Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How can you save money? One Question in everyone’s mind

I control life and happiness
I control moments of joy and sorrow
I am your monthly Bill

Call it a vicious circle or problem aplenty but truth is that I am part of it now. Every time it seems that I have planned and would be successful in saving money, I fail and end up borrowing more for my needs. There are bills everywhere and they keep popping every time you stick your neck out. The list is endless from credit card to your car payment, home rent to your utility bill……you just name it and it will be in front of you.

I know I need a Debt help to take care of my woes and get my spending within my means. Though Debt relief was not in sight earlier but I was pretty sure that there would be a help somewhere out there. Though inherently Debt consolidation seems to be an easy answer but being a novice one need help to get confidence of their action. This is very true in my case because even though I can think of some choices, I did not had requisite confidence to make them happen.

Everything has become so expensive that it seems no matter how much money you earn it seems to be peanuts in front of your daily needs. From Gas to cooking oil, from burger to those burritos it seems prices of everything has inched through the roof. Then there is always some occasion which needs to be celebrated to keep your near and dear one happy. There are payments everywhere, right from school tuition fees, to car payments, house rent etc. the list is just endless. No matter how much I would try to save there is always an expenditure that is standing in front of me. The problem with saving is that even if you fix some target for yourself there is some unforeseen expense that keep coming from time to time. I had tried and tried and virtually given up an idea of saving not just because of ignorance but just because I have no other choice.

This was till the time I discovered BillsIQ. I dicovered this site and immediately took the IQ test from this site. The IQ test is called “are you financially fit” and is divided into 5 section comprising credit, debt, budget, wealth and life plan. Each section has a set of 5 question with 4 choices. Bills IQ questions determines your score at every step and gives you a cumulative score at the end of the test. In my case it was below average for my demographic comparison and a lesson for me that I have completely messed up my finances. A section then explains you about the right approach and what you should have done or need to do for good score all across. Credit card debt was worst in my case and it showed up on my face. Though I am in no way nearing Bankruptcy but it is loud and clear thatI need to Consolidate debt.


The most important lesson for me was that I need to get out of debt and need to build my wealth from wherever I am. This is possible only through planning and retiring my most expensive debts. This IQ test has definitely helped me a lot and has served the need of Credit counseling. Thumbs up from my end, you guys go ahead and take your shot.

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