Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From New York to California- A nice trip unveiling itself

This week I am in San Mateo California after spending more than a week in New York. As usual US has its own bit of surprises and I am glad I am in middle of action. Though I am here for second time but this place continue to surprise me. Everyday is new and every experience is turning out to be new in itself.

New York visit was full of fun. Apart from my office work I had an opportunity to visit some of best places like statue of liberty and times square. Raging bull is one of my favorite and very close to Status of liberty. A walk down from battery park to J&R was also good as there were many vendors on Sunday that you can lend a good deal.

New York office hours is full of activity. The life here is too fast and everyone is running here and there. To get good view go to grand central and you would find the difference. According to MTN transit system on a normal working day New York Population goes from 2 million to 11 million.

The more I talk about Manhattan the more i would like to write about it. The only good thing about it is the Deli and restaurants in every street and every bit of it is full. There are so much people that it seems that you are in some fair enjoying every bit of it.

This time I took a night tour of NY through new york sight seeing service. I loved the skyline and every bit of new york. The only issue i had here is that even though i had a rebate coupon they refused to acknowledge it.

My flight to California was great and the hotel is too good. Let us see how it goes here especially when I plan to visit Costco for buying some good stuff.                                                              

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