Thursday, May 7, 2009

Information to Start Your Career in Ethical Hacking

Ethical hackers, also known as White Hat Hackers, are computer and network security experts who attacks a company network on behalf of it owners. There Job is to do penetration and other type of testing and seek vulnerabilities which a black hat or a person with bad intent would like to exploit. An ethical hacker need to be step ahead of other hackers and report all problems which can compromise the network security. Big and Small companies including government organizations employ hackers or seek their service in order to secure their network before it can be made Live to the outside world.

Ethical Hacking as a career is very much in demand. Not only companies are willing to hire them but also it offers an opportunity to run your own consulting business. This is a premium job because of the nature of work involves and high level of thinking you have to employ to secure the network. The IT Security of the company depends upon them and they have to be alert and updated with all developments in the network and security arena.

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member-based organization that certifies individuals in various e-business and security skills. It is the owner and developer of the world famous Certified Ethical Hacker course, Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, Secure Programming and various other programs which is offered in over 60 countries around the globe. All these courses are offered live and online through an instructor led IT Security Training. You can also know more about the course by registering yourself for the FREE , one day, FREE LOOK Event. This is an ideal place to start your career and excel in corporate world.



Gaur Green Vista Indirapuram – Get benefit on Your Home Loan

The Gaursons Prestigious Project - Gaur Green Vista Indirapuram is nearing completion now. As per the company the Possession of the house would be given on 31st December 2009 which is 9th months of this financial year. While I would soon update everyone on construction status but as per my last visit the progress was much in line with the final date.

If you have taken Home Loan for this property than it makes you eligible for claiming the tax deductions right from the start of this financial year. Yes, you can claim deductions in your salary right from the month of April and should not wait till December for Possession. Read this Article
Home Loan - Are You Eligible to Get Benefit

The Home Loan was distributed by various banks in this project and the prominent ones include ICICI Bank, HDFC, Axis Bank, and PNB Housing Finance.

How much benefit you can get- Lets take Mr. X scenario as this will help you to do your calculations (all figures are approximate ones)
Loan amount- Rs 30 lakhs
Bank- Axis Bank
Rate- 11% (now 10%)
EMI- Rs. 30966 (opted for reduction in tenure than EMI- so EMI is constant)
Principal- Rs. 50,000/year (approx till now)
Interest- Rs. 320000/year (approx till now)
Interest paid till April 2009- Rs. 5 lakh (from October 2007 to April 2009)
Home Loan- In name of Mr. X and his wife Mrs. X
Ownership- 50% each
1) Self Occupied- 1 lakh in principal, 1.5 lakh in Interest plus 1/5th of total interest paid before possession for next 5 years(to both individually)
So in this case the total benefit (individually) would be
Principal- Rs. 25000
Interest- Rs. 160000 + Rs. 50,000 (1/5th of Interest paid in previous financial year)
- Rs. 210000
But the maximum interest that can be claimed individually is Rs. 150000.
Note- If you in same city than either you have to let go your HRA benefit or show your property as rented.
So in self occupied both Mr. X and his wife stands to gain Rs. 8600 approx. together each month or Rs. 4300 individually. This is 36% of their EMI.
2) Rented- If you show your property for rent in this year than Mr. X stands to gain a lot this year as whole of interest (minus 70% of rent) would be deductible. However from next year the benefit would be less than that of self occupied.
There are many scenarios that related to self-occupied or rented. In case you need any help than you can post your comment at below post.
Home Loan - Are You Eligible to Get Benefit

I am sure author will help you.                                                              

Your Security Is In Your Own Hands

We always think that nothing bad can happen to us. We hear stories and believe that we are insured against everything bad that can happen to others. But this is not true. I experienced this myself when I was away from my home for a business trip and someone broke into my house. My neighbors informed me and Police the next morning and I had to rush back leaving many things in-between. It was a very traumatic experience because I had lost almost everything from jewellary, clothes, furniture, electronic gadgets, and even kitchen utensils. Following up with Insurance Company, Police and helping on with investigations took another three months of my career. In the end I had lost too much than what I had procured in last 3 years of my career.

I got the lesson of my life. I have realized it completely that the protection of my home is in my own hands. A security system from an established company would have saved me from the agony and pain. I immediately opted for a wireless security system. The Platinum Package from Protect America was my natural choice. The package comprises features that include talking control panels, 20 entry points, internal siren, one button arming among other state of art benefits. They also have a toll free number 877-470-2751 for their customers to provide immediate assistance. Moreover since I placed my order through Toll Free number, I got 2 keychain remotes free with my order.
Remember, Your security is in your own hands. A right step at right time can save you from lot of problems in future.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don’t Get Swayed by Self Styled Analysts

Rising markets are back again and so are self styled analysts who have come out from hibernation to mint money again. You can see them everywhere in both online and offline media. I was surprised that a magazine who was till yesterday talking about negative sentiments is now talking about how next bull run has started. While it is easy for some to comprehend the current situation there are some gullible investors who get trapped. Nothing has ever destroyed the investment if the people than the stock markets all over the world. Despite of this even a small positive sign in stock market attracts lot of people and they flow in herds to invest their hard earned money.

While it does not surprise me but what concern me is another phase when innocent people would get cheated. Well the one who needs to be blamed for such situation is the people only and not the one who cheat other people. Markets everyone knows is full of risks but still people fail to understand that. While everything till now was negative, yesterday I got Money Today which has carried a column where they highlighted people who have made money in this small bull run. The article served no other purpose than a bait and is making people feel bad about themselves. End result, they would now go and invest in market and then would lose a shirt in small correction. They fail to understand that the publication has to come out with something every month and it is them who have to take informed decision.

My advice, stop reading anything which makes you feel bad about yourself. Just calculate the amount of money you have to take risk and invest that portion only in stock market. It is not at all bad if stock market is rising and you ave not invested even a single Penny…….why???? because this helps you to keep the Job. Yes even if I don’t earn a single penny from market, I am happy that markets are rising because I am able to maintain my job and get regular promotions and pay increases. So, I am Happy.
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Join for Breast Cancer Network of Strength

I recently gained a lot of weight due to unhealthy lifestyle. Earlier I used to watch what I eat. But due to long working hours and nature of my Job I could not take much care of my diet and developed some bad habits like smoking. It has affected my stamina and I have started to put more weight. I tried a lot to exercise in office but all my efforts went for a naught. I started climbing 300 stairs everyday during office hours in order to remain healthy but due to severe pain in my knee caps I could not continue with it. Finally I have thought to develop a habit of walking 2 miles every morning in order to catch up with my health.

While I work on my plan, I have decided to keep myself motivated by joining BeeWell Miles . contains lot of resources which include interacting with healthy living experts, logging your miles and keeping a watch on calories that I would burn. I can share my walking route with others and can even understand the caloric value of my meals. It also gives me an opportunity to interact with other guests and share ideas and tips on getting healthy. Moreover, From 4/1/09-10/31/09, Bumble Bee Foods will donate $0.15/mile for every mile logged at (up to $200,000) to help Breast Cancer Network of Strength provide emotional support to those who can't wait for tomorrow's cure. Every mile I walk would help me support a cause and provide better care to people suffering from Breast cancer. There is also an added incentive for all people, where each day you log miles or enter the game code from the pink Bumble Bee cans, you can instantly win one of the $15,000 prizes.



LG India Cheating its Customers

How you would comprehend 3 Free Services Offer. Certainly you would think that each free service can be availed in consecutive three summer seasons. Afterall you need a service only once before the start of the summer season. SO when LG India claims 3 free services don’t get very excited. All they mean is that you need to avail all the 3 free services within one year.

I just remember the way LG 2 ton split AC was pitched to me along with the promise of 3 free services. Like all other consumers I also didn’t bothered to read behind the lines. End result, The Company has made a fool out of me like they might be making of other customers. This also shows that they are not confident that their product would behave normal after one year of sale.
While we never faced any problem with our windows AC’s but the 2 ton split AC has taken out all the excitement. It all started when an AC bought in May/June last year was not working fine this season. We started to book our compliant in LG service centre but as promised we never not got any sms or call. My father than followed up and after around 20+ phone calls managed to get hold of someone at supervisor level. A service engineer was sent to our home and he told us that all gas has been leaked out.
Since I lost my bill (my folder was stolen) I asked him to get the purchase date form their records. But they were not ready to do that. The service engineer only told me that 3 services are available only in first year and after that you are on your own. According to them they would now log a complaint to other department and it is on them whether they would consider it in free period or not. Even with serial number they are not ready to give us the date of sale.
Now after getting fooled by one of the biggest brand name in India “LG India” we are waiting for the next batch of service engineers to come. One day has already passed with no response. We have been told that it will cost us between Rs. 2000-3000 for the complete process or even more. They were almost sure that since we lost our bill, there is no way anyone can help us.

Also an additional observation- The guy who installed our AC was from LG India. He seemed to be a novice and took 9 hours to install one unit. We were pretty sure that he will do some damage and seems that he has done his work. Now no one from LG India would listen to us and all their promises of excellent service has proved to be another market gimmick. Their marketing teams devise royal ways to fool customers and end result is what has been happening to us.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

HDFC Bank using Customer Retention Strategies

With bad economy, HDFC Bank has come out with well tailored customer retention strategies. Though not known to be as aggressive as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank has now started to focus more on existing customers. This is done more in order to prevent existing customers from switching accounts. Last morning I got a call from a lady who told me that she has been assigned to my account based on the balance I maintain. So for my account
1) All charges has been waived off
2) Services like locker, de-mat etc would now be charged at 50%. Would let me know in case it can be waived off completely
3) The charges on my debit card have been taken off.
4) Gave her number to contact regarding any service
This happened not only for my high balance account but all 4 accounts which my wife, brother and father maintain. I was particularly moved by the way they waived off all charges and converted my account to a classic account. While they have little relationship with HDFC but they were much ready to discuss the home loan stuff and wanted to help on that front too.
I see this more as a welcome move at the time when finance markets has to get down to the basics i.e. look after their existing customers. I am sure others would now follow suit and ultimate beneficiary would be the customer.
Everyone must recall how last year people shifter tomes of money from private banks to public one’s like SBI. Though too late, these banks have started to reposnse.
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