Monday, September 22, 2008

7 litres of water will make a difference

Recently there was an article which said that drinking excessive water will not help you to cut down your fat or will not help you to lose weight. I was surprised because my experience is totally different. About a month back I started to drink around 7 litres of water everyday and it has helped me to reduce the fats. The feeling is natural and it is coming from inside my body. I prefer lukewarm water and drink 1 litre water immediately after getting up from bed. Its best medicine for many diseases too especially stomach related.

Water does no harm and I believe its essential to drink lots of water everyday at least to get rid of diseases that comes in absence of it. Its more of a water therapy helping you to be healthy considering you are unable to do any exercise or control your diet.


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James White said...

I strongly believe that drinking water should not harm humans in any kind. The information provided on this blog is nice. I am totally agree with the given information. Hope you also agree with that.

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James White

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