Monday, August 4, 2008

Who to blame in your job

I am not sure if this is stupid no matter what it might seem from the headline above but then the truth is we dont see the fault that lie in our own approach or essentially and categorically in us as human being. We are hungry for praise but when there is a goof up hardly do we accpet that its our own fault rather than we start to blame on things which did not worked our way.

This attitude is everywhere and reason behind this is fear. The fear to loose our positin or being seen as a loser. we need a scapegoat for things which we should have owned and then it take a second for us to find that and blame it on others. People dont even think about it for a second and they have their answers ready. The other day in my discussion, the realzation i had was that people who think a lot about others definately make others as their scapegoat but indirectly take care of them after the situation improves. This is still a benign solution considering no harm is being done and you have the resolution done.

But the question abve can be asked from differnt angle, who should not be the scapegoat. i think answer to this is dont blame it on your boss becuase that wont help you. In these situations blame yourself for it only if you feel that boss would reliaze internally and would help you in future. Is boss is mean and does not care then its always better to shut your mouth.

Lets face it that this does happen and you cannot avoid it. Blunt people done care but people who do care need to think about it again.                                                              

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