Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Wishing the readers of my Blog a very Happy New Year.

In this new year I would go ahead with a new blog with own domain name and hosting services. Also I would try to cover the areas which appeal most.

Meanwhile your suggestions are welcome and would help to enhance this blog further.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disappointing but true

Google dropped the page rank of my blog. The only reason for it is that i did some paid posting (with a badge on it saying its a paid one) which somehow is being punished by google.

I don't know the reason for it but I left blogging for more than 2 months after feeling bad about it. I didn't made much nor I intend do but such a harsh step is totally uncalled for. At times I don't realize why only small players gets punished. I know for a reason that big amount of money is paid to big bloggers to write positively about companies. Even the authenticated sources is marred by excess of PR activities which again is paid. Too much of web is related to promotion and its on end user how to consume the information.

Google is having a monoply on web and it wants to control everything because of its sheer size. People writing on web and reading are knowledgeable enough to make a decision based on their knowledge. Google is more of a pain with it stupid logic.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vikram Pandit Message to Citibank Customer

I am Citi Customer for last 9 years. This is first time that in my credit card account I have received message from Citi in which he has addressed all the customers. The message goes like this

Dear Customer,

The financial markets are in a period of extraordinary turbulence. Citi is involved in a widespread industry effort to manage these, working closely with regulators and other institutions.

In this internal video that we would like to share with you, Citi CEO Vikram Pandit provides an update on the current market environment, role of Citi in recent events and liquidity, capital, assets and operating income strengths of Citi.

Click on link below to watch video

or click here


PayDay Loans for your small needs

The market these days are going through turbulent times. All investments made are stuck up at one place or the other. While these are tense situations but an important aspect is that, like each bad day these days would also pass. Likewise if we have power to hold on then these investments would also show its worth in days to come. Considering all this it is also important that we should be considerate about our requirements and our commitments so that life goes on its normal course till the time the happy days are back again. We have lot of things in our daily life which are small needs but when translated into wishes the same holds lots of weightage.

Money is important and short needs can come at any point of time which demands quick resolution. It can be from small amount for your car repair to school fees of your children. Payday Loans Are very effective in serving such needs. These are given to individuals who ave a source of income and can return the amount in their next salary cycle. Payday Loans serves a need of quick resolution of temporary problems without creating many problems at one’s own end.

PayDay loans generally have many hassles involved but the time has changed. There are many options available over internet where some companies offer this facility and look for a vendor on your behalf. Transactions generally are faxless and are very convenient to handle too. These are obtainable with much ease and are right solution for your short term need especially when you know that a payback of the same is easy and much in sight.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GOOD SITES TO HAVE A LOOK- This section is removed from the site

Everything has a cycle and so is the Blogroll on good Sites for Markets. I am conscious that information should not be lost and hence below are the sites which originally was part of my blogroll.

955 AM
Brokers Report
Dead Presidents!
DLN Group
Earn Money From Blog
Free Trading EBooks
India News Box
Indian IPO's
Indian Stock Market
Nifty Intraday
Raja Kumar
Sage Capital
Stock Stories
Stocks Money
Trade Profit
Trading For Profit


Monday, September 22, 2008

7 litres of water will make a difference

Recently there was an article which said that drinking excessive water will not help you to cut down your fat or will not help you to lose weight. I was surprised because my experience is totally different. About a month back I started to drink around 7 litres of water everyday and it has helped me to reduce the fats. The feeling is natural and it is coming from inside my body. I prefer lukewarm water and drink 1 litre water immediately after getting up from bed. Its best medicine for many diseases too especially stomach related.

Water does no harm and I believe its essential to drink lots of water everyday at least to get rid of diseases that comes in absence of it. Its more of a water therapy helping you to be healthy considering you are unable to do any exercise or control your diet.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Live Unbuttoned Levi's 501

Immediately after "Singh is King" popularity Akshay Kumar has signed to be Brand Ambassador of Levi's for whopping sum. This is first brand signed by him after his latest hit and he is working hard to promote Levi's too. While campaign has been launched in different media, latest is on internet where Users are being asked to Unbutton with Akshay at Levi's range is exclusive and price is affordable too. Levi's through him is getting Instant recognition and is considered good brand among its targeted segment. Good work Akshay, you know how to milk and so does Levi's.                                                              

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fenphedra deserves a look if you are looking for weight loss

Weight loss is very important not just because it is a home of many diseases but it also shows poor on your personality. There may be many available solutions but fenphedra definitely deserves a look. fenphedra has all important ingredients which are must to have an all important aspects required for a weight loss. There may be many vendors willing to help you on this but cautious judgment and an well thought of decision is something which will help you on a long way. fenphedra has an all important ingredients but the claim of originality while you buy it is something which should be looked in carefully and then you should base you decision.

Apart from having simple look you should also look for comparison of its ingredients with other available in the market. fenphedra deserves a standout no matter how much efficient and stand out products are available in market. Important aspect is the ingredients which are available in this. Even though different things suits different people but if something adjusts your body then it will go a long way in helping you to control your weight loss. While you might many different claims but one need to be very objective and do proper research while you go ahead with your decision.

Weight loss is sometimes most ignored aspect and left over exercises which one normally skips. Controlling the input through diets and supplements will help you a long way.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monika Bedi act was complete Disappointment

I dedicated a complete post Monika Bedi is favorite in Big Boss to Monica with hope that this actress has all ingredients required within a winner. But I was proved wrong and was disappointed after her act in show. Few points which I did not like about her are

1) She seemed to be beauty without brain.
2) All time she was concerned if Rahul is trying something on her. She was seemingly roaming around as if she was a Juliet.
3) She was not seen doing any household work at all.
4)Sitting idle she was not doing anything constructive at all.
5) Whenever she was talking, it was in low voice. Many time she was avoiding microphone also. Though her intention was to prevent being bad, it gave severe blow to her image.
6) She did not tried to be herself. Competition was too much on her mind.
7) She seemed to be Living for rahul only and this was counted much in favor of rahul then her.
8) She did not scored point anywhere. All the time she seemed to be thinking what next with Rahul, who is thinking what about her. Nothing worked for her.
9) She became fool and thought Raja and Ashu are nice people. That shows how easy it is to make her fool.

I am not sure how much she earned but Golden opportunity has been lost.

From three people which have been eliminated Sanjay was best till now. Rakhi was much worse then Monika.

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National Phone Registry- A must for your Information needs

It was late in Night and I got a call from prospective client who wanted me to visit him early morning. He gave me his number which I copied but then I did not asked about the address. Everything is fine till the time I realized that I need an address to reach early in morning. I called up the number but no one was picking up. I called up my client number from which I got the call and it seemed to be from some public booth. Dejected I hooked on to Internet and quickly I got the solution. I got Reverse Phone Lookup solution from National Phone Registry.

Reverse Phone Lookup is an excellent thing. It is just amazing because quickly I got the address and I was ready for the meeting. Reverse Phone Lookup is an wonderful solution, it is just amazing because it is your only help in tough situations. Most importantly it is not only to find about single entries but can even help you in marketing. How? Well you need to be innovative about it.

National Phone Registry Reverse Phone Lookup service s very effective. The site not only helps you with single entries but also generate a report for you. The report has many features right from name to address and other relevant information. This caters to landlines, cellphone and unlisted numbers. The coverage is immense and features are very robust. Just try it and you would know how to take care of blank or prank calls.


Dengue Menace in Gurgaon- Important steps for you

Dengue is taking its toll in Gurgaon. Hospitals here are full of such cases and people are finding difficult to find a solution. In this situation I hope the below points would help you in case you are stuck and dont have information about anything at this moment. The experience will help you to plan in better way
1) It starts with high fever and the other symptoms are rashes, headache, backache, joint pains, vomiting, nausea, pain in stomach etc.
2) At start people mistook it as normal fever but you have to be cautious if you hear a single case in your locality.
3) You need to have CBC test in order to confirm the platelets in your blood. The count is between 1.5 to 4 lacs for normal human being.
4) You need at least two tests to confirm if the platelets are going down. Generally the rate can be a drop of above 500 platelets per hour.
5) If platelets is below 1.5 lacs then your doctor would advise you to drink lot of fluids like water, lemon water, strong coffee etc.
6) Situation is not good below 80 thousand and needs hospitalization below 50 thousand.
7) I saw cases of platelets below 20 thousand and even 15thousand but their situation was much worse. They were vomiting all the time and had pain too.
8) Below 50 you need to get hospitalized. It vary from individual to individual and hence you need to get in touch with your doctor.
9) Since hospitals is full I would suggest that you get in touch with some hospital when count is around 1 lakh. The drop is fast and gives little time to react.
10) once your platelet count is below 50 thousand then the doctor would advise you to load units of platelets. Two units are sufficient and would help you to recover.
11) The units of platelets is not same as that of blood. One unit at Paras Hospital cost Rs. 12,000 and they have 2 machines only. Another hospital is Artemis which has 1 machine. You can also check with Gurgaon civil hospital as they also have option. I am not sure about other hospitals in Gurgaon.
12) One unit of platelets has around 30 thousand platelets count. This will be given to patient so that by the time antibodies gets killed you have enough platelets. I will describe more about later in post.
13) Once the patient is given 2 units the doctors wait for recovery. Generally the whole process gets over in 3 to 7 days depending upon your body. Once platelet production starts it can even jump to about 1 lakh in single night.
14) This is not communicable and cannot spread from person to person.

Why you need platelets- The antibodies in your body mistook platelet as the dengue and attach to them and kill them. So till the time antibodies gets exhausted you need to keep supplying platelets. Two units are generally sufficient. (as told by someone is hospital)

Why units are very expensive- It is more than 1 hour process to extract platelets from blood through a machine and hence it is expensive. The machine takes blood and extract platelets . The whole unit is replaced for each patient which makes it an expensive process. Paras two machine is running 24 hours a day for last 2 weeks and still there is a waiting of 8 hours.

Do you get platelets from Blood Bank- You get concentrate from blood bank which is generally contains 2 to 3 thousand platelets. Hence it is advised to get live donor. When all blood bank refused one blood bank came to help which was White Cross, A-60, East of Kailash, Delhi . This blood bank gave 2 units. They need 1 unit of blood for each unit of platelet along with Rs. 1000. The cost is high if you cannot give blood. My advise is to be prepared from start and keep live donors ready.

Be alert and do things in time to avoid problems for patient. Dengue has no cure, only prevention and platelets can help. It is caused by mosquito which bites you at day time and generally in lower part of body. You can drink lot of fluid like water to ensure your platelets production is high.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Domain Registration is Must for Confidence

Its been a long time I have been blogging but the one thing which has been pinching me for quite a long time is having my own domain name. Though many blogs start from website offering free domains but they don't have a clear name which can inspire the confidence of your readers. Having free website from blogger or wordpress is quite common to start with but problems really start to occur when you get famous but see domain as deterrent in your progress.

Domain registration is something which is very serious and important issue. No matter you have thought of it today when you are about to write your first post post or after an year or so, Domain Registration if thought off in a proper manner will give a real boost to your website. However there are many aspect of Domain registration which you should consider while opting for it.

Domain registration is not an easy task especially when almost all domains are seemed to be sold out. You have to be innovative and use right mixture in order to come up with proper keywords. There are many tools which help you find the variations and you can use the mixture to get to some impressive name. Also you can go ahead with some unique concept or your own name in case you feel strongly about it.

You need readers which are confident about your product and service and own domain name is one of parameter which will influence the decision making process.

Domain Registration                                                              

Making Money Online

Making Money Online is a buzz especially among those people who have requisite skills to turn their efforts into dollars. I had interesting discussion with one of my blog reader where I gave him tips and directions on where and from which places he can make money and how quickly opportunities can be earned and translated. While things were good till this time but when I met him yesterday I came to know that he is currently not blogging mainly because he got bored with whole stuff.

This is predictable end of more than 90% of people who think they can do big but lacks discipline and patience. To earn money, to get famous is a long journey you need hard work and patience......dont expect miracles to happen in few months. Its always good to read about success stories but the effort hidden behind it gets ignored all together.

Blog or joining services on making money online........everything requires commitment. If you have that factor then give it years to mature otherwise you would be one of untold failure story. Make big plans running into years and then work on it. You need to be slow and steady here because success is Sweet and hidden in years to come.                                                              

A service which can be of great help

Credit Repair is important in order to get out of mess and the tension which has surrounded you. Credit Heaven is one of place which is quite famous for Credit Repair. Here you just need to register for the services and the firm starts to work on your account. Each time they resolve a case they charge you till the time a complete Credit Repair has been done. In case they cannot solve anything then the person does not need to pay anything.

An important aspect of their Credit Repair is when they renegotiate the rates with your credit card, auto or mortgage vendor. Not only this helps in getting lower rate but help you get out of bad debt pretty soon. Then their are multiple services where the firm can help you which includes foreclosure prevention and other related to debt settlement. Credit Heaven definitely deserves a look. It will help you not only to be part of the main stream but would give you another chance to maintain a clean profile. This is definately one of lifetime chance and a proven method to help you sail smoothly through.

Another important information which you can get from there website is the information about credit, debt and credit repair. The coverage is very exhaustive and will help you make the informed decision. You need to be sure and this site has all the right content to make that happen.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who is Big Boss Next Victim

Sanjay Nirupam made a peaceful exit yesterday Night. First day of the contest and his name was nominated along with Raja Chaudhary. As week passed Sanjay has started to become famous especially because of controversy that surrounded him and sambhavna.

Clearly Raja seemed to be the first one to go but Sanjay name was surprise to me. Raja has been quiet and looked quite dumb and it seemed he would take whole month or so to utter a single word or get up from his sleep. Sanjay on other hand was seen atleast mixing up with other members in Big Boss house.

So what actually happened and why Sanjay was kudos for answering this...because of votes. Yes votes and who can actually vote in favor of him or against him. Lets talk of two cases.

1) Sanjay well wisher could not vote enough to save him or being a politician everything around him is so superficial that people commit but do not deliver.

2) Sanjay political adversaries did not want him to get famous and voted for Raja instead. Yes TV is big medium to get popular. How many of us has seen our local politician and if we get a chance to see them on tv then recalling the name is not difficult. He has indeed got a face now which he can milk in next elections that are just around the corner.

I may be wrong in my assessment but I believe strongly in point2 above. General public has bad image of raja and he never did anything extra ordinary in these 5 to 6 days. On other hand no one knew Sanjay and there was no reason to vote for raja in order to eliminate him.

Nevermind Sanjay, you got enough momentum to encash in your next elections.

This is just my analysis and I am in no way related to any political party. I don't even know Sanjay is from which State........cheers!!!!!!!!

So comment on who you think would be next victim in last week of august and you could get somethig exciting from me in your Inbox.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Victory Hair - Get ideas from The Ultimate Flirting Championship

Victory Hair is something which is definitely amazing but mostly happens at times when you don’t expect it. Imagine you always wanted but never dared to do anything with your date and one day suddenly the unexpected happens that mess up the nice styled hair. The sense of achievement gets reflected in the hair which is called as victory hair.

Yes the planning is involved and one should never stop trying or lose hope. The more you get close, the more are chances to get a Victory hair. The plan should always be nice, clean and flawless so that after everything you have done rest can be left at that moment which comes sooner or later. There can be many steps but some short steps according to me are

Step 1- Keep calling or talking to get her used to you
Step 2- Share the common things, help her with some work
Step 3- Go for a walk for some days if possible
Step 4- Take her to Dinner in some calm and quiet place with soft music
Step 5- Finally in your car or at some place your hand quietly on her hand. Chances are that you will get Victory Hair.

Some things are fun if done with clear and soft heart. To that matter flirting is also healthy when done with right intentions. One of great widget you can get over internet is Extreme Style by VO5. Here you can be judge or among three participant to play the flirting game. The game is so nice and answers are so witty that even if you use some of them in above steps you are destined to get victory hair. This widget of Ultimate Flirting Championship is one of the best thing available over the internet and I would strongly recommend that you put this in your site for nice user experience.

For more widgets please visit

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How to get millions of backlinks

One of important aspect of making money online is to establish authenticity and Page Rank is one of such parameter which can make you create waves. Not only it opens door of opportunities but in front of advertisers it gives you a commanding power.

So this Sunday i studied everything related to backlinks and stuff. Yes there are easy and difficult ways to create lot of backlinks. There are scores of things which people can do and I promise to write about it someday here. But this posting is about something else. This posting is about the lesson I have got after doing all the hard work.

The lesson is "If you capability to write good content then backlinks would come on its own. Spend sometime doing quality posts and you don't have to do all those stupid things which just seemed to be very superficial to me". I have list of 50+ Dofollow forums but to post on each for backlinks is so painful that somehow I would prefer to write a post with much less pain. Posting there seemed to me as if I am portraying myself as someone which in reality I am not. Yes backlinks are important but I want to enjoy success when it will come. I don't want situation where internally I know that I don't deserve it coz of content but because of my tips and tricks. There is one more posting which influenced me a lot and that will change your mind too.......all for right reasons and it is very interesting too. Here it is webmasterworld or FreeopenBook.

Millions of backlinks is not far off but then you need to be a Horse of long race. Short term tricks wont get you millions for sure.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Bundled Approach- Acne and Weight Loss

The biggest problem affecting most of individuals is both Acne and weight loss. Over browsing through numerous sites i found a site called Decaslim which has made quite an impressive offer. Decaslim is confident about their product that they have offered money back in case you dont see any improvements in first 7 days.

Decaslim has started by talking about all natural things which help you both with a weight loss and acne treatment. Decaslim has taken a concentarted approach to talk about which food elemnts are natural ingredients and help you make both weight loss and treats your acne. Taking some of them may not be the right solution because mix of everything in right proportion is what assures you an effective and result oriented treatment.

The site has then offered products in a very attractive pricing options. It includes not only freebies but also discount on bulk purchase.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monika Bedi is favorite in Big Boss

Big Boss started with Bang and has slowly started its journey towards top of charts. While part 1 had its own charm, part 2 is also slated to be a blockbuster. The mix of contestant is very rich but apart from that there certainly are some contestant which are very weak. While there certainly are some new faces which are not so famous but you can certainly see some surprises.

Among all the contestants Monika Bedi seems to be the toughest contender. Quiet and seemingly cool, this former actress is looking very decent and has emerged as one of the favorites in this contest. This reality show is not easy because more than fun its more of tough and traumatic experience which brings out the real inside you. Remember how you responded or felt bad when the power is off for more than 4 hours or their is no water supply..........the inner devil comes out and you feel like just shouting and yelling at everyone. This would be the feeling that one would get in coming days and it would be too tough for anyone to survive. Monika Bedi as gone through more trouble in her life and this show can be a cake walk for her. Sometimes life make you so hard that small things just don't matter and Big Boss would be one of them for her.

Though my presumption is based on her past but no one can guess if she would have been much stronger than this before too. Whatever may be the truth but this cute lady is stealing the charm at this moment and we hope no amount of conspiracy can put her up for nomination and even if that happens public would definately vote in her favor.                                                              

Tata Indicom Vicious Tactics

We used to have 5 connections of Tata Indicom before this July. Since my family didn't require 5th connection on July 5th 2008 I went to their True value hub and asked the executive to disconnect it. The guy took 15 minutes and told us that it has been disconnected and we would get a confirmation call and after confirming we would receive Rs. 500 as security deposit through cheque.

We confirmed that we don't want the connection and hence the deposit should be sent to us at the earliest. As a result we did not received any bill towards the end of July. However in august end i.e. today i got a bill of two months. Frustrated I called up customer care and they told me that the mobile is temporarily disconnected earlier and I need to either go again to true value hub or confirm to them that they should disconnect it permanently. End result is the actual confirmation is dated today and hence I would be billed for two months and need to pay more than Rs. 500 to them.

Well I was never told about temporarily or permanent disconnection thing even after getting a confirmation call from them. Secondly it seems a vicious tactics where I was not informed till the time I had exhausted my security deposit. The method of disconnection is very tiring where they asked you to go to specific centre only and then on top of it such a stupid and idiotic tactics.

The story is same everywhere whether it Vodafone, Airtel or recently the Tata's. If you giving security deposit or any other thing you should never think that it will come back to you. I have never felt about the amount of money they owe to me but what hurt me most is the way I got cheated. There has been many cases like this but even after a decade of mobile revolution in India no one has been able to put a tab on these folks. These our true signs that India has still not progressed because you could not expect such things at least in developed countries.

Submitted by Mr. Gupta from India.                                                              

Monday, August 18, 2008

Antivirus XP 2008

Over this weekend I did not had chance to open my laptop and do some work. But this morning when I connected to Internet suddenly Antivirus XP 2008 started running. I thought its some windows update and hence I ignored it. With time it became so irritating that I stopped everything and started to surf the Internet for it solution. First Search I did gave me a link which did wonders for me.

The first link you get from Google search is worth it and is called bleeping computer. I downloaded and ran this program Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Download Link and after I was done the problem was all resolved. However I had to work on my wallpaper and screensaver as they were not restored.

Depending on your computer this program may take time. For me it took 50 minutes to scan and remove files. So don't get impatient and wait for things to happen on its own.                                                              

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dont believe this - People who died but got alive again

Don't believe this. There is no scientific explanation for this. I have tried not to believe this but reason I am writing this is because somewhere I believe this can happen and can be true. There are many myth circulating in world but I cannot help thinking more when I heard it from people close to me who have experienced this in real life.

There are four incidents I am going to narrate which relates to people I know and they keep coming up as and when I discuss about life and death. It may seem to be a fairy tale but truth is that this has happened. Yes this has happened- People have died and has got alive again to tell what happened in those hours when others thought they were dead.

My grandfather (yes my grandfather and according to my mother this is true) was in comma for a 2 days. Suddenly he regained his consciousness the third day and was fit the very next day. Everyone and even the doctors was amazed how this happened but my grandfather had a different story to tell. According to my grandfather he was taken to a big palace and there was all good people along with Gods sitting in manner that some session was going on. When he was taken towards a corner someone told that this is wrong person which has been brought to heaven. According to him my grandfather still needs to get his two daughters married and its not his time to be brought to heaven. There was some who believed and some who did not but eventually my grandfather died 12 days before the marriage of the second daughter (not after though).
Dont believe this- It can be something in his subconscious but I believe this somehow.

This happened in Jaipur in India with Lady living next to my wife house. My wife was kid at this moment but this was something which was talk of the street. A lady died and after 4 hours suddenly she regained consciousness. She was scared like hell and was very terrified. When asked what has happened she told everyone that someone picked her up with force and she was made to walk on hot iron rods. It was so hot that she could not bear it. Suddenly someone told that this was wrong person and it is not her turn and immediately someone threw her down. When people looked at her feet it was all blue with impression of iron rods. The lady was so scared that she starting donating lot of things to needy and poor.
Dont believe this- My wife does and somehow I think she is right

This happened in a hilly region where a lady after being dead for 4 hours regained her consciousness. According to her she was deprived of all good things which she would like to eat but she was forced to remain hungry throughout ( I know 4 hours is not long time but I am telling what I have heard here). Again someone told that she was the wrong person and then she was thrown again to earth. The lady was so scared that she started donating everything she would like to eat after her death.

This happened to my close friend aunt. She died but got alive again after 6 to 8 hours. According to her she was on queue where someone was assigning them heaven and hell. When she reached there it was told that she is wrong person whose time has not come. she has a long life and her time has not come yet. According to my friend its been more than 20 years and she is alive even today.

Yes there are no scientific reasons for this but all of above people have started doing good work and donating a lot to poor and needy. I think there are many such incident which you would hear from people in India......... from people who have experienced this. The belief of people is very strong in India......obviously it is backed by great culture and past.

I believe in God and his power. though I haven't started to donate or doing something to help poor and needy but I believe The faith I have in God is so strong that at right age I would do good things to come closer to God. It may not be by donating things probably but maybe by reading and believing more in God.

If you have any experience share it here. The idea is not to ask people to do or act in some way. The idea is to know that these things happen and exist in this world which somehow we can ignore safely by talking about famous word "science".                                                              

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Smart Gloves are the right solution

Carpal tunnel is a syndrome where one of nerve of your hands gets compressed at the wrist leading to pain, weakness in the forearm and hand. The symptoms of Carpel tunnel gradually increases over time and can occur at any age. Though there can be many reasons behind this but the main reason is found to be the repetitive manual work or jobs involving wrist bending or postures which causes the discomfort to nerves and hands. The other reasons for carpel tunnel can be related to stress, fractures, dislocation, inflammation, tumors etc. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome causes many physical limitations which includes difficulty in moving hands, gripping, using your fist, feeling of weakness, dropping the objects, not able to concentrate etc. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome impairs your ability to perform many jobs associated to work which can vary from working on your laptop, computer to even driving on your car. Not only these activities become painful but it also impacts you psychologically.

There has been much discussion about the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but it is very challenging to solve this problem if you think your doctor would have the complete solution for it. You may be asked to give rest to your hands for more than a week which you may not afford because of your job and responsibilities. You may be asked to take some pain relieving drugs but everything you take has its own side effects and other related troubles. If nothing of above would work you may even be asked to go for surgery but even it has its own limitations and may not prove to be completely useful. The most important thing in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is that medication or steroid injections would not be of much help even though you feel that there is some help available this or that way. With your job and all important work, the less time you may want to spend, the more time this syndrome would require to heal.

carpal tunnel relief is desired and most important to help you save from this syndrome. The only good solution for this disease is the prevention rather than working on its cure right though the painful period. There are smart gloves available that are an ideal solution to prevent this syndrome. The smart gloves not only prevent and relive the wrist pain but also encourage proper hand and wrist position. These gloves are excellent support system for your hands and wrists and acts as cushion to enable proper blood circulation. These gloves are ergonomically proven to be correct and useful to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Most important is that these are reversible and can fit any hand. These are an ideal situation for your not only when you work on your laptop or desktop but any repetitive exercise you might want to undertake. You can definitely write good blogs with less discomfort by having smart gloves in your hands.


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

15 things to keep in mind before you start a Blog

There are things which you learn easily and then there are things which you learn the hard way. Even though I knew that a my own domain name with paid hosting would be right choice, I opted for blogger because I wanted to test if it is even worth. I think the message is clear- Internet has got huge potential but you got to be patient with it. So after one year and more than 200 postings I have learnt and made mistakes which I would like to rectify in my new blog (chilli flakes would become more interesting though). The points below would answer many of your questions and can clear your doubts too.

1) Start with your own domain name even if you are experimenting. It would cost a max of $70 for a year.
2) with domain name and hosting you would use CMS tools like wordpress and hence get knowledge at early stage.
3) There would not be loss of any posting because almost all of your posting would be available.
4) As the site gets old, with age it earns up a page rank. Though there are many techniques involved but it helps to start early. The site rank cannot be transferred.
5) Adsense is great pull but it is worthless if you have low traffic.
6) Refreshing your site continuously wont help in traffic. At most it will distort numbers.
7) Content is always the key. Its nice to see your postings running up the charts.
8) Quantity of blogs is also as Important as quality. Its like giving many doors or options to visitors so that they can reach your site.
9) Building traffic is not easy. Its a hard work all the way.
10) you need to work hard and learn techniques to increase traffic. Sitting in isolation wont help.
11) Page Rank is very important. It is a door which will open many earning opportunities.
12) Finding niche is very important but it is not only thing (so dont get upset). You can make your posts interesting to bypass this law.
13) If possible try some pictures, videos etc to give lively look to your blog.
14) Making money is fun and your own domain name with good rank will give it real boost.
15) Set target for your site and money would come as a by product.

Internet is huge opportunity and many people are making tons of money from it. If money is not your motivation then also keep blogging because the hobby would turn profitable and meaningful at time when you would need it most. Its a big project which will run for years and you need to be patient and diligent with it.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hair Cut from Finesse Hair Saloon - Mega City Mall, Gurgaon

A request and review from one of my friend in India who is very upset with Hair Saloon in Mega City Mall called Finesse. The service and the hair cut is pathetic and she is really upset with the work they have done with her hair. Even after spending huge sum of money she feels that her hair has really been spoiled and she is thinking to go to some other saloon just to change some of her look.

She confused this saloon with other and now repenting at her decision.

This can be a standalone case and I dont deny but if something is good then it really shows up. I would encourage my Friend and readers to keep sending me reviews in order to help other people make right decision.

Apart from Bad Chilli Flakes would like readers to mail good review too so that people should have choice.

Opening a hair saloon in such a mall can be costly and hence in order to survive Finnese should match that up with good service and good haircut too.

Chilli Flakes is always ready to help its readers.                                                              

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Treatment of Acne is essential and must

acne treatment is something which is essential and must if you are suffering at this moment from Acne. It starts from early age of your teen hood and can remain for years. The intensity of acne varies from individual to individual and in worst cases it can leave some marks too. Different people have different type of skin and hence it is better not to take chances. acne treatment is must to maintain that fresh look which somehow get spoiled if you do not take due care of yourself.

acne treatment is not about the looks but it also take care of the pain that is associated with it. My experience of acne is worst and the only reason for the same is that I ignored the acne treatment for long long time. I think it is advisable that one should not wait for things to happen on their own but should proactively go and kill the disease.

Apart from acne treatment one should also take care of the other hygienic factors and diet as they also contribute to the greater extent to the solution. Its your body and you know how to keep best care of it.


Singh is Kinng is a nice movie

Very Nice Moview. Akshay Kumar is at his best. He has emerged as big contender for King Khan Now.

I was firtunate enough to get the premiere tickets for this movie and was able to see it in the jam packed hall. Everyone was so excited that people were clapping on hilarious scenes. I think Katrina was also at her best. Even though Salman Khan fans are upset with her but then those apart she was really carrying herself up in impressive way

Nowhere in movie it seemd that Sikh community feelings has been hurted. Infact Akshay apologised for the same within movie too. From my end he has given the real boost to sikh community and have protrayed them as people with big heart.............hats off to akshay for that.

This is my next best movie after "THE DARK KNIGHT". What impressed me in that movie was the acting of joker who was simply superb. The action scenes looked good and there was a touch of class in it too. This one I saw in New York on the weekend it got released with my collegues.

My five out of five to this movie.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Fat Burners are important supplement

fat burners is indeed an important supplement both along with your diet and exercise too. fat burners can really speed up the process of loosing weight and help you overcome the weight related problems too. Finding the right fat burners is as tedious just because the results vary from individual to individual. is a good review site which will give you a very good review on fat burners available in market. This site not only explains you what fat burners really are but also how to make the best use of them. It is a blessing in disguise for people looking for best supplements. The site not only give the reviews but has also selected the best fat burners both from men and women. There are many featured articles which will help you make the right decision.

Important section in this site is the tip on fat burners. These are very logical and there is no harm if on can take it as the thumb rule while going for real fat burners.


Banta and the Nurse

Banta falls in love with a nurse...after much
thinking, he finally writes a love letter to her: 'I love you sister.'



The habit of gossiping

The habit of gossiping is bad if it affects you, your job or your performance. In most of our professional career we make friends, share our thoughts and feelings and also rely on them for advice. No one knows and probably no one cares when the talks change from concerns to gossiping.

Gossiping is harmless if you dont keep anything in your mind. The problem occurs when people start taking these things in their heads and get so immersed that their thinking and perception changes for worse. I have examples of people who have been good performers but gossiping spoiled their performance. Even in many forum I can easily judge how small issues is taking its toll on the people who are involved in it. It is disheartening that so much time goes into it that companies losses its productivity just because of this single factor. The intensity is too high when this stuff changes to bickering and politics within the organisation.

You may not know but this thing is deep percolated and is spoiling the roots of your company. Yes you cannot do things which will keep everyone happy but then solution is essentially somewhere near and not far off. Even though I think individual is to blame for most part of it but then company or an organisation should also share the blame for it. There are some decision which when taken with care stops the whole thing from root.

On individual front all I say to my people is that performance is like pregnancy which cannot remain hidden. Everything around it is all stupid. You align yourself with vision and work hard, other things will fall in its place on its own.                                                              

Burn your Fat to stay slim

Important part in maintaining your weight to burn adequate fat. fat burner is a supplement which contains many ingredients to help you lose weight. There are many fat burner available in market and with different claims. Important question is which one you can use to lose weight and which one you should avoid. Finding the best fat burner is very difficult and one should be very objective and cautious while making any decision. Additionally the there are many dynamics involved in choosing the fat burner that going through the review of the same is a must have before you make any decision.

There are indeed thousands of fat burner available in market. If something is not working for you that does not mean that one should lose heart over it. These supplements are very effective and can give you a good results only when they are adequately taken along with your food and exercise. Most important is to check the various reviews available over the net for real fat burner in order to make the best judgement.

A fat burner can be your good friend and it has shown results to many people. Maintaining a proper weight is important not only to look good but it avoids many diseases too.


Job Hopping or Growth in the same Job

If this question is coming in your mind then it need a serious thought. Dont let it go just because the new opportunity will get you out of this job and would take care your monetary and other needs. It is not easy to decide and your decision will reflect in years to come.

I have many cases in front of me where the ultimate reason to leave the job is money. People talk of profile and other related stuff which seems a bit stupid to me because many times they dont even what they have to do. To me they could have grown better by staying in the same company with reasonable profile than to look for something which can hurt them in future. It is true everyone has its own aspirations but a biased decision can be futile for career.

I have been reading a lot about it and have seen different ways in which people support their decision. I have always felt pity on job hoppers because they dont stay in any company for long and is always looking for a change. This scenario is however not true for people who have grown in the organization because if they are changing the job after getting growth then one should admire it because they have taken into account the decision that is involved by weighing all risks.

I have seen job hopping as more of habit. You cannot meet your target because at back of your mind you are relaxed about it and you know you can change job at any moment. One put blame of things on other without realizing that an ultimate effort could have saved the situation. It is always advisable to fight out the best and grow rather than loose and leave.                                                              

Santa and Banta- Ford Review

What's Ford?
Santa: Gaadi.
What's Oxford ?
Santa: So simple, Bail Gaadi


Looking for Weight Loss- Nuphedrine deserves a look

Weight loss is an important aspect not just it shows bad on your personality but it is home for many diseases too. Though there are many available solution but nuphedrine is something which needs a closer look. nuphedrine claims that it brings an all important ingredients like Advantra-Z and south African Hoodia. Though there are claims of originality but one should be very careful while deciding which product to purchase and from where. nuphedrine ingredients is very important but then being original is something which should be on your top priority.

Apart from originality there are reviews available on comparison of the ingredients and the lab test which will give you a good idea on nuphedrine. Also there may be many claims by many retails not only on patented form but also the ingredient which needs to be carefully observed. Important thing is how the ingredient is made and how they are advertised. While you would also get claims of fake ingredient of nuphedrine available across but there might be the case where its useful part of the same is totally ignored.

One need to be objective and look for best pills and nuphedrine is definitely best bet to look at.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dont marry in India

All are advised to not to marry in India and also with Indian girl. India who boasts of being the largest democracy has laws which are truly biased. More than making homes it is breaking families and spoiling the generations from roots.

The laws are so much in favor of women that men and his family is always at receiving end. Laws are in favor of a girl and at same time it oppress the women on boy's side like hell. There are sleuth of draconian laws that you are always at mercy of the girl and her family.

Yesterday I heard an interesting case. The girl has left the family of the boy and is now demanding heavy ransom. In case the boy and his family dont pay up they would charge them with dowry laws. These laws would then put boy and whole of his family in jail without any question asked. It would be a while before the boy would come out of the jail and then the whole case would run for years in court.

The laws in India is so bad that the boy and family gets rebellious and any hope of future negotiation is completely ruled out. End result is seperation and agony which both families face. In a moment of anger things happen and repurcussions remains for years.

More than that I also see that there are girls which threat from day one and then boy family work to get rid of her. Once done they are too scared to get the girl back just because they dont want the laws to put them behind the bars forever just because the girl will do some stupid thing.

In another case which I have heard recently, the boy family is not taking the girl back in any condition. The girl intitally thretened them with false implications and now she is having it in full. She has tried everything in last 2 years but the boy and family is not willing to take her back............the reason is simple...who will help us if she does something stuping tomorrow.

Dont marry in India and to an Indian would suffer not only yourself but would make your family suffer too. The suffering is worse and not just bad..mind it. Laws are biased for whatever reason they might be but dont do that.                                                              

Windows Vista- A welcome change

Ever wondered you taking a call or giving an interview and your computer freezes. Imagine you need to deliver on a task but you end up loosing work due to some unknown error. I know how frustrating it can be and that too a belief and faith that gets shattered when you need it the most. I don't mind investing but value for money is something i crave for right from first moment.

Life has changed an year back the moment I have upgraded to Windows Vista. Indeed a welcome change and I am very happy with my decision. It has changed my complete experience and has made me more efficient. My favorites are the new search functionality and the sidebar. Infact things don't stop here because there is added enhancement in almost everything like mail, calender, meeting space, layout, visualization, icons etc in Vista. You name a thing and its a improved version along with new functionalities has come in Vista. The most important part is that it work seamless and does not freeze at all. For me the pain no longer exists and the unknown fear seems to have disappeared.

The customer service offered by Windows Vista team is amazing. They would love to answer your queries 24 hours a day no matter which mode you select. The most amazing part is that this time I called up not to report any problem but to discuss new functionalities and features which are worth exploring. The customer service team is patient and very well versed with even small queries that you might have regarding the Vista

A nice experience and a must have for your computer.

Sponsored by Windows Vista


FREE NEWSLETTER section in Chilli Flakes

I have decided to do away with FREE NEWSLETTERS section (used to show as blogroll). The readers can access the list from below
3M Team
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Share Analyst by MUSHTAQ KHAIR
StockBuzz India by A. S. Hameed
Suresh Sharma
Today Trading
Trade With trust
Trade4Profit Daily
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VFM Direct


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What you need to know before starting your own Blog for Money

It all starts from people searching internet in order to make money. They start with simple things like make money to read emails, to click etc. and eventually gets dropped off even before they have reached a threshold of payment set by various sites. Then the round two starts where you get to know different stuff from different people on how they are making money from their blog, affiliates etc. At this point you feel that there is a hope and plan to start again. Considering you are at this stage with given set of dreams, let me clear some perceptions which will set right expectations when you start your blog

1) Blog is all about writing good and original content. Copying will not take you anywhere
2) It is about discipline and maintaining constant frequency of posts. Blogging in scattered parts will slow down the growth
3) There is no point in clicking your own webpage to increase the page views as it really don’t count
4) Adsense is first choice to make money but it can be more than one year before you would get your first cheque. The only reason is traffic and it is traffic only that gets translated into clicks
5) Not only content in blog is important but it is equally important that how you market it. Its important that you learn that part of publicity too.
6) Journey of getting good traffic is long and boring. At times blogs cannot achieve even 50 clicks after they are more than year old.
7) If possible start with your own domain name.
8) Point 7 is important if you have joined Get paid to blog websites, directory listing etc. Here domain name gets preference if they are hosted on their own. Also many get paid to websites puts region as their main criteria.
9) Try to link with people and build contacts over net. An isolation won’t help your blog.
10) Trying different tricks on paid programs won’t help you. Its always better to earn money rather than get frustrated by using various ways and means.
11) Affiliate marketing is very famous but it takes time when you would see your first sale. So don’t be disappointed

In brief then you need to work hard and make short to long term plans for you blog. I encourage you to be patient and diligent because it can turnout to be your money making machine when it gets old with time. There are many opportunities which you cannot crack in a day but certainly can over the period of time.

Content and traffic is the key. Rest everything rotates around this………… same time many cosmetic changes are required too.


VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game- Flirting on a roll

Thought to become the silky cloth in your hands, but when I saw your cold I strongly felt otherwise.

Say above and make you will never achieve the Victory Hair. You must have encountered numerous situations where the flirting has been healthy and has smartly achieved great results. How funny it can be and how much it can amuse you is something which is always instantaneous and without much thought.

Extreme Style by VO5 has come out with Ultimate Flirting Championship which is a class in its own. This championship is as healthy as flirting can be. Either you can be judge or among the three participant which wait in the waiting room. So you have to ask questions or give w itty reply in 30 seconds.

This is only place where you get a widget on flirting. Almost every response or quote is impressive and can give your website a real hilarious section (like the one below)

For more widgets please visit


Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5                                                              

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How much you can make by "Getting Paid for Blogging"

Many of my fellow blogger who have just entered this market with their nice ideas have this question in mind. The market is very competitive and good blogger are already earning good amount of money that getting opportunity is hard. Yes it is hard but it is not impossible at all.

I have started very recently and have tried to maintain the post content and originality of my blog. The reward, more than $100 in one month. Yes I am disclosing my figure because this is not only for money but something which interests me too. The amount may not amaze you but then its just the start point. It takes time for business to get build and I am happy with my first step.

Chilli Flakes is a platform of my expression and many things which keeps revolving in my mind. I have big plans and I dont mind sponsors or people who can pay for my abilities . The dream has started with the free domain name and hosting site but soon I will be looking for a new launch of site with my own domain name and hosting which will help people with blogging tips and tricks. Even though I have mixed some of the postings in Chilli Flakes but you can always browse through by clicking on " Making Money Online"

My first income from my blog will be reinvested for more profits. In future I am determined to reinvest everytime till the moment I have achieved good ranking and earning. I would really cherish all above only if my readers would like my content and would benefit from it. Till that time its hard work for me.

In coming posts I would try to break some of your misconceptions about this but the main point is that "There is a lot of potential in this" and only thing is that you have to play your cards right.                                                              

How can you save money? One Question in everyone’s mind

I control life and happiness
I control moments of joy and sorrow
I am your monthly Bill

Call it a vicious circle or problem aplenty but truth is that I am part of it now. Every time it seems that I have planned and would be successful in saving money, I fail and end up borrowing more for my needs. There are bills everywhere and they keep popping every time you stick your neck out. The list is endless from credit card to your car payment, home rent to your utility bill……you just name it and it will be in front of you.

I know I need a Debt help to take care of my woes and get my spending within my means. Though Debt relief was not in sight earlier but I was pretty sure that there would be a help somewhere out there. Though inherently Debt consolidation seems to be an easy answer but being a novice one need help to get confidence of their action. This is very true in my case because even though I can think of some choices, I did not had requisite confidence to make them happen.

Everything has become so expensive that it seems no matter how much money you earn it seems to be peanuts in front of your daily needs. From Gas to cooking oil, from burger to those burritos it seems prices of everything has inched through the roof. Then there is always some occasion which needs to be celebrated to keep your near and dear one happy. There are payments everywhere, right from school tuition fees, to car payments, house rent etc. the list is just endless. No matter how much I would try to save there is always an expenditure that is standing in front of me. The problem with saving is that even if you fix some target for yourself there is some unforeseen expense that keep coming from time to time. I had tried and tried and virtually given up an idea of saving not just because of ignorance but just because I have no other choice.

This was till the time I discovered BillsIQ. I dicovered this site and immediately took the IQ test from this site. The IQ test is called “are you financially fit” and is divided into 5 section comprising credit, debt, budget, wealth and life plan. Each section has a set of 5 question with 4 choices. Bills IQ questions determines your score at every step and gives you a cumulative score at the end of the test. In my case it was below average for my demographic comparison and a lesson for me that I have completely messed up my finances. A section then explains you about the right approach and what you should have done or need to do for good score all across. Credit card debt was worst in my case and it showed up on my face. Though I am in no way nearing Bankruptcy but it is loud and clear thatI need to Consolidate debt.


The most important lesson for me was that I need to get out of debt and need to build my wealth from wherever I am. This is possible only through planning and retiring my most expensive debts. This IQ test has definitely helped me a lot and has served the need of Credit counseling. Thumbs up from my end, you guys go ahead and take your shot.

Sponsored by


Monday, August 4, 2008

Who to blame in your job

I am not sure if this is stupid no matter what it might seem from the headline above but then the truth is we dont see the fault that lie in our own approach or essentially and categorically in us as human being. We are hungry for praise but when there is a goof up hardly do we accpet that its our own fault rather than we start to blame on things which did not worked our way.

This attitude is everywhere and reason behind this is fear. The fear to loose our positin or being seen as a loser. we need a scapegoat for things which we should have owned and then it take a second for us to find that and blame it on others. People dont even think about it for a second and they have their answers ready. The other day in my discussion, the realzation i had was that people who think a lot about others definately make others as their scapegoat but indirectly take care of them after the situation improves. This is still a benign solution considering no harm is being done and you have the resolution done.

But the question abve can be asked from differnt angle, who should not be the scapegoat. i think answer to this is dont blame it on your boss becuase that wont help you. In these situations blame yourself for it only if you feel that boss would reliaze internally and would help you in future. Is boss is mean and does not care then its always better to shut your mouth.

Lets face it that this does happen and you cannot avoid it. Blunt people done care but people who do care need to think about it again.                                                              

Trade Show Display Booths- A must for your Business Success

An important essence of any Trade Show is the Trade Show Displays which is first and foremost ingredient for making this event a success. Trade Show Displays are important for your pull strategy to get the right mix of customers for your business. Important part in any Trade Show is the Trade Show Display Booth which requires firsthand planning before you plan to go to any event.

Trade Show Display Booths requires multiple skills of numerous people involving designers, craftsmen and other finishing people. One can opt from many designs of Trade Show Display Booths which can range from the look and feel of woods to that of modern art. Graphics, Signage constitutes an important part and needs your utmost attention.

The scenic view of the Trade Show Display Booth can be enhanced by the addition of audio visual effects, displays and furniture. One has the option to hire the best of designers to make it look impressive and provide a soothing effect to people visiting your business. One company which has caught the recent attention is Gilbert Diplays which provide not only the trade show services but also act as consultant to all your needs.

Make this opportunity a kill to maximize the profit of your business.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Asian Job Market is looking up

Call it as Initial feelers or call it as the feedback received but Asian Job market seems to be looking up ahead again. Intital fears of recession seems to be going down now as economy is trying to get stable and Oil prices are expected to cool down further. Also Cost cutting can again favor the equation towards India.

Many companies here have started to revamp their hitting programs. Selective calling has now been replaced by walkin interviews. Also the pattern of jobs in daily news paper are changing. It is so exciting of times yet the fear of things getting worse will always remain.

So how you cope with it? I think this is question everyone has in its mind. The only way to do it is to stick to your current job and let the market get stable for more time. Jumping the boat too early can be disastrous too.                                                              

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weight Loss is not an enigma

I may be stressed out of job but I am more stressed when I look at myself and my weight. My body has got a weird look because of pockets of weight which I would not explain to myself. How many times you have thought of this and other related things just because your shape and health is not the way you have expected. You have tried all exercises but without any discipline.

I think weight control is an art more than anything else. It is a mixture of exercises and what you eat too. Trying a healthy diet along with mixture of best diet pills is something which can do wonders to your plans for controlled weight. Best diet pills may look new to you but it is something which people are already using and with increased return on their investment. Definitely do look for the ingredients and its usability in the market before you come to any decision but best diet pills definitely demands one unbiased look.

There are many best diet pills available in market and hence there are many places which can provide you with the list of best diet pills which will suit your appetite. You can be selective about them and give them a try to see definite results. Weight loss is definitely not and enigma and the handle is in your hand to work the most on it.


Increase in Home Loan Interest rate- Another shot in the arm

I don’t know if this is my luck but suddenly this questions keep popping my mind “why me only”. Indian story was good and everything was in place. We saw people making money from everything and a huge burst in job market. Real estate for something where thousands was worth lakhs and lakhs was worth crores. Seemingly everyone is into everything and coming out with flying colors. Even if you not actively buying or selling, the worth of properties in hand was good enough to make you feel better.

I don’t know if I am victim but in sheer euphoria I took out decision to invest in two places. Banks like HDFC, Axis, ICICI, LIC etc. was giving you loans like anything for anything on which you put your hands on. Almost every analyst was of view that interest rate would go down and inspite correction you should go and buy. So I did and for some month the rates did got lowered but now it has crossed my rate and tenure of both my loans has been increased.

You need to be optimistic and yes I am. There is a hope that low rate would counter against the high ones in near future. The markets runs in cycle and probably I made the wrong decision. You need to sustain this phase in since property is something which have a habit of giving you something, I am hopeful that my short term investment….which now is long term would benefit me somehow.

To be straight forward, there is no option left in front of you. You need to be positive about it and wait for low interest rate to happen so that your high effect gets compensated. This is market and everyone say that best time to invest is now. I agree if you thinking of long term, go ahead for now I think these things are behind me and I am again thinking to cash in the latest bust. You need to e optimistic somehow.


Looking for weight loss- Best Diet Pill is your answer

Being healthy is the buzz word around. Everyone needs and want to be healthy and stay fit in order to overrule the excessive stress in everyday life. Having a healthy mind is all dependent upon how your body responds to it. Excessive weight is not only a problem but it is also a cause of many diseases which catch you much earlier than your normal age. It is important that not only you maintain a healthy Body mass ratio but also plan it for future in order to have smooth sailing ahead.

While exercise can do a bit in this hectic schedule, a best diet pill is definitely an answer to all the weight problems. Having a best diet pill in your daily routine is an effective measure you can take to take care of all your problems. While you may get many sites which talk about it, has an excellent analysis of best diet pill for you. It has ranked various diet pills based on many parameters and has come out with the list of best diet pill for you. While a rating has been assigned against each pill it also talks about the additional benefits along with the cheap internet price available for the same.

Selection of best diet pill is definitely an important decision and one should be careful of all things that should go into it. The evaluation parameters is something which one should read careful and then should go for the right solution.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LinkedIn is worth how many dollars

LinkedIn entered the market when it was crowded but has created a niche for itself in small amount of time. It has become an instant hit at face of other sites which did not hold their ground for ling time. The concept was ideally the same but at the same time unique too. While people are now not only considering to create login but also to update them from time to time.

Given all what would be the worth of this site and who would be interested in it. It has potentially huge data base and with time it is growing rapidly with all trendy feature. The are enmarked in the journey of constant innovation and can be a force to be reckon with in future. According to me its worth will be in billions. What you guys think?


TVLinksDB - An effective online seach engine

Just happen to chance upon an excellent search engine called TV Links. This search engine crawls numberous sites like Youtube, veoh etc and collects the links of all TV shows, Movies, and music videos and provide them free to the users.

The site give some cool listing and search results too which which not only help you to look into what you want but also what others are looking. TV Links is growing rapidly and its effective results is making it a must watch site over internet.


Monday, July 28, 2008

How to prepare for Trade Show

Most of us learn by experience and many times you get an experience just by learning from what other has experienced. Trade show is one are where after spending huge money you need results which should exceed your expectations. Getting the right mixture is one of the best bet before you should even think of making any positive impression. Yes there are event management companies available but then what to extract from them in your budget is always the first priority.

The first and foremost thing which one should consider is the location of the trade show booths. It is important not only from the location perspective but also an important element which can give the footfalls the real boost. Not only you have to make sure that it is ideally located but also how comfortable it is for your customer to visit it along with the aesthetics. While one should consider choosing the next set of displays, having the right mix of table skirts is very essential. A neat table skirts with right mix of color is something which will act as right pull strategy for your trade show booths.

Other aspects which one should consider and are important are the Banner Stands and the Pipe and Drape which one should select from their booth. Banner Stands can be put booth inside and outside the both and Pipe and Drape would be a logical mix and an essential element to cut down your costs. In short the look and feel which you can get should be an ideal and aesthetically important aspect whenever you make a case for presentation for your company.

For more information one can visit the internet but one site which has caught my real attention is You can visit site for all your trae show information and arrangement needs.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out of box thnking- Does this buzz really counts

Everyone working in varied environment has at any point in time heard this buzz "out of box thinking". People give various reasons for it and try to attach different perspective to it but reality remains that it does count something and it has lot of meaning.

Incidentally i have heard this word every alternate day in long career with my company. To me at times it seemed to be a conspiracy to let me down and at other times it gave me a sense of fulfillment and a weapon to be smart in front of my seniors. But over years my understanding has got pretty sharp on this and this is something I have talked in different forums.

My idea in this post is not to make you learn how you can do it or not but it is to tell you that you cannot be blamed if you are being labeled (as non-thinker) till the time your employer has tried hard on you. You can see as much as you can and to the extent your company would like you to see. To see whole picture you need to know that different colors do exist in the canvas. I think it start with employers who give an opportunity to an employee and expose him to various functions. This is essential because you need to know what is happening around in order to co-relate how you can do best in your job or help people and processes scale. Till the time this investment happens its difficult for everyone and labelling as "frog of the well" is quite an injustice. But yes even after that if one does not help with company then this job is probably not for you. Take your time but start showing results.

So don't put blame on anyone but start from you. Companies expect many things and this is on the top list.                                                              

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cisco Certification- How important it can be for your career

It was days when we graduated from our engineering and worked hard for admission in one of business school. Finally the day of joining our management school has come and everyone was too excited about it. It was fun being with seniors and going through everything they have for us. Few months Pass by and placement for them was almost near. Of all the preparations they have done it was surprising that everyone was having a Cisco certification and there was almost no one who has left any stoned unturned. They D-day was there and then it was like everyone was placed on the very first day. The main thing that was coming out was that not only you require the management, marketing skills but lot of knowledge about system and intricacies involved that you should look smart in front of customer. This again for people whose stream was systems and it was like must have for them.

Finally it was enough realization and I started by going through the Cisco portal to know more about their products. It was CCNA where I was most interested and over the period of time I had most background information on course and its modules. Incidentally their was study groups within our batch also and it was of real help to be part of it. I started studying and it was much of knowledge from all the perspective. The most important part was not that I wanted to do this certification but I wanted to learn for myself in order to be successful. It was not easy and quite a hardwork over months. Finally the day came when I had to go to prometric centre for my test and I was prepared enough to clear it with good percentile. I was not only the marks but I felt more confident.

My placements were much of cakewalk for me. The did a case study on how I would convince my customer with real technical knowledge and I had answers and views on everything. That day and now after 4 years I have not fallen behind. I have more Cisco certification on my name and its been a nice and fulfilling career till now.

My advice to anyone who is interested in this is always “If you want the change- This is it”

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to avoid depression if you have broken up or suffered in the relationship

If you are reading this then probably it can be out of curiosity or because you seriously need some mild or serious help. Human being is a social animal and affinity to someone definitely holds its weight. This is infact a serious issue because relationships either tends to break when its mutual or one –sided. I cannot say that how much one really agrees to when its mutual but when its one-sided then the other person definitely suffers a lot.

Its not about you cannot live without but somehow you are finding it hard to because your routine has been set in a way that it becomes increasingly difficult for you to adjust. I know people going into depression and trying out various stupid things but according to me its not a solution at all. People try a lot and then fail because every effort is not whole hearted but done keeping that other person in mind. So if you try to drink coffee but not tea just because that other person like tea and you would hate to have tea now. This is useless stuff and tends to make you more reliant than self sufficient.

You might have suffered in past and know how to get over it and this case I would be happy for you. But if you trying hard and not finding a solution then the best and effective way is to try to change the place. I know it’s very difficult but if you can do it then let it be. This is best because you tend to get off the routine stuff with which memories are attached. Memories are generally attached to the place you live and as you change them the mind also makes the shift. This is the first step and there are following too but by the far it is the most effective.

If you cant go by above then there is nothing to worry. All you need to do is to change your routine and of possible some settings in your house. Having done this best way now is to try to avoid talking about that person with anyone and if anyone talks you need to change the topic. Lat but not the least is to start new work and try to get yourself busy. Spending more time in your job, reading more or trying to develop an expertise on something is by the far best things.

Briefly I would say that try to change the routine and you will find that things would change drastically. Time is a big healer and great motivator. There are times when people have got over it and started to go ahead. Everyone can do and you are not different.

Frankly if you ask me nothing is held in such things. It all about where you spend your time. Change the schedule and devote time somewhere else along with change in environment and you are done.

Let me know what else you think about this and I would put that in my posting. Comment on this blog and be a part of larger forum to help the like minded social human beings.                                                              

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