Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reliance Power- Allotment Status

Reliance Power Limited IPO Information

»» Public Issue Open : January 15, 2008 to January 18, 2008
»» Public Issue Type : 100% Book Built Issue (Initial Public Offer IPO)
»» Public Issue Size: 260,000,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each (228,000,000 for public)
»» Public Issue Price: Rs. 405/- to Rs. 450/- Per Equity Share
»» Retail Discount: Rs. 20/- Per Equity Share (Only for Retail Individual Bidders)
»» Payment Methods: 1. Partial payment option - Rs. 115/- Per Equity Share at the time of bidding 2. Full payment option - Rs. 405/- to Rs. 450/- Per Equity Share
»» Market Lot: 15 Shares
»» Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Shares »» Maximum Subscription Amount for Retail Investor: Rs 100,000/- »» Listing At: BSE, NSE

The link from which you can check your allotment will be updated soon here                                                              

Future Capital- Allotment Status

Futur Capital Allotment is out.

Future Capital Holdings Limited IPO Information
»» Public Issue Open: January 11, 2008 to January 16, 2008
»» Public Issue Type: 100% Book Built Issue (Initial Public Offer IPO)
»» Public Issue Size: 6,422,800 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/-
»» Face Value: Rs. 10/-
»» Public Issue Price: Rs. 700/- to Rs. 765/- Per Equity Share
»» Market Lot: 8 Shares
»» Minimum Order Quantity: 8 Shares
»» Maximum Subscription Amount for Retail Investor: Rs 100,000/-
»» Listing: BSE, NSE

For Allotment Status Check the link- ALLOTMANT STATUS                                                              

Friday, January 18, 2008

Reliance Power IPO- ICICIDirect strategy to fool investors

Reliance Power IPO rush is now a talk of the town and would remain so till the time this records gets broken. While such events demonstrate how Indian investors respond to group/houses which have given good returns to investors at the same time these moments are used by other crappy and notorious companies to make quick buck.

The event in question is ICICIdirect ads in regular news paper and tall promises to open their account with 1 day so that all can apply to reliance IPO. Well the truth is out and ICICI which is not only infamous for Their recovery mechanism is again found to have used foolish strategies just to increase their account base.

An investor who gave their applications to open Demat account on 14th January have not yet received any response from ICICI about its status. When followed aggressively it was found that it is strategy to get more investors and create accounts at later stage as these events are best opportunities to create leads. At same time no efffort is made from ICICI Direct side either to open account or give its status.

The result-- some investors have lost chance to invest in IPO.

We know nothing can be done against ICICI for the same but the time and effort spent by investors in a hope has gone drain.                                                              

Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Entry Load for Direct Investment in Mutual Funds

As per SEBI Circular all direct investments in mutual funds is not subject to any entry load. I worked on couple of sites and was shocked to find that Mutual funds are not adhering to dictat and infact they have not done anything to implement the ruling. The most prominent example is SBI Mutual Fund site where they are adding default broker code SBI-12257 and the same cannot be changed by any means.

Indivdual investor on their end is waiting for this to happen but it seems long time before the implementation will happen.

The list of Mutual Fund Houses is given below

AIG Investments
Birla Sun Life
DBS Cholamandalam
DSP Merrill Lynch
Franklin Templeton
ICICI Prudential
ING Vysya
JM Financial
Kotak Mahindra
Lotus India
Morgan Stanley
Mutual Funds India
Quantum Asset Management
Standard Chartered
Sundaram BNP Paribas
Sundaram Finance

Humor - Joke - One fat guy

One fat guy - goes to a
popular GYM in Bangalore sees an ad for a new gym
guaranteeing to reduce anyone's weight by 5, 10 or 20 kilograms on the
first day. So he goes and tells them he wants to lose 5 kg. They lead
him into a huge gym with all kinds of ropes and parallel bars and
ladders and tell him to wait a minute.
He's standing there when on the far side of the gym a door opens and
out steps a beautiful girl, with a sign saying
" If you catch me, I'm yours."
He starts running, and just as he gets close, she starts picking up
Before he knows it, he's running all over the gym, up the ladders, down
the ladders, across the parallel bars, here and there. And just as he's
about to catch the blonde, pop, she disappears through a door. In comes
the management who lead him to the showers, and then weigh him. Sure
enough, he lost exactly 5 kg.
He's back on the street and starts to think.
"Jesus, I was so close to catching her. If I had a little more time..."
So he races back to the gym and says, "I want to lose 20 more kg."
"No problem," says the manager.
Again he is led to the large gym. This time he's standing by the door
when it opens. Out comes a Gorilla with a sign.

"If I catch you, you're mine ."                                                              

Saturday, January 5, 2008

HDFC has reduced the home loan rate to 10.25% this New Year

After offering 10.5% from 11% In October 2007, HDFC has again reduced the rate to to 10.25% in 3 months. The rate decrease started in last week of december when allottes of Greater Noida BHS-08 scheme was offered 10.35% in order to compete with 10.25% of LIC housing Finance. Intense war is happening between two groups who are the only one offering this option to about 1500 GNIDA allottes.

This is welcome move and has heppend a day ahead of Mr. Chidambaram advice to banks to reduce rate. Hence we can expect some more cut here and other banks to follow suit especially Axis Bank who stays in line with market.

Expect More action here.                                                     

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