Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Malaysian Restaurant in San Mateo- Langkawi

Langkawi a malaysian restaurant in San Mateo is something which impressed me a lot. Initially I was worried about the taste because I had a real bad experience with Vietnamese restaurant but this it proved out to be otherwise.

It all started when our California colleagues took us out for shopping. We were late and then the plan was to visit Indian restaurant called Annapurna. Incidentally it was closed and we had to look for alternative. There was huge discussion and finally they took us to a place was Danny’s diner (I think it was this only) which had this restaurant.

Ambience is very good and we ordered mango chicken along with two vegetable dishes. Everything we asked was pretty good along with the rice bowl with these dishes. Only thing I didn’t like is their desserts.

All in all it was nice experience and its worth visiting there.                                                              

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