Friday, July 10, 2009

News or Factors That Affect Stock Prices

Many People has always wondered how news or different factors has an effect on stock prices. Essentially, It has two parts

First- The type of News of Factor
Second- Its nature, i.e. positive or negative

One has to be smart enough to decode the news and take the position quickly in the stock. People who are adroit in this do make good short term gains even if we leave the insiders or fund houses that generally have good information much before the release of news (I presume so).

I was reading an article from some research paper that did a study on relationship of fund house investment and their holding in a particular stock. What they found out was most of the fund houses exit the stock much early than the release of numbers by the company.

Considering above I think there is little opportunity but then chances are that news is there in market and fund houses are smart enough to read the signs. What individual investors look for is immediate gains but if they play right on news than chances are sooner of later one might see the results.

As I write, I don’t see many clues about anything except that at times it does work. So if it does than why not try it through paper trade to start with.

Below are different types of news that affect stock price. Keep your eyes and ears open and try to come out with a pattern. Who knows it might work for you. Good Luck.

1. Crude Prices
2. Macroeconomic Data (IIP, Inflation, GDP, Industrial Growth, Consumer confidence,
Employment, Unemployment etc)
3. Government/Politics
4. Draught/Monsoon
5. Federal Policies (Interest Rates, Monetary Policies)
6. Company Results
7. Global Cues
8. FII activities
9. Stock Manipulations
10. Insider Trading
11. Mergers
12. Acquisitions
13. Money Markets
14. New Orders
15. Buy Back
16. Bonus
17. Split
18. Tax Benefits
19. Change in stock Group
20. Inclusion in an Index
21. Loss of customer
22. Short and Long Positions
23. Spinoff of arms
24. Lawsuits (win or loss)
25. Change in Demand
26. Change in Supply
27. Budget
28. Raw Materials
29. War
30. Terrorist Attacks
31. Management Changes
32. Dividend
33. Rights Issue
34. Joint Ventures
35. Business Expansion
36. New Invention
37. Rumors

If you know more than Leave a comment. I am very much interested to build this list further.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reliance Retail coming in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Reliance Retail is coming up in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Call it Reliance Trends, Reliance Fresh or Relaince Shoes but soon Indirapuram would have a good big set up from Relaince Group. The location is pretty good too. Right on the highway dividing Indirapuram and Noida, it would be set up in front of Gaursons upcoming and soon to be delivered project Gaur Green Vista.

Gaur Green Vista had already made a provision for commercial site in front of its maharaja floors. The area has already been demarcated and work is in initial stages. The location is cool because it is right across the road and pretty much accessible. You have not only one more project of gaursons (Vista Heights) coming up here but V3S and supertech icon along with Patrkar Vihar is close as close as 100 m from site. This would ensure access to about 1000 families even if you leave the traffic this would come beyond this 100 m.

Gaur Green Vista location from the start had been in much demand. The project was total sell out in first few months and it never lost its value even in the downturn. Relaiance Retail would definately give a big boost to prices of nearby places.

Update- The news was wrong. Reliance has bought some flats in New Block C of Gaur Green Vista and news about Relaince Retail was wrong..

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Are You Planning to Buy a House?

TAKEN FROM WWW.GETRICHATTITUDE.COM . GET FREE TRADING CALLS AND LOTS OF OTHER INFORMATION. considers Home / House as the very important investment one should make in one’s life. This investment can be made either to secure your future or get a high returns on your investment. However before buying house there is two important principal which you should consider in mind
Principal 1- Location
Principal 2- Location

Remember there is no substitute to Location. Your investment can get stuck for lifetime or you can double your investment only by virtue of its location. However this principal makes many places unaffordable and away from our budget. In that case the best plan would be to do a thorough study of places which would get developed in near future. The pointers can be construction of new highway, airports, new industries coming up etc. If you foresee something developing in near future than the place should be your ideal target. However again location plays an important part there too and one should be very cautious about it.

Remember your investment would multiply only in places where there is a flow of money. Highways, industries, airports, offices bring with them the prosperity and more money and you stand to gain by getting a little share of it. Even If you planning to live on your own house in same place than also it is advantageous because you would have all amenities available at your disposal.

Buying is House is a very costly proposition. However the main principal you should remember is that “Money attracts Money”. If you don’t invest and allow your money to work, it wont get you more money. At same time more sound your investment is; more are the chances that it brings you handsome returns.

To start your search visit some good sites which will give you a good idea on projects around your area. Some are

here you would get information about launches and type of builders.

The story becomes completely different if you planning to buy a builders house (apart from location). The reputation and track record of the builders becomes very important because you don’t want your investment to get stuck in an undelivered house. While focus on builders is not under the scope of this article but two things which you should keep in mind is
1) The reputation of the builder is very important. Don’t go by what people or broker say but go by his track record. If builder is new or you not satisfied than don’t invest. Period.
2) See the quality of construction of builder. Don’t go by sample house but see from the projects already rolled out.
Sometimes you tend to make bad decisions when you have money in your pocket. Avoid impulsive urges because wrong decision has capability to ruin you.

Now you must be confused where to invest and avoid frauds. I apply two principals here
1) Investment in plots or houses gives by government bodies is good. HUDA, PUDA, DDA, HIMUDA, GNIDA are all government authorities and the investment made in their projects is clean
2) Investment made in reputed builder projects is also good. We are particularly impressed by the way DLF has reduced prices of their houses in current scenario. These builders charge a premium and it is worth considering the peace of mind which you get with it. Some issue do remains (like Park Place Project which has not yet started) but this is less compared to unknown or fly by night operators.
Remember an investment stuck in a house can be as fetal as a disease. So study and do more survey before you make this investment.



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