Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SocialSpark- An Effective Medium To Socialize On Web

While my earlier post featured on how to launch your blog, in the interim I would like to talk about SocialSpark which is a social marketing network site that would help you to generate revenue by connecting you to advertisers and sponsors through the web. This essentially means is that apart from normal revenue streams you can find the advertisers and sponsors who are ready to shell an extra amount for some publicity from your blog. You must have watched the cricket match and the billboards that are displayed around the ground, well this is not different because you are making you stadium available to advertisers to show their product in exchange of some revenue which you can possible use to enhance your blog. Social spark is medium which makes this whole process happen in an effective way.

There is a plenty of stuff which you can do at this site, But first of all its very important that you create a very effective profile of your own and your blog. Yes this is very important because the advertiser would be the first person interested in this. While your blog would definitely help you to get the best of deals but this step is something which needs an investment of your time.

Next important step is to get your account approved. SocialSpark follows some steps to approve your blog. Obviously don’t expect to write some posts and think it will be approved, no it will not be, you need to show some real good content over a period of time to create an impression. Mouse over on account, click on manage blogger account, and then click on Blogs. You will get the blog status on your right.

All the three steps in the blog status need to be approved before you can think of generating revenue from this site. If you blog is not approved at first go, don’t lose heart because more your work on your blog, more are the chances it will get approved as and when you submit it again.

Next you can go to marketplace and browse through opportunities. There are two types of opportunities- One that pays you for writing a post about them and second is the one which uses your blog to advertise their product. The profile of advertisers is good too and in most cases its fun to write about them. You will see several opportunities and hence it is always advisable to browse for your own opportunities by using the tool provided on your right

Another feature which distinct this site from other is the networking platform it provides to meet other bloggers. Featured blog is my favorite where it’s an opportunity for me to see some blogs shortlisted by SocialSpark. They have sections like highlighted post and other important blogs which again is a must read. Apart from above I have made new friends here by giving or taking props from them (Props is basically vote of confidence). Also its always nice to talk to them and share your opinion about things you would like to talk about.

Lastly I would like to emphasize on stringent code of ethics which this site follows

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

This makes it more transparent in its act and an opportunity for you to be part of social network which with time will help you to be more effective.

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