Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hair Cut from Finesse Hair Saloon - Mega City Mall, Gurgaon

A request and review from one of my friend in India who is very upset with Hair Saloon in Mega City Mall called Finesse. The service and the hair cut is pathetic and she is really upset with the work they have done with her hair. Even after spending huge sum of money she feels that her hair has really been spoiled and she is thinking to go to some other saloon just to change some of her look.

She confused this saloon with other and now repenting at her decision.

This can be a standalone case and I dont deny but if something is good then it really shows up. I would encourage my Friend and readers to keep sending me reviews in order to help other people make right decision.

Apart from Bad Chilli Flakes would like readers to mail good review too so that people should have choice.

Opening a hair saloon in such a mall can be costly and hence in order to survive Finnese should match that up with good service and good haircut too.

Chilli Flakes is always ready to help its readers.                                                              

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