Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dont believe this - People who died but got alive again

Don't believe this. There is no scientific explanation for this. I have tried not to believe this but reason I am writing this is because somewhere I believe this can happen and can be true. There are many myth circulating in world but I cannot help thinking more when I heard it from people close to me who have experienced this in real life.

There are four incidents I am going to narrate which relates to people I know and they keep coming up as and when I discuss about life and death. It may seem to be a fairy tale but truth is that this has happened. Yes this has happened- People have died and has got alive again to tell what happened in those hours when others thought they were dead.

My grandfather (yes my grandfather and according to my mother this is true) was in comma for a 2 days. Suddenly he regained his consciousness the third day and was fit the very next day. Everyone and even the doctors was amazed how this happened but my grandfather had a different story to tell. According to my grandfather he was taken to a big palace and there was all good people along with Gods sitting in manner that some session was going on. When he was taken towards a corner someone told that this is wrong person which has been brought to heaven. According to him my grandfather still needs to get his two daughters married and its not his time to be brought to heaven. There was some who believed and some who did not but eventually my grandfather died 12 days before the marriage of the second daughter (not after though).
Dont believe this- It can be something in his subconscious but I believe this somehow.

This happened in Jaipur in India with Lady living next to my wife house. My wife was kid at this moment but this was something which was talk of the street. A lady died and after 4 hours suddenly she regained consciousness. She was scared like hell and was very terrified. When asked what has happened she told everyone that someone picked her up with force and she was made to walk on hot iron rods. It was so hot that she could not bear it. Suddenly someone told that this was wrong person and it is not her turn and immediately someone threw her down. When people looked at her feet it was all blue with impression of iron rods. The lady was so scared that she starting donating lot of things to needy and poor.
Dont believe this- My wife does and somehow I think she is right

This happened in a hilly region where a lady after being dead for 4 hours regained her consciousness. According to her she was deprived of all good things which she would like to eat but she was forced to remain hungry throughout ( I know 4 hours is not long time but I am telling what I have heard here). Again someone told that she was the wrong person and then she was thrown again to earth. The lady was so scared that she started donating everything she would like to eat after her death.

This happened to my close friend aunt. She died but got alive again after 6 to 8 hours. According to her she was on queue where someone was assigning them heaven and hell. When she reached there it was told that she is wrong person whose time has not come. she has a long life and her time has not come yet. According to my friend its been more than 20 years and she is alive even today.

Yes there are no scientific reasons for this but all of above people have started doing good work and donating a lot to poor and needy. I think there are many such incident which you would hear from people in India......... from people who have experienced this. The belief of people is very strong in India......obviously it is backed by great culture and past.

I believe in God and his power. though I haven't started to donate or doing something to help poor and needy but I believe The faith I have in God is so strong that at right age I would do good things to come closer to God. It may not be by donating things probably but maybe by reading and believing more in God.

If you have any experience share it here. The idea is not to ask people to do or act in some way. The idea is to know that these things happen and exist in this world which somehow we can ignore safely by talking about famous word "science".                                                              

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Anonymous said...

First, learn some english. This was very dificult to read.
What I don't understand is, you keep telling us "don't believe this" and then you try and convince us to believe it?? wtf?? And I seriously doubt that 3 people that you somewhat have a relationship with would have this experience as it is incredibily rare.

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