Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vikram Pandit Message to Citibank Customer

I am Citi Customer for last 9 years. This is first time that in my credit card account I have received message from Citi in which he has addressed all the customers. The message goes like this

Dear Customer,

The financial markets are in a period of extraordinary turbulence. Citi is involved in a widespread industry effort to manage these, working closely with regulators and other institutions.

In this internal video that we would like to share with you, Citi CEO Vikram Pandit provides an update on the current market environment, role of Citi in recent events and liquidity, capital, assets and operating income strengths of Citi.

Click on link below to watch video

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PayDay Loans for your small needs

The market these days are going through turbulent times. All investments made are stuck up at one place or the other. While these are tense situations but an important aspect is that, like each bad day these days would also pass. Likewise if we have power to hold on then these investments would also show its worth in days to come. Considering all this it is also important that we should be considerate about our requirements and our commitments so that life goes on its normal course till the time the happy days are back again. We have lot of things in our daily life which are small needs but when translated into wishes the same holds lots of weightage.

Money is important and short needs can come at any point of time which demands quick resolution. It can be from small amount for your car repair to school fees of your children. Payday Loans Are very effective in serving such needs. These are given to individuals who ave a source of income and can return the amount in their next salary cycle. Payday Loans serves a need of quick resolution of temporary problems without creating many problems at one’s own end.

PayDay loans generally have many hassles involved but the time has changed. There are many options available over internet where some companies offer this facility and look for a vendor on your behalf. Transactions generally are faxless and are very convenient to handle too. These are obtainable with much ease and are right solution for your short term need especially when you know that a payback of the same is easy and much in sight.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GOOD SITES TO HAVE A LOOK- This section is removed from the site

Everything has a cycle and so is the Blogroll on good Sites for Markets. I am conscious that information should not be lost and hence below are the sites which originally was part of my blogroll.

955 AM
Brokers Report
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DLN Group
Earn Money From Blog
Free Trading EBooks
India News Box
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Nifty Intraday
Raja Kumar
Sage Capital
Stock Stories
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Trade Profit
Trading For Profit


Monday, September 22, 2008

7 litres of water will make a difference

Recently there was an article which said that drinking excessive water will not help you to cut down your fat or will not help you to lose weight. I was surprised because my experience is totally different. About a month back I started to drink around 7 litres of water everyday and it has helped me to reduce the fats. The feeling is natural and it is coming from inside my body. I prefer lukewarm water and drink 1 litre water immediately after getting up from bed. Its best medicine for many diseases too especially stomach related.

Water does no harm and I believe its essential to drink lots of water everyday at least to get rid of diseases that comes in absence of it. Its more of a water therapy helping you to be healthy considering you are unable to do any exercise or control your diet.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Live Unbuttoned Levi's 501

Immediately after "Singh is King" popularity Akshay Kumar has signed to be Brand Ambassador of Levi's for whopping sum. This is first brand signed by him after his latest hit and he is working hard to promote Levi's too. While campaign has been launched in different media, latest is on internet where Users are being asked to Unbutton with Akshay at Levi's range is exclusive and price is affordable too. Levi's through him is getting Instant recognition and is considered good brand among its targeted segment. Good work Akshay, you know how to milk and so does Levi's.                                                              

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fenphedra deserves a look if you are looking for weight loss

Weight loss is very important not just because it is a home of many diseases but it also shows poor on your personality. There may be many available solutions but fenphedra definitely deserves a look. fenphedra has all important ingredients which are must to have an all important aspects required for a weight loss. There may be many vendors willing to help you on this but cautious judgment and an well thought of decision is something which will help you on a long way. fenphedra has an all important ingredients but the claim of originality while you buy it is something which should be looked in carefully and then you should base you decision.

Apart from having simple look you should also look for comparison of its ingredients with other available in the market. fenphedra deserves a standout no matter how much efficient and stand out products are available in market. Important aspect is the ingredients which are available in this. Even though different things suits different people but if something adjusts your body then it will go a long way in helping you to control your weight loss. While you might many different claims but one need to be very objective and do proper research while you go ahead with your decision.

Weight loss is sometimes most ignored aspect and left over exercises which one normally skips. Controlling the input through diets and supplements will help you a long way.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monika Bedi act was complete Disappointment

I dedicated a complete post Monika Bedi is favorite in Big Boss to Monica with hope that this actress has all ingredients required within a winner. But I was proved wrong and was disappointed after her act in show. Few points which I did not like about her are

1) She seemed to be beauty without brain.
2) All time she was concerned if Rahul is trying something on her. She was seemingly roaming around as if she was a Juliet.
3) She was not seen doing any household work at all.
4)Sitting idle she was not doing anything constructive at all.
5) Whenever she was talking, it was in low voice. Many time she was avoiding microphone also. Though her intention was to prevent being bad, it gave severe blow to her image.
6) She did not tried to be herself. Competition was too much on her mind.
7) She seemed to be Living for rahul only and this was counted much in favor of rahul then her.
8) She did not scored point anywhere. All the time she seemed to be thinking what next with Rahul, who is thinking what about her. Nothing worked for her.
9) She became fool and thought Raja and Ashu are nice people. That shows how easy it is to make her fool.

I am not sure how much she earned but Golden opportunity has been lost.

From three people which have been eliminated Sanjay was best till now. Rakhi was much worse then Monika.

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National Phone Registry- A must for your Information needs

It was late in Night and I got a call from prospective client who wanted me to visit him early morning. He gave me his number which I copied but then I did not asked about the address. Everything is fine till the time I realized that I need an address to reach early in morning. I called up the number but no one was picking up. I called up my client number from which I got the call and it seemed to be from some public booth. Dejected I hooked on to Internet and quickly I got the solution. I got Reverse Phone Lookup solution from National Phone Registry.

Reverse Phone Lookup is an excellent thing. It is just amazing because quickly I got the address and I was ready for the meeting. Reverse Phone Lookup is an wonderful solution, it is just amazing because it is your only help in tough situations. Most importantly it is not only to find about single entries but can even help you in marketing. How? Well you need to be innovative about it.

National Phone Registry Reverse Phone Lookup service s very effective. The site not only helps you with single entries but also generate a report for you. The report has many features right from name to address and other relevant information. This caters to landlines, cellphone and unlisted numbers. The coverage is immense and features are very robust. Just try it and you would know how to take care of blank or prank calls.


Dengue Menace in Gurgaon- Important steps for you

Dengue is taking its toll in Gurgaon. Hospitals here are full of such cases and people are finding difficult to find a solution. In this situation I hope the below points would help you in case you are stuck and dont have information about anything at this moment. The experience will help you to plan in better way
1) It starts with high fever and the other symptoms are rashes, headache, backache, joint pains, vomiting, nausea, pain in stomach etc.
2) At start people mistook it as normal fever but you have to be cautious if you hear a single case in your locality.
3) You need to have CBC test in order to confirm the platelets in your blood. The count is between 1.5 to 4 lacs for normal human being.
4) You need at least two tests to confirm if the platelets are going down. Generally the rate can be a drop of above 500 platelets per hour.
5) If platelets is below 1.5 lacs then your doctor would advise you to drink lot of fluids like water, lemon water, strong coffee etc.
6) Situation is not good below 80 thousand and needs hospitalization below 50 thousand.
7) I saw cases of platelets below 20 thousand and even 15thousand but their situation was much worse. They were vomiting all the time and had pain too.
8) Below 50 you need to get hospitalized. It vary from individual to individual and hence you need to get in touch with your doctor.
9) Since hospitals is full I would suggest that you get in touch with some hospital when count is around 1 lakh. The drop is fast and gives little time to react.
10) once your platelet count is below 50 thousand then the doctor would advise you to load units of platelets. Two units are sufficient and would help you to recover.
11) The units of platelets is not same as that of blood. One unit at Paras Hospital cost Rs. 12,000 and they have 2 machines only. Another hospital is Artemis which has 1 machine. You can also check with Gurgaon civil hospital as they also have option. I am not sure about other hospitals in Gurgaon.
12) One unit of platelets has around 30 thousand platelets count. This will be given to patient so that by the time antibodies gets killed you have enough platelets. I will describe more about later in post.
13) Once the patient is given 2 units the doctors wait for recovery. Generally the whole process gets over in 3 to 7 days depending upon your body. Once platelet production starts it can even jump to about 1 lakh in single night.
14) This is not communicable and cannot spread from person to person.

Why you need platelets- The antibodies in your body mistook platelet as the dengue and attach to them and kill them. So till the time antibodies gets exhausted you need to keep supplying platelets. Two units are generally sufficient. (as told by someone is hospital)

Why units are very expensive- It is more than 1 hour process to extract platelets from blood through a machine and hence it is expensive. The machine takes blood and extract platelets . The whole unit is replaced for each patient which makes it an expensive process. Paras two machine is running 24 hours a day for last 2 weeks and still there is a waiting of 8 hours.

Do you get platelets from Blood Bank- You get concentrate from blood bank which is generally contains 2 to 3 thousand platelets. Hence it is advised to get live donor. When all blood bank refused one blood bank came to help which was White Cross, A-60, East of Kailash, Delhi . This blood bank gave 2 units. They need 1 unit of blood for each unit of platelet along with Rs. 1000. The cost is high if you cannot give blood. My advise is to be prepared from start and keep live donors ready.

Be alert and do things in time to avoid problems for patient. Dengue has no cure, only prevention and platelets can help. It is caused by mosquito which bites you at day time and generally in lower part of body. You can drink lot of fluid like water to ensure your platelets production is high.


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