Friday, August 8, 2008

Job Hopping or Growth in the same Job

If this question is coming in your mind then it need a serious thought. Dont let it go just because the new opportunity will get you out of this job and would take care your monetary and other needs. It is not easy to decide and your decision will reflect in years to come.

I have many cases in front of me where the ultimate reason to leave the job is money. People talk of profile and other related stuff which seems a bit stupid to me because many times they dont even what they have to do. To me they could have grown better by staying in the same company with reasonable profile than to look for something which can hurt them in future. It is true everyone has its own aspirations but a biased decision can be futile for career.

I have been reading a lot about it and have seen different ways in which people support their decision. I have always felt pity on job hoppers because they dont stay in any company for long and is always looking for a change. This scenario is however not true for people who have grown in the organization because if they are changing the job after getting growth then one should admire it because they have taken into account the decision that is involved by weighing all risks.

I have seen job hopping as more of habit. You cannot meet your target because at back of your mind you are relaxed about it and you know you can change job at any moment. One put blame of things on other without realizing that an ultimate effort could have saved the situation. It is always advisable to fight out the best and grow rather than loose and leave.                                                              

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