Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk- Contribute your bit to the cause

Alzheimer's Memory Walk is a big even contributing to the cause of Alzheimer care. This is about a disease which is 6th largest cause of death in US and every 71 seconds s person is diagnosed with that. People who suffer from is on one side of it but the near and dear ones are the most affected by it too.

You can contribute to the cause by participating in the walk where more than 200 thousand people would participate to show that they care. Its an even to express you concern and feelings for the world which is without this disease.

You can participate in Alzheimer's Memory Walk by signing up yourself for it at When whole of US would participate in it you can do so either alone or by calling your friends and family members.

You can start by either joining a team or being the captain of the team too in case you think you would like to lead it. There is set of manuals available to help you participate in the cause.

You can also volunteer to be part of the team who will take care of the event. This can be in form of team captain, event planning or joining the local level committee. Another form is to help the cause raise money to make this even a success.

You have to be there if you care to wipe this out and show your concern. Alzheimer's Memory Walk is a walk where 600 communities will join to show they care. It’s a typical 2-3 mile memory walk held on weekend morning in the fall. Come be a part of it.

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