Saturday, August 30, 2008

Making Money Online

Making Money Online is a buzz especially among those people who have requisite skills to turn their efforts into dollars. I had interesting discussion with one of my blog reader where I gave him tips and directions on where and from which places he can make money and how quickly opportunities can be earned and translated. While things were good till this time but when I met him yesterday I came to know that he is currently not blogging mainly because he got bored with whole stuff.

This is predictable end of more than 90% of people who think they can do big but lacks discipline and patience. To earn money, to get famous is a long journey you need hard work and patience......dont expect miracles to happen in few months. Its always good to read about success stories but the effort hidden behind it gets ignored all together.

Blog or joining services on making money online........everything requires commitment. If you have that factor then give it years to mature otherwise you would be one of untold failure story. Make big plans running into years and then work on it. You need to be slow and steady here because success is Sweet and hidden in years to come.                                                              

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