Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out of box thnking- Does this buzz really counts

Everyone working in varied environment has at any point in time heard this buzz "out of box thinking". People give various reasons for it and try to attach different perspective to it but reality remains that it does count something and it has lot of meaning.

Incidentally i have heard this word every alternate day in long career with my company. To me at times it seemed to be a conspiracy to let me down and at other times it gave me a sense of fulfillment and a weapon to be smart in front of my seniors. But over years my understanding has got pretty sharp on this and this is something I have talked in different forums.

My idea in this post is not to make you learn how you can do it or not but it is to tell you that you cannot be blamed if you are being labeled (as non-thinker) till the time your employer has tried hard on you. You can see as much as you can and to the extent your company would like you to see. To see whole picture you need to know that different colors do exist in the canvas. I think it start with employers who give an opportunity to an employee and expose him to various functions. This is essential because you need to know what is happening around in order to co-relate how you can do best in your job or help people and processes scale. Till the time this investment happens its difficult for everyone and labelling as "frog of the well" is quite an injustice. But yes even after that if one does not help with company then this job is probably not for you. Take your time but start showing results.

So don't put blame on anyone but start from you. Companies expect many things and this is on the top list.                                                              

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