Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dont marry in India

All are advised to not to marry in India and also with Indian girl. India who boasts of being the largest democracy has laws which are truly biased. More than making homes it is breaking families and spoiling the generations from roots.

The laws are so much in favor of women that men and his family is always at receiving end. Laws are in favor of a girl and at same time it oppress the women on boy's side like hell. There are sleuth of draconian laws that you are always at mercy of the girl and her family.

Yesterday I heard an interesting case. The girl has left the family of the boy and is now demanding heavy ransom. In case the boy and his family dont pay up they would charge them with dowry laws. These laws would then put boy and whole of his family in jail without any question asked. It would be a while before the boy would come out of the jail and then the whole case would run for years in court.

The laws in India is so bad that the boy and family gets rebellious and any hope of future negotiation is completely ruled out. End result is seperation and agony which both families face. In a moment of anger things happen and repurcussions remains for years.

More than that I also see that there are girls which threat from day one and then boy family work to get rid of her. Once done they are too scared to get the girl back just because they dont want the laws to put them behind the bars forever just because the girl will do some stupid thing.

In another case which I have heard recently, the boy family is not taking the girl back in any condition. The girl intitally thretened them with false implications and now she is having it in full. She has tried everything in last 2 years but the boy and family is not willing to take her back............the reason is simple...who will help us if she does something stuping tomorrow.

Dont marry in India and to an Indian would suffer not only yourself but would make your family suffer too. The suffering is worse and not just bad..mind it. Laws are biased for whatever reason they might be but dont do that.                                                              

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Anonymous said...

Dear Chilli Flakes,

Wonderful article indeed.... I was wondering if you know us well and have just written our story.

But, maybe, all victims of 498 A abuse would be feeling the same and identifying with what you have written.

We are also a case where the girl never stayed with our family even for a day and has put so many false cases against us ....

Anonymous said...

Perfectly written. Many ill educated women and their families are grossly mis-using these laws.

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