Thursday, August 14, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Smart Gloves are the right solution

Carpal tunnel is a syndrome where one of nerve of your hands gets compressed at the wrist leading to pain, weakness in the forearm and hand. The symptoms of Carpel tunnel gradually increases over time and can occur at any age. Though there can be many reasons behind this but the main reason is found to be the repetitive manual work or jobs involving wrist bending or postures which causes the discomfort to nerves and hands. The other reasons for carpel tunnel can be related to stress, fractures, dislocation, inflammation, tumors etc. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome causes many physical limitations which includes difficulty in moving hands, gripping, using your fist, feeling of weakness, dropping the objects, not able to concentrate etc. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome impairs your ability to perform many jobs associated to work which can vary from working on your laptop, computer to even driving on your car. Not only these activities become painful but it also impacts you psychologically.

There has been much discussion about the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but it is very challenging to solve this problem if you think your doctor would have the complete solution for it. You may be asked to give rest to your hands for more than a week which you may not afford because of your job and responsibilities. You may be asked to take some pain relieving drugs but everything you take has its own side effects and other related troubles. If nothing of above would work you may even be asked to go for surgery but even it has its own limitations and may not prove to be completely useful. The most important thing in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is that medication or steroid injections would not be of much help even though you feel that there is some help available this or that way. With your job and all important work, the less time you may want to spend, the more time this syndrome would require to heal.

carpal tunnel relief is desired and most important to help you save from this syndrome. The only good solution for this disease is the prevention rather than working on its cure right though the painful period. There are smart gloves available that are an ideal solution to prevent this syndrome. The smart gloves not only prevent and relive the wrist pain but also encourage proper hand and wrist position. These gloves are excellent support system for your hands and wrists and acts as cushion to enable proper blood circulation. These gloves are ergonomically proven to be correct and useful to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Most important is that these are reversible and can fit any hand. These are an ideal situation for your not only when you work on your laptop or desktop but any repetitive exercise you might want to undertake. You can definitely write good blogs with less discomfort by having smart gloves in your hands.


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