Monday, August 25, 2008

How to get millions of backlinks

One of important aspect of making money online is to establish authenticity and Page Rank is one of such parameter which can make you create waves. Not only it opens door of opportunities but in front of advertisers it gives you a commanding power.

So this Sunday i studied everything related to backlinks and stuff. Yes there are easy and difficult ways to create lot of backlinks. There are scores of things which people can do and I promise to write about it someday here. But this posting is about something else. This posting is about the lesson I have got after doing all the hard work.

The lesson is "If you capability to write good content then backlinks would come on its own. Spend sometime doing quality posts and you don't have to do all those stupid things which just seemed to be very superficial to me". I have list of 50+ Dofollow forums but to post on each for backlinks is so painful that somehow I would prefer to write a post with much less pain. Posting there seemed to me as if I am portraying myself as someone which in reality I am not. Yes backlinks are important but I want to enjoy success when it will come. I don't want situation where internally I know that I don't deserve it coz of content but because of my tips and tricks. There is one more posting which influenced me a lot and that will change your mind too.......all for right reasons and it is very interesting too. Here it is webmasterworld or FreeopenBook.

Millions of backlinks is not far off but then you need to be a Horse of long race. Short term tricks wont get you millions for sure.


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