Thursday, August 7, 2008

Windows Vista- A welcome change

Ever wondered you taking a call or giving an interview and your computer freezes. Imagine you need to deliver on a task but you end up loosing work due to some unknown error. I know how frustrating it can be and that too a belief and faith that gets shattered when you need it the most. I don't mind investing but value for money is something i crave for right from first moment.

Life has changed an year back the moment I have upgraded to Windows Vista. Indeed a welcome change and I am very happy with my decision. It has changed my complete experience and has made me more efficient. My favorites are the new search functionality and the sidebar. Infact things don't stop here because there is added enhancement in almost everything like mail, calender, meeting space, layout, visualization, icons etc in Vista. You name a thing and its a improved version along with new functionalities has come in Vista. The most important part is that it work seamless and does not freeze at all. For me the pain no longer exists and the unknown fear seems to have disappeared.

The customer service offered by Windows Vista team is amazing. They would love to answer your queries 24 hours a day no matter which mode you select. The most amazing part is that this time I called up not to report any problem but to discuss new functionalities and features which are worth exploring. The customer service team is patient and very well versed with even small queries that you might have regarding the Vista

A nice experience and a must have for your computer.

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