Saturday, April 26, 2008

Harbhajan (bhajji) slapped Sreesanth

Yes this is true and happened in PCA stadium Mohali during IPL 2008 tourney. Reason- Bhajji's frustration of losing 3rd match in the row.

While it is bhajji frustration and Mohali team has filed a complaint also but there is a main question that needs to be answered- Why this has happened?

Frankly i believe its Sreesanth to be blamed and then bhajji's. Sreesanth because of his reputation which can put anyone on alert and take this issue on priority.

While we enjoyed his stupid gestures to Australian team but I was so disappointed when he made the same gestures to teams playing in IPL. The looks, action and stupid face he made in front of Kaif could have angered anyone.

Its a case where law when not enforced forces people to take it in their own hand. IPL should have banned Sreesanth at the first instance itself. Such gestures in front of millions of people sends wrong signals and promote aggression which is really uncalled for.

I believe Harbhajan did right for his team by warning him except the incident of slapping. Frankly If I would have been at Harbhajan place I would have done the same thing just because the rules aren't effective.

Sreesanth - If you reading this. Save this aggression inside your own home because no one would take this shit from you. You don't respect game if you don't respect players.

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