Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What you need to know before starting your own Blog for Money

It all starts from people searching internet in order to make money. They start with simple things like make money to read emails, to click etc. and eventually gets dropped off even before they have reached a threshold of payment set by various sites. Then the round two starts where you get to know different stuff from different people on how they are making money from their blog, affiliates etc. At this point you feel that there is a hope and plan to start again. Considering you are at this stage with given set of dreams, let me clear some perceptions which will set right expectations when you start your blog

1) Blog is all about writing good and original content. Copying will not take you anywhere
2) It is about discipline and maintaining constant frequency of posts. Blogging in scattered parts will slow down the growth
3) There is no point in clicking your own webpage to increase the page views as it really don’t count
4) Adsense is first choice to make money but it can be more than one year before you would get your first cheque. The only reason is traffic and it is traffic only that gets translated into clicks
5) Not only content in blog is important but it is equally important that how you market it. Its important that you learn that part of publicity too.
6) Journey of getting good traffic is long and boring. At times blogs cannot achieve even 50 clicks after they are more than year old.
7) If possible start with your own domain name.
8) Point 7 is important if you have joined Get paid to blog websites, directory listing etc. Here domain name gets preference if they are hosted on their own. Also many get paid to websites puts region as their main criteria.
9) Try to link with people and build contacts over net. An isolation won’t help your blog.
10) Trying different tricks on paid programs won’t help you. Its always better to earn money rather than get frustrated by using various ways and means.
11) Affiliate marketing is very famous but it takes time when you would see your first sale. So don’t be disappointed

In brief then you need to work hard and make short to long term plans for you blog. I encourage you to be patient and diligent because it can turnout to be your money making machine when it gets old with time. There are many opportunities which you cannot crack in a day but certainly can over the period of time.

Content and traffic is the key. Rest everything rotates around this………… same time many cosmetic changes are required too.


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