available only until March 22nd or until the group block is sold-out. So, hurry and make your bookings now at Hilton Promenade, Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel or Branson Landing for your accommodation.



Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Communication from Adsense

This weekend Adsense announced the launch of interest-based-advertising, which also require the publishers to review and make changes in their site's privacy policies. This is definitely an interesting logic by which Google would profile the visitor based on their surfing habits. Hence if a user in always browsing through sports sites than the profile would be dubbed as sports enthusiast and ads would be targeted mostly from sports based advertisers. To learn more about your associated account settings, please visit the AdSense Help Centre at http://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/topic.py?topic=20310&hl=en_GB.

As result of above Adsense has requested all publishers to review their site privacy policies by 8th April 2008. The site privacy policies vary across countries and hence adsense wanted to be sure that things gets handled over a period of time. Moreover in order to get more information publishers can also visit the Inside AdSense Blog at http://adsense.blogspot.com/2009/03/driving-monetization-with-ads-that.html.                                                              

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Pension scheme to be launched from April

Come April and a New Pension scheme would be launched. It is initiative by the government to introduce a scheme wherein it would be easy for employees to invest their money in order to build a Pension corpus. Details of the scheme is out and the government has also finalized the asset managers who would manage part of money on behalf of the investors.

There was a lack of pension scheme in the market. This was the reason that current old age people was suffering at this time. The awareness regarding the pension was not much there in the past. Today the pension amount is too less to take care of their needs. Also the amount saved by them is so meager that its almost impossible to survive with it.

It is definitely a good start because one can expect more reforms in this direction. The gap was there almost from the start and it needed a positive approach. The induction of private fund manager is another step which is positive in this direction. The scheme has also options both for the educated and the novice ones. It gives flexibility to opt from various option including debt and equity.

While the feedback still need to come on NPS but the policy is out and there are very positive vibes in the market. We wish things will be fine from here on and would improve with time.                                                              

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Natural Beaute de Maman Beauty Products for Pregnant Ladies

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life. Women need to be very diligent and aware about anything they eat or use during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause psychological and hormonal changes in women body which can lead to variation in mood and behavior. For the first expectant moms, the stage becomes even tougher.

Beaute de Maman has a line of beauty and health products made specifically for expecting mothers. They have a range of products developed by a board of certified obstetrician to treat problems related to the physiological, bodily, and hormonal changes experienced by mothers during the time of their pregnancy. The products available contain natural and herbal ingredients which are very beneficial to expectant mothers. The products available has been tested and verified for allergy and specific reactions to give best results. It has a line of products which has stood a test of times and has been of real help to many expectant mothers.

Beaute de Maman products are even actually recommended by Hollywood moms and to-be-star moms. Some of the celebrities of Hollywood include Penelope Ann Miller, Charlie Sheen, Chyler Leigh, even Victoria Recano just to name a few. And the most important thing is that these products are very much affordable. Pregnancy demands a lot of care and it is always advisable to leave it in safe hands. Hence if you are Pregnant then don’t sit back, the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is to order now the products of Beaute de Maman


Chance for Mayawati to be a Hero

A top contender for the post of PM in next elections, Mayawati is a star in the eye of Media. It can be publicity brought by Media on its own or something which various departments of UP are publishing through the Newspaper but fact remains that’s she is visible almost every day. She is someone whom poor acknowledge as their messiah and Babus fear to give sleepless night. It is heard that she give surprise visit to many places and pull up the govt employees for bad administration or work.

Though we have heard many negatives about her too but fact remains that she is a force to reckon with. Its not easy to mentor a lawless state and being a head of it is a job in itself. UP is still considered to bad by elite due to lawlessness and the challenge remains to change the image so that some new investment can come into the state. Also the fact remains that crime would go away if more investments come just like it happened in Gurgaon.

There are many things which she can do or make others do that can sent a positive feelers throughout India. One such thing is a positive wave through the time of recession which can definitely give encouraging vibes about her image. Definitely the work has to start from periphery and then should move inward. Through numerous readings on web and through chat groups, the best she can do is to promote IT industry in periphery regions of Noida and Greater Noida. In times of recession companies are looking for places where they can get cheap space and Greater Noida is definitely such area. If accommodation/space can be provided cheaply than it can give a real challenge to place like Gurgaon and Noida.

On residential front it needs to act responsible just like DLF. A lot of premium has been charged to allotees of rater Noida Schemes like BHS-08, BHS-09 and consecutive housing schemes. The people are really crying out because money has been paid in lump sum and they are paying huge Interest on top it. Mayawati has chance to be Hero by showing her responsibility the way DLF has shown. Just by reducing the price and returning the money to investors, would show huge favor for all those allotees who has shown interest in Grater Noida. Bank was not allowed to finance the project and HDFC and LIC secretly through adjustments with GNIDA provided financing (this blog has raised question on such alliance). Not only Prices can be reduced but people should be given an option to shift loan to Public Sector banks. A lot of members of such housing schemes has presented a memorandum and are fighting for their rights with head of GNIDA but its of no use. Again only one person can show her magic here and that is Mayawati.

We hope she would intervene and uplift Greater Noida as a place to be in future. Also we hope that she would help 1000+ allotees of Greater Noida Housing Schemes like BHS-08, BHS-09 whose voices are not being heard today even by the cash rich GNIDA. If concessions can be given to cash rich companies like Unitech and BPTP then why not common man.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SBI has waived off processing fee for approved projects

Another good news in markets- For all the projects which are approved by SBI, they have waived off the processing fee. People who have applied for the loans through SBI has got their cheque back. This is definitely a wonderful gesture at time when almost all banks have increased their processing fee to almost double the amount than previous year.

SBI is definitely making waved in real estate market. In Kolkata it has tied up with three builders and has made builders pay the interest amount till possession of their properties. These moves are definitely not easy to ignore in banking circles and are forcing other banks to think on same lines too. Loan approval process of SBI is definitely strict and long but this is done only to ensure that risk gets managed properly.

SBI has definitely challenged the old paradigm and have forced its competitors to think. The irony is that only Public sectors banks are being moved by such moves while private sector banks are almost reluctant to do so. This is the time when issues which are clearly visible should be solved in the interest of general public. While risk control is important but it is also important to reward the customer with good track record even if they have taken loan from private banks.

Is someone Listening????


Thursday, February 19, 2009

HDFC Home Loan - Prepayment Penalty increased from 2% to 3%

SBI and other Public Sector Banks has given a real blow to its competitors. HDFC which is market leader in Home Loan segment cannot be seen more frustrated and terrified than these days. HDFC has done everything to fool the investor and the last straw is giving them financial blow in form of increase in prepayment charges.

This NBFC is real laughing stock in its own offices too. The visible shattered Mr. Deepak Parekh could not hide his frustration and blasted against SBI low rates in national channels. The frustration is now in open and people can see it much clearly than ever. HDFC did almost everything to attack the move by SBI

1) To start with its agents started a campaign telling prospects that how SBI loan is mere an eye wash based on amortization schedule. It did not worked.
2) Secondly they played with rates which SBI would charge after 1 year, which did not worked either because SBI rates historically has been much low compared to most of the banks.
3) Finally you could see its agent really begging to customer with no argument left on their side.

HDFC frustration is evident in recent days because enquiries has increased in its offices related to shifting of home loan. You would be lucky if you get an answer from them because it seems that they have sent all their customer care officials on a paid leave. Well atleast 4 mails and lots of bad words has not given me an answer about my principal and documents available with them.

The last ditch effort is to increase the prepayment penalty from 2% to 3% in case you are shifting loan to another Bank. Yes this has happened and HDFC did not cared to inform anyone. This is solely done to show how shifting loan would bring the whole transaction to a loss rather than a profit. Such a monopolistic attitude will be tolerated in India because rules merely don’t work here or are non-existant.

HDFC is very prompt and almost the first bank to increase the rate everytime they see an opportunity. But reverse is not true as they are never as eager to reduce them. So the plot here is that they will tell you the rate is 10.75% above 30 lakh loan. If your paper looks good and branch head see that you are eligible then you will get a call or sms saying that they have reduced rate to 10.5%. You would be happy to hear that but after 3 or 6 months your rates would be increased to all time high. Poor India fellas have no option but to live with it (now with penalty of 3%).

I think this rate war has some serious connotations which if studied clearly can help the strategist a lot. Few of them are
1) With low rate people have stormed to SBI for transferring their loan. Definitely there must be many credible people who would want to get away from clutches of greedy banks like HDFC. This is a clear loss of banks like HDFC because if the person application gets approved (SBI have stringent measures) than they would lose a good customer. So a drain of good portfolio of loans
2) Real Estate market can go up only when people who have bought house is given a capability to buy more. Yes they are risk taking individuals and know how to rotate money. If we can bring down rate of existing customers than it will give a real estate market a real push. These are the people who have seen the world, have gone through processes and understand how to play it. You cannot expect new customers in market when the market in itself look scary. Only people who can perform here is the seasoned ones.
3) If banks like HDFC did not bring its rate low for existing/new customer than their portfolio would soon tilt towards the bad ones. One might think that its thing of distant future but the seed has been sown. Today only those customers are coming to such banks who have been refused loan from banks like SBI.

I believe HDFC and other banks owe to India much more than anyone. They have bigger role to play in bringing economy back rather than thinking about their fat paychecks. Time has come for such banks to get in line otherwise the situation has a potential to embark a severe impact to its market share.

In last two weeks 3 of my friends have initiated discussion with SBI and are in last stage. The other two known people could not get response from HDFC due to their poor customer service or frankly “Vicious Tactics”.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some more on recession

An email forward I received recently on economic recession.

-Ali Baba and the forty thieves is now Ali Baba thirty thieves...10 were laid off!
-Batman and Robin are now Batman and Pedro. Batman fired Robin and hired Pedro because Pedro was willing to work twice the hours at the same rate!!
-Iron man now "air-pooling" with Superman to save fuel costs?!!
-Women finally marrying for love! And not money!
-The only "deposits" being made on a Ferrari are the ones made by birds flying over them.

Q: With the current market turmoil, what's the easiest way to make a small fortune?
A: Start off with a large one.

Q: What's the difference between an investment banker and a large pizza?
A: A large pizza can feed a family of four.

Q: What's the difference between an American and a Zimbabwean?
A: In a few weeks, nothing.

The credit crunch is getting bad isn't it? I mean, I let my brother borrow
$10 a couple of weeks back, it turns out I'm now America's third biggest lender.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Perils of Early Day Railway Transport in India

Actual letter written by irate traveler in 1909 and as displayed in National Railway Museum in New Delhi.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Markets NSE-BSE does not look good

Markets have been on a downtrend for quite a while now. NSE after touching 3100 is now again close to its lows. More recent event again in January is satyam fraud but earnings and global cues is now taking its toll.

While we approach a long weekend its important to see how Nifty and sensex chalks out its path. It can be a down day considering people would not take a risk on long weekend.

One need to be cautious and take risk judiciously. People who want to buy for long term can also take a risk of buying considering nothing happens on this weekend and markets open up in green on 27th January.

So there is only 2 rules to follow

1. Dont take chances if you cant afford to lose any money
2. Dont ever forget the rule 1.

Good Luck and Happy Investing


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why there is so much hype around Obama

I just fail to understand why it means so much to everyone. Yes human beings are emotional and there is no question about it but it seems people are considering swearing in ceremony as a moment of their life. I asked this question to many of my friends and everyone had their own reasons. Finally the only thing I can understand is simple “People are fed up with Bush”. See its that simple.

No one knows Obama and not many people have seen his work. He needs to substantiate his words with results which is not an easy task. “Yes we Can” needs to be translated and he should spell success for people. Can he do this, only time will tell.

Way is not easy and the opportunity to become a hero does not comes everyday …………especially when you are The President of The United States of America.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stay Active with SOGOActive

Teenagers these days are so much involved with tv and video games that it has started to affect their health. This is a major concern not only for parents but also for society as a whole in years to come. The direct consequence of such behavior is the number of diseases that teenagers are contracting at such an early stage of their lives. Physical activity of any sort is too important for kids and this is something which is as important as studies. Not only it is the duty of parents and teachers but the society should also contribute to it by providing ways and means to achieve this goal.

SOGO Active through their website is involved in national youth engagement initiative which is targeted at youth aged 13 to 19 years. Coca Cola Canada has partnered with ParticipACTION, Canada’s National Voice of Physical Activity and Sport Participation, to deliver the message of being healthy and active through each Province and Territory in Canada. The website has got innovative designs which helps one to design, manage, control, and change their own individual get active plan. The site helps not only to pick your favorite sports but also has tools that encourage you to achieve next level. SogoActive has an option to join various like minded groups to arrange active games and activities in your area. A section of website is devoted to stories of inspiration from star performers.

There would be more than 100 days of activities and celebration when the Olympic flame would pass through every province of Canada in 2010. This would be the time when celebration would be at its peak and no one would want to miss even a single bit of it. The best way to contribute is by being one of the torchbearers. SOGO Active is promoting an amazing offer in their website which will award over 1,000 torchbearer spots in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. There are monthly selections of Coca-Cola Torchbearers beginning January 2009. The entries would only be awarded to those teenagers, who would join this program and would demonstrate a commitment to adopt an active lifestyle. Community Hosts who register in SOGOActive would have an opportunity to provide 20 of their SOGO youth the Olympic Flame through the merit based selection process. It’s definitely an opportunity not only to be active but also a silent way to contribute your bit to Vancouver 2010 Olympics.



Is Infosys the next one ?????

Wipro has been banned by World Bank days after Satyam met the same fate. Even though the amount is small in Wipro case but it does raise some questions about the way contracts are being sourced by the IT firms. Infosys can be the next one to be named pending the enquiries which are going at the World Bank end.

These are definitely not the good times and new of such nature does shatter the confidence of the market as a whole. This is definitely not the first time contract are being sourced in this manner and it would definitely be not the last. Not only Indian but companies across the world are involved in such practices at varying levels. However this is a good step by World Bank atleast to raise such issues and give it back to the companies concerned. You cannot expect it at places of high value and World Bank is one of those for sure.

Satyam is a clear example on how the promoters can go to any extent to maintain their control. This has direct baring on the targets assigned to sales which then uses every means to secure the contract. This is a vicious cycle and I don’t think any company is insulated from it. I am not sure which company would be the next one to ban such companies but at same time no justification can be made for those which are involved.

While Infosys Numbers did provided the support to market today but I am not sure how the world bank news will span out. Also I sincerely hope the Infosys rumors is just a rumour and it maintains the position of high dignity.


Free Online Video Courses for children and teenagers


Brightstorm offers online video courses that help with the classes students take in high school. Talented teachers highlight key information and provide clear explanations, making it easier to understand the subject, leading to improved grades. Courses include interactive quizzes, practice problems and study guides to provide immediate homework help and will ensure your student is ready for their next test, essay or the SATs.

Registration is free, no credit card required. Registration gives you access to test drive episodes from 19 courses, free!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Greater Noida - Another Scandal in the making

Gone are the days when Greater Noida Authority (GNIDA) cash registers were ringing by selling far away pieces of land for commercial and residential use. Commercial properties were sold at high prices through a bid system and even sectors were cut out and sold for residential user. There was no respite in prices and months after months they were coming out with new schemes at exorbitant prices. A large deal of BPTP for Rs. 5000 Cr and sale of land to residential users with lump sum payment was norm of the day.

While expectation is that Government bodies should come out with easy payment mechanism to make it easy for end user to own a house, Greater Noida was opposite and was very strict with payments and deadlines. HUDA, Haryana Govt Authority, sold land in Faridabad couple of years back through a draw system and the payment was so flexible that some people are even now paying Rs. 1.5 lakhs after every 6 months with their payment staggered over 5 years or so. The case of Greater Noida authority was clearly opposite. Take example of BHS- 06 or BHS-08, a residential scheme, where built up houses was allotted through a draw. Right after draw one has to deposit a lumpsum amount of Rs. 40 lakhs into the authority account. One cannot opt for staggered payment because then one would have no chance to qualify in draw (they had a clause wherein application with staggered payments would be considered second in draw and only leftovers would be allotted to them). On top of it no one from BHS-06 and BHS-08 could take loan to make this heavy payment because authority did not let you mortgage the house. End result was that only NBFC's namely HDFC and LICHF thorough their contacts managed to fund about 5000+ house. The loophole is that no one can still blame Greater Noida authority because they are no where in picture. This is clearly a monopolistic case wherein in order to source funding of 5000+ house the Banks would have gone extra mile to offer discounts and freebies. But clearly the opportunity was lost and only authority made gains out of it.

So the money flow with slowdown is drying up but their hunger has no limits. A new scandal is propping up where the authority is now asking BHS-06 250 sqm allottees to pay lease rent of 90 years and register the house. Confirmed reports has proven the fact beyond doubt that the built up houses are no where near the possession stage and still needs to be worked upon. In order to get cash at this stage they are asking for money without even talking about the possession. This is clearly beyond logic because after extracting all money from residents they would be having no incentive to work on remaining part of the houses. They are offering baits like reduction in duty from 8% to 5% without realizing that duty rate is 5% only in UP. The project is delayed by many months and now sensing major goofups in plan, Greater Noida Authority is planning to take everything before it becomes to late.

Clearly small number of residents does not constitute a vote bank hence they cannot exercise their muscles. The laws in India are so bad that monopolistic and anti- consumer practices are very common even at recognized places. Things easily noticeable are clearly ignored while unimportant things are made huge issues. No one would come and protect the residents because they have money to pay (hard earned and years of toil). Clearly if you are a responsible citizen, honest taxpayer, and a person who earns salary to make comfortable living- such exploitation should is a way of life in India.

My wishes to people of BHS-06 who are now accumulating above Rs. 8 lakhs for a piece of crap from Greater Noida Authority (GNIDA)


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ramalinga Raju has fled to Pakistan

Ramalinga Raju the former chairman of Satyam has fled to Pakistan. Unconfirmed reports has validated that Pakistan government was too keen to invite him and has helped him to flee without any trouble. This is a complete failure of Indian Intelligence agency at time when India is yet to come out of memories of Mumbai saga.

Ramalinga Raju, a genius, who has duped lakhs of investors, could not be traced after his resignation on 7th January. However he has become an instant hit in Pakistan because of his sheer genius. Inner circle of Pakistan is of opinion that Ramalinga Raju has done the damage which no one from Pakistan or its outfits like ISI could have planned or executed in all these years. While the damage done to Mumbai has left many scars, the episode of satyam has potential to affect 53000 employees and inflict monetary loss of minimum Rs. 5000 Cr to company and its shareholder. Praises are coming from all quarters and there is a demand to confer him with highest honors in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

India on other side is doing everything to get Raju back. They are now preparing a proof of scandal in CD's which they plan to handover to each country including Pakistan to help them extradite Raju back. Pakistan meanwhile is in denial mode and authorities have refused to give any statement.

Disclaimer- This is a work of humor and a complete joke. The author salutes Mr. Raju genius who has the ability to fool everyone for almost a decade. Additionally author wants himself to be the first one to buy a book if Mr. Raju ever decides to write it.
On Pakistan front author mocks at India which for almost 2 months has failed to give justice to people who suffered in Mumbai attacks and terrorism. Pakistan will always deny and India will keep sending them the proofs.


XQuery, XML and DB2 Contest for students, professionals, and hobbyists

IDUG contest has come out with a challenge for students, professionals and the hobbyists. This one is special because the main focus of this contest is to increase awareness and familiarity about XQuery, XML and DB2. The contest is called XML challenge and the sponsor is looking for XML superstar. This contest is different from others because there is no restriction on number of attempts which one can take to clear the different rounds. In short you have an extra edge not only to increase your knowledge but also win some cool prizes.

This is a hassle free contest and everything can be completed in 4 simple steps.
First step- You have to register and confirm your identity.
Second step- A candidate has to answer 5 simple questions in order to qualify for next level. Here hints are given with each question.
Third step- A candidate has to answer 15 questions at varying difficulty level. Based on cumulative score winners are announced every week.
Fourth and Final Step- This is a final level in which a candidate can participate directly too. Here more prizes can be one from the cool list available.
This is an ongoing challenge and one can see the list of winners in the contest website.

IDUG contest has five separate tracks at varying skill levels for all individuals. A candidate can participate either in one or all of them in order to win prizes. The Track includes Video Contest, Gadget Contest, Xquery Challenge, Port an application, and Develop an application. Out of this Xquery challenge is one of my favorite because of complexity involved. I took this really seriously and found that there is a lot of scope to increase one’s knowledge too.

The structure of contest and composition of the site is very useful and can give a real push to increase the knowledge and overall understanding of the subject. IDUG contest is definitely a challenge which has all the ingredients to make it an effective challenge.



Construction Update Gaur Green Vista Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

This is my second post related to Gaur Green Vista, Indirapuram. The work is going pretty well and it seems the developers will give timely possession. The pictures and video below is about 2-3 months old and I hope the work is in full pace even till today. Major update is that the towers are almost complete and they have started plastering and wooden work in lower floors too. According to salesperson at site no flat of Gaur Green Vista is now available and the Project is completely sold out.

Now the bad news. V3S has started to construct their own flats in front of Gaur Green Vista towards the edge where Samrat floors ends. The edge is towards end of Samrat opposite to that of Maharaja Floors (GHAOI Buildwell). It seems developer did not told anyone that the front land towards the edge belongs to someone else. Also on right of this edge Gaur has launched a new project of 5 to 10 floors but they are trying to get approval of about 20+ floors. Below is pictures and video and hope you folks would enjoy the update.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Office Hours Traffic Jam in Old Delhi Road - Palam Vihar, Sector 22, Sector 23 Gurgaon Crossing

Its Office Hours and there is a huge Jam in front of me while approaching the Old Delhi Road from Palam Vihar. To me initially it looked like some kind of blockage due to VIP, accident, confrontation etc and hence I decided to acknowledge my fate and stay on. Traffic was moving slowly and it was not easy to shut down my car too. 15 mins and I hardly moved few meters while the T- point was still 400m – 500m away.

Traffic Lights were recently installed in this T-Point and I was getting curious that why such thing will happen after that. Also someone from Traffic Police is there to manage the traffic even if light does not function but still it was now more than 30 mins. that anything was not moving at all. My meetings now have to be postponed and I had started to make important calls from my car itself. I know the average of my car will go down if this thing repeats in coming days though I wished it should be an isolated case.

Finally as I approached the T-point I was very much disturbed to find out that Big Trucks used for transporting Maruti Cars had choked the traffic from all way. While one truck was trying to take a U-turn back towards the factory, there was other two approaching it from different sides. Inspite of traffic lights counting their normal seconds and 2 traffic police personnel manning the traffic there was a complete chaos. While the truck was using every little space to make the turn on other side there was every other car trying to make sure to be the first one to cross the truck. Patience at its worst and you had to manage it too.

Now it’s the 5th straight day I am just wondering what the hell is happening. It takes double the time for me not to reach office then to reach at usual hours. While work of everyone is important, I think it makes sense to adjust the timings.

I know things are not easy to change, But through this post I would like to appeal to Maruti and Traffic Police to change the timings of heavy vehicles away from normal office hours. Not only it would save time of people but also lot of resources in terms of fuel, breakage etc. would be saved. Maybe anything of this sort is already there but then it is not functioning at all. We need a discipline …..and that too to be imposed strictly.


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