Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tata Indicom Vicious Tactics

We used to have 5 connections of Tata Indicom before this July. Since my family didn't require 5th connection on July 5th 2008 I went to their True value hub and asked the executive to disconnect it. The guy took 15 minutes and told us that it has been disconnected and we would get a confirmation call and after confirming we would receive Rs. 500 as security deposit through cheque.

We confirmed that we don't want the connection and hence the deposit should be sent to us at the earliest. As a result we did not received any bill towards the end of July. However in august end i.e. today i got a bill of two months. Frustrated I called up customer care and they told me that the mobile is temporarily disconnected earlier and I need to either go again to true value hub or confirm to them that they should disconnect it permanently. End result is the actual confirmation is dated today and hence I would be billed for two months and need to pay more than Rs. 500 to them.

Well I was never told about temporarily or permanent disconnection thing even after getting a confirmation call from them. Secondly it seems a vicious tactics where I was not informed till the time I had exhausted my security deposit. The method of disconnection is very tiring where they asked you to go to specific centre only and then on top of it such a stupid and idiotic tactics.

The story is same everywhere whether it Vodafone, Airtel or recently the Tata's. If you giving security deposit or any other thing you should never think that it will come back to you. I have never felt about the amount of money they owe to me but what hurt me most is the way I got cheated. There has been many cases like this but even after a decade of mobile revolution in India no one has been able to put a tab on these folks. These our true signs that India has still not progressed because you could not expect such things at least in developed countries.

Submitted by Mr. Gupta from India.                                                              

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Sarfraz Vanoo said...

Dear Mr. Gupta

Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Request you to kindly revert with your account and contact details on sarfraz.vanoo@tatatel.co.in for us to help resolve your issue.

Sarfraz Vanoo
Manager - Complaints Management
Tata Teleservices

Gupta said...

Dear Mr. Sarfraz,

Thanks for looking at my complaint posted in blogpost http://niftynseoptions.blogspot.com/2008/08/tata-indicom-vicious-tactics.html

Even after holding 5 connection of Tata Indicom from 2 to 4 years I was disappointed about the procedure involved in cancellation. Though the customer care executive was decent enough but the sequence of events and procedure involved (which was surprise to me) was very disappointing.

I made request of cancellation around 5th July 2008 and I was told that the request has been forwarded and the number has been disconnected. (at TruevalueHub sahara mall gurgaon). My wife confirmed the same later too to customercare. Yesterday when I got two month combined bill I contacted customer care and I was given
complaint number - xxxxxxxxx and
cancellation number- xxxxxxxxx

I don't want this to be bad story which you generally experience with mobile and credit card companies for small sum of money.

Thanks for taking this forward and prompt reply.


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