Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monika Bedi is favorite in Big Boss

Big Boss started with Bang and has slowly started its journey towards top of charts. While part 1 had its own charm, part 2 is also slated to be a blockbuster. The mix of contestant is very rich but apart from that there certainly are some contestant which are very weak. While there certainly are some new faces which are not so famous but you can certainly see some surprises.

Among all the contestants Monika Bedi seems to be the toughest contender. Quiet and seemingly cool, this former actress is looking very decent and has emerged as one of the favorites in this contest. This reality show is not easy because more than fun its more of tough and traumatic experience which brings out the real inside you. Remember how you responded or felt bad when the power is off for more than 4 hours or their is no water supply..........the inner devil comes out and you feel like just shouting and yelling at everyone. This would be the feeling that one would get in coming days and it would be too tough for anyone to survive. Monika Bedi as gone through more trouble in her life and this show can be a cake walk for her. Sometimes life make you so hard that small things just don't matter and Big Boss would be one of them for her.

Though my presumption is based on her past but no one can guess if she would have been much stronger than this before too. Whatever may be the truth but this cute lady is stealing the charm at this moment and we hope no amount of conspiracy can put her up for nomination and even if that happens public would definately vote in her favor.                                                              

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1 comment:

angel said...

Monika Bedi is the most toughest contender in the show because she had beared so much in her past that this is nothing for a girl like her.

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