Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Want regular Income on Internet- Try Mylot

MyLot is one of renowned sites over Internet which works on the concept of paying the users for their participation. The participation can be in any can respond to people by answering their queries or you can start new discussions .....just anything you do be sure that you will be paid for it.

While what i said above is something which may prompt you to straightaway jump and sign up for this site, but keep the below factors in mind before taking any step

-- the payout may not be much and you need to judge whether it suits your appetite or not. It can be 10 to 20 cents for 20 discussion or question
-- In order to make more money (this is in Dollars) make sure you write clear and good responses with nice words. This will increase the chances of high payout.
-- If you are non consistent and their is every probability that you would quit it after making 200 postings than don't join (if you joining for money). Their minimum payout is $10 and many of their members earn $2 to $3 and quit. This is sheer waste of time.
-- Join if certain group interest you and you would be part of it forever. Make Money Online is one of forum which interests me and I generally answer and ask questions there. Well this is not nly one but about from list of 20 I have shortlisted for my self.
-- Put your hands in many groups as this will keep you involved and provide you new food for thought everytime you login.
-- Do tag your blog and rate oter people too.
-- Last but not least, make your profile trendy and give name of your blog to in profile page.

I got to chat with people who made more than $1 a day. It may be Rs. 40 but some youngsters are pretty happy with it. Also in my other posts I will talk about such opportunities. Good Luck and be consistent. (Slow and Steady wins the race)                                                              

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