Saturday, August 9, 2008

Singh is Kinng is a nice movie

Very Nice Moview. Akshay Kumar is at his best. He has emerged as big contender for King Khan Now.

I was firtunate enough to get the premiere tickets for this movie and was able to see it in the jam packed hall. Everyone was so excited that people were clapping on hilarious scenes. I think Katrina was also at her best. Even though Salman Khan fans are upset with her but then those apart she was really carrying herself up in impressive way

Nowhere in movie it seemd that Sikh community feelings has been hurted. Infact Akshay apologised for the same within movie too. From my end he has given the real boost to sikh community and have protrayed them as people with big heart.............hats off to akshay for that.

This is my next best movie after "THE DARK KNIGHT". What impressed me in that movie was the acting of joker who was simply superb. The action scenes looked good and there was a touch of class in it too. This one I saw in New York on the weekend it got released with my collegues.

My five out of five to this movie.


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