Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sify Mall and FirstAndSecond - Delay in servicing orders

Last time I used amazon was when I ordered a camera for my Friend and got it delivered to my colleague in California who had to visit India in coming weeks. I was given an option of delivery from 1 day to 7 days along with cost attached to it. I opted to fast and my product was delivered on the very next day.

Back home I was looking for some books in finance and could find the same at two sites- sify mall and firstandsecond. I was excited as the same was paperback edition at almost one tenth the cost. Immediately at two in night i placed my ordered.

Sify Mall- This site is certainly for people staying in US but have relatives back home. I ordered the book and immediately the amount was deducted from my bank account. I was hopeful to get books fast and accordingly adjusted my schedule. But its almost 14th day and there is no update on my order (still shown under process). I have mailed to customer care but there is no reply. I am sitting and waiting with money already spent and no other option in hand

FirstAndSecond- Its even worst. they took more than 5 days to deduct money from my credit card. They have some useless options of paying which is no more than a headache. Its almost the same story as above and its been two weeks that I have no idea when my book would be delivered.

There are two things which are loud and clear. First they don't give you an option of fast delivery even if you are willing to pay more. Second with such lousy service the corner book store is better option (Book Store at JNU delivers it to you in a week, Daryaganj has no comparison).

Well it is much convenient to order from Internet but the followup agony is frightening too. I am not sure how they expect to compete with brick and mortar model. Probably convenience from ordering from home is only plus and customer in India are willing to wait for weeks.

After dot com bubble burst these sites must be in trouble but I refuse to agree that things cannot be improve. I have done myself and I am not from Mars                                                              

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Harbhajan (bhajji) slapped Sreesanth

Yes this is true and happened in PCA stadium Mohali during IPL 2008 tourney. Reason- Bhajji's frustration of losing 3rd match in the row.

While it is bhajji frustration and Mohali team has filed a complaint also but there is a main question that needs to be answered- Why this has happened?

Frankly i believe its Sreesanth to be blamed and then bhajji's. Sreesanth because of his reputation which can put anyone on alert and take this issue on priority.

While we enjoyed his stupid gestures to Australian team but I was so disappointed when he made the same gestures to teams playing in IPL. The looks, action and stupid face he made in front of Kaif could have angered anyone.

Its a case where law when not enforced forces people to take it in their own hand. IPL should have banned Sreesanth at the first instance itself. Such gestures in front of millions of people sends wrong signals and promote aggression which is really uncalled for.

I believe Harbhajan did right for his team by warning him except the incident of slapping. Frankly If I would have been at Harbhajan place I would have done the same thing just because the rules aren't effective.

Sreesanth - If you reading this. Save this aggression inside your own home because no one would take this shit from you. You don't respect game if you don't respect players.

Monday, April 14, 2008

How to start your Research on Industry

Part 1-

Researcher often are encountered with questions on How to cover the industry. Though there is no correct answer depending upon the approach and depth you want to take but definitely there are some quick methods which can provide you start point. I repeat startpoint because it is the most important thing when you sit down with your work. One goes to many places and come back blank -- all time wasted and more frustrated than ever.

The approach I Suggest is to use hemscott data available in yahoo link

Clearly the industries within "Financial" Domain are

Accident & Health Insurance
Asset Management
Closed-End Fund - Debt
Closed-End Fund - Equity
Closed-End Fund - Foreign
Credit Services
Diversified Investments
Foreign Money Center Banks
Foreign Regional Banks
Insurance Brokers
Investment Brokerage - National
Investment Brokerage - Regional
Life Insurance
Money Center Banks
Mortgage Investment
Property & Casualty Insurance
Property Management
REIT - Diversified
REIT - Healthcare Facilities
REIT - Hotel/Motel
REIT - Industrial
REIT - Office
REIT - Residential
REIT - Retail
Real Estate Development
Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks
Regional - Midwest Banks
Regional - Northeast Banks
Regional - Pacific Banks
Regional - Southeast Banks
Regional - Southwest Banks
Savings & Loans
Surety & Title Insurance

Above is a good start point because now you can define the boundaries under which you can operate. Now picking up any you can go as deep as you want to and can be smarter about it. List of Other industries within a sector is given below again from yahoo link

Basic Materials
Agricultural Chemicals
Chemicals - Major Diversified
Independent Oil & Gas
Industrial Metals & Minerals
Major Integrated Oil & Gas
Nonmetallic Mineral Mining
Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
Oil & Gas Pipelines
Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing
Specialty Chemicals
Steel & Iron


Consumer Goods
Auto Manufacturers - Major
Auto Parts
Beverages - Brewers
Beverages - Soft Drinks
Beverages - Wineries & Distillers
Business Equipment
Cleaning Products
Dairy Products
Electronic Equipment
Farm Products
Food - Major Diversified
Home Furnishings & Fixtures
Housewares & Accessories
Meat Products
Office Supplies
Packaging & Containers
Paper & Paper Products
Personal Products
Photographic Equipment & Supplies
Processed & Packaged Goods
Recreational Goods, Other
Recreational Vehicles
Rubber & Plastics
Sporting Goods
Textile - Apparel Clothing
Textile - Apparel Footwear & Accessories
Tobacco Products, Other
Toys & Games
Trucks & Other Vehicles

Diagnostic Substances
Drug Delivery
Drug Manufacturers - Major
Drug Manufacturers - Other
Drug Related Products
Drugs - Generic
Health Care Plans
Home Health Care
Long-Term Care Facilities
Medical Appliances & Equipment
Medical Instruments & Supplies
Medical Laboratories & Research
Medical Practitioners
Specialized Health Services

Industrial Goods
Aerospace/Defense - Major Diversified
Aerospace/Defense Products & Services
Diversified Machinery
Farm & Construction Machinery
General Building Materials
General Contractors
Heavy Construction
Industrial Electrical Equipment
Industrial Equipment & Components
Lumber, Wood Production
Machine Tools & Accessories
Manufactured Housing
Metal Fabrication
Pollution & Treatment Controls
Residential Construction
Small Tools & Accessories
Textile Industrial
Waste Management

Advertising Agencies
Air Delivery & Freight Services
Air Services, Other
Apparel Stores
Auto Dealerships
Auto Parts Stores
Auto Parts Wholesale
Basic Materials Wholesale
Broadcasting - Radio
Broadcasting - TV
Building Materials Wholesale
Business Services
CATV Systems
Catalog & Mail Order Houses
Computers Wholesale
Consumer Services
Department Stores
Discount, Variety Stores
Drug Stores
Drugs Wholesale
Education & Training Services
Electronics Stores
Electronics Wholesale
Entertainment - Diversified
Food Wholesale
Gaming Activities
General Entertainment
Grocery Stores
Home Furnishing Stores
Home Improvement Stores
Industrial Equipment Wholesale
Jewelry Stores
Major Airlines
Management Services
Marketing Services
Medical Equipment Wholesale
Movie Production, Theaters
Music & Video Stores
Personal Services
Publishing - Books
Publishing - Newspapers
Publishing - Periodicals
Regional Airlines
Rental & Leasing Services
Research Services
Resorts & Casinos
Security & Protection Services
Specialty Eateries
Specialty Retail, Other
Sporting Activities
Sporting Goods Stores
Staffing & Outsourcing Services
Technical Services
Toy & Hobby Stores
Wholesale, Other

Application Software
Business Software & Services
Communication Equipment
Computer Based Systems
Computer Peripherals
Data Storage Devices
Diversified Communication Services
Diversified Computer Systems
Diversified Electronics
Healthcare Information Services
Information & Delivery Services
Information Technology Services
Internet Information Providers
Internet Service Providers
Internet Software & Services
Long Distance Carriers
Multimedia & Graphics Software
Networking & Communication Devices
Personal Computers
Printed Circuit Boards
Processing Systems & Products
Scientific & Technical Instruments
Security Software & Services
Semiconductor - Broad Line
Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits
Semiconductor - Specialized
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
Semiconductor- Memory Chips
Technical & System Software
Telecom Services - Domestic
Telecom Services - Foreign
Wireless Communications
Diversified Utilities
Electric Utilities
Foreign Utilities
Gas Utilities
Water Utilities

This is first step whihc will give you a qucikheadstart becuase industries are directly related to companies that are part of it.

The above link will take you to news page. In case you want to go to industry centre then you can use the below link


http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping http://rpc.icerocket.com:10080/

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