Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who is Big Boss Next Victim

Sanjay Nirupam made a peaceful exit yesterday Night. First day of the contest and his name was nominated along with Raja Chaudhary. As week passed Sanjay has started to become famous especially because of controversy that surrounded him and sambhavna.

Clearly Raja seemed to be the first one to go but Sanjay name was surprise to me. Raja has been quiet and looked quite dumb and it seemed he would take whole month or so to utter a single word or get up from his sleep. Sanjay on other hand was seen atleast mixing up with other members in Big Boss house.

So what actually happened and why Sanjay was kudos for answering this...because of votes. Yes votes and who can actually vote in favor of him or against him. Lets talk of two cases.

1) Sanjay well wisher could not vote enough to save him or being a politician everything around him is so superficial that people commit but do not deliver.

2) Sanjay political adversaries did not want him to get famous and voted for Raja instead. Yes TV is big medium to get popular. How many of us has seen our local politician and if we get a chance to see them on tv then recalling the name is not difficult. He has indeed got a face now which he can milk in next elections that are just around the corner.

I may be wrong in my assessment but I believe strongly in point2 above. General public has bad image of raja and he never did anything extra ordinary in these 5 to 6 days. On other hand no one knew Sanjay and there was no reason to vote for raja in order to eliminate him.

Nevermind Sanjay, you got enough momentum to encash in your next elections.

This is just my analysis and I am in no way related to any political party. I don't even know Sanjay is from which State........cheers!!!!!!!!

So comment on who you think would be next victim in last week of august and you could get somethig exciting from me in your Inbox.


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