Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cisco Certification- How important it can be for your career

It was days when we graduated from our engineering and worked hard for admission in one of business school. Finally the day of joining our management school has come and everyone was too excited about it. It was fun being with seniors and going through everything they have for us. Few months Pass by and placement for them was almost near. Of all the preparations they have done it was surprising that everyone was having a Cisco certification and there was almost no one who has left any stoned unturned. They D-day was there and then it was like everyone was placed on the very first day. The main thing that was coming out was that not only you require the management, marketing skills but lot of knowledge about system and intricacies involved that you should look smart in front of customer. This again for people whose stream was systems and it was like must have for them.

Finally it was enough realization and I started by going through the Cisco portal to know more about their products. It was CCNA where I was most interested and over the period of time I had most background information on course and its modules. Incidentally their was study groups within our batch also and it was of real help to be part of it. I started studying and it was much of knowledge from all the perspective. The most important part was not that I wanted to do this certification but I wanted to learn for myself in order to be successful. It was not easy and quite a hardwork over months. Finally the day came when I had to go to prometric centre for my test and I was prepared enough to clear it with good percentile. I was not only the marks but I felt more confident.

My placements were much of cakewalk for me. The did a case study on how I would convince my customer with real technical knowledge and I had answers and views on everything. That day and now after 4 years I have not fallen behind. I have more Cisco certification on my name and its been a nice and fulfilling career till now.

My advice to anyone who is interested in this is always “If you want the change- This is it”

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