Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monika Bedi act was complete Disappointment

I dedicated a complete post Monika Bedi is favorite in Big Boss to Monica with hope that this actress has all ingredients required within a winner. But I was proved wrong and was disappointed after her act in show. Few points which I did not like about her are

1) She seemed to be beauty without brain.
2) All time she was concerned if Rahul is trying something on her. She was seemingly roaming around as if she was a Juliet.
3) She was not seen doing any household work at all.
4)Sitting idle she was not doing anything constructive at all.
5) Whenever she was talking, it was in low voice. Many time she was avoiding microphone also. Though her intention was to prevent being bad, it gave severe blow to her image.
6) She did not tried to be herself. Competition was too much on her mind.
7) She seemed to be Living for rahul only and this was counted much in favor of rahul then her.
8) She did not scored point anywhere. All the time she seemed to be thinking what next with Rahul, who is thinking what about her. Nothing worked for her.
9) She became fool and thought Raja and Ashu are nice people. That shows how easy it is to make her fool.

I am not sure how much she earned but Golden opportunity has been lost.

From three people which have been eliminated Sanjay was best till now. Rakhi was much worse then Monika.

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