Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How much you can make by "Getting Paid for Blogging"

Many of my fellow blogger who have just entered this market with their nice ideas have this question in mind. The market is very competitive and good blogger are already earning good amount of money that getting opportunity is hard. Yes it is hard but it is not impossible at all.

I have started very recently and have tried to maintain the post content and originality of my blog. The reward, more than $100 in one month. Yes I am disclosing my figure because this is not only for money but something which interests me too. The amount may not amaze you but then its just the start point. It takes time for business to get build and I am happy with my first step.

Chilli Flakes is a platform of my expression and many things which keeps revolving in my mind. I have big plans and I dont mind sponsors or people who can pay for my abilities . The dream has started with the free domain name and hosting site but soon I will be looking for a new launch of site with my own domain name and hosting which will help people with blogging tips and tricks. Even though I have mixed some of the postings in Chilli Flakes but you can always browse through by clicking on " Making Money Online"

My first income from my blog will be reinvested for more profits. In future I am determined to reinvest everytime till the moment I have achieved good ranking and earning. I would really cherish all above only if my readers would like my content and would benefit from it. Till that time its hard work for me.

In coming posts I would try to break some of your misconceptions about this but the main point is that "There is a lot of potential in this" and only thing is that you have to play your cards right.                                                              

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