Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SBI Tells Its Home Loan Customers To Go To Hell

Interesting mail form a customer whose Home Loan transfer case was delayed by 3 months and when he complained there was no one to listen to him—surprisingly not even Chairman Office. State Bank of India which claims to be the bank of today still live in primitive days where the Rule of Babu’s prevailed.

The complainant under question was harassed for 3 months and he is subsequently been trying for last 2 months to reach Chairman Mr. O.P. Bhatt Office. End result no one except the branch against whom complaint is made is constantly harassing him. Also his papers returned after deducting much amount and without returning 2 out of 3 cheques. The cheques got misplaced as per SBI.

The mail which I could get is a recent one and the one which is 10th to 11th mail in series that was addressed to chairman Mr. O. P.Bhatt.

SBI, Large, mammoth Bank and see how they flex their muscles.

Mr. O.P. Bhatt, this is real case which I am following, let’s see how much your office stand to your words related to COMMON MAN.

Here goes the mail--------GOOD MORNING INDIA
(name has not been given to hide the identity. The purpose is to expose the working and high handedness of SBI)
Dear Chairman Sir,

This is the first time I received call from RASMECCC, Ghaziabad, in which he told me to “GO TO HELL”.

In all these 4 months this was first call I got related to my case.

The call started by Officer threatening me “Why I am pursuing my case now when whole thing has been closed?” I told them that no due diligence has been done and my papers have been rejected because of invalid reasons and this is why I am pursuing it.

I gave due respect by saying Good Evening and even requesting him to hear my case out.

The Officer was not at all interested to hear anything and instead starting telling me why he has all the powers to reject it. The Officer told me that I am not customer of SBI and SBI is in no way answerable to me. Also my complaints don’t matter to SBI and no matter what I say- No one would listen to me. I can go to any extent- to Chairman, LHO, or even RTI my case would not be taken forward.

He told me that I am doing character assassination of his employees. To which I told him that I never brought up name of employees first and I have no enmity with them. It is he who brought up the names first. Also as per Officer, complaining against the delay in my case against his branch and concerned authorities is character assassination for him. He was more concerned about the complaint made and 3 months of delay, harassment faced by me was of little concern for him.

The level of threat and yelling increased as he told me that I have no right to make a complaint especially when it has been rejected. At this point I also lost my cool and I told him that I was well aware that you have rejected my case and I never addressed my complaint to you. The mail was sent to Mr. Chairman and he was only cced on it. It is he who is interfering in my zeal to get justice.

At this point he yelled at me and said- You go to RBI Governor, You Go to Barrack Obama, You Go To Hell---and he banged his phone

I have taken the note of threat I received today and the way it was given it was malign, life threatening, and defamatory in nature.

I thought I was dealing with SBI (As per SBI Chairman Mr. O.P. Bhatt – a Bank for the common people) but I didn’t knew it was a Bank which tell customers to Go To Hell.

The discomfort of AGM itself tells who is right and who is wrong.

25% of my processing fee has been deducted from the complete amount based on incomplete and biased assessment. Also my two cheques amounting Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000 has not been returned. The money and time spent warrants that my case should be heard in a fair manner.

The silence of you all from Mumbai, LHO Delhi tells me that there is no one to hear my case and instead I am making my enemies in RASMECCC, Ghaziabad. My purpose was to get loan and not make enemies.

For last 2 months I am mailing to Chairman office but no one is replying to me. Only Ghaziabad, RASMECCC is corresponding with me against whose branch the complaint has been made. I want to hear the last word from Chairman office regarding my complaint as my complaint was with the Chairman Office for taking final decision or for next steps.

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