Friday, August 8, 2008

The habit of gossiping

The habit of gossiping is bad if it affects you, your job or your performance. In most of our professional career we make friends, share our thoughts and feelings and also rely on them for advice. No one knows and probably no one cares when the talks change from concerns to gossiping.

Gossiping is harmless if you dont keep anything in your mind. The problem occurs when people start taking these things in their heads and get so immersed that their thinking and perception changes for worse. I have examples of people who have been good performers but gossiping spoiled their performance. Even in many forum I can easily judge how small issues is taking its toll on the people who are involved in it. It is disheartening that so much time goes into it that companies losses its productivity just because of this single factor. The intensity is too high when this stuff changes to bickering and politics within the organisation.

You may not know but this thing is deep percolated and is spoiling the roots of your company. Yes you cannot do things which will keep everyone happy but then solution is essentially somewhere near and not far off. Even though I think individual is to blame for most part of it but then company or an organisation should also share the blame for it. There are some decision which when taken with care stops the whole thing from root.

On individual front all I say to my people is that performance is like pregnancy which cannot remain hidden. Everything around it is all stupid. You align yourself with vision and work hard, other things will fall in its place on its own.                                                              

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