Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Solvent Recovery Systems- A waste is not a waste

I am not sure how to make best use of resources. A waste is a waste till the time you think that it has no logical value. But the moment you think more and see what more can be done about it there is a plethora of ideas which come to your mind. Maybe what I talking about here is more of industrial sense but the logic applies to one and all and can be used over varied systems and operations. Solvent Recovery System is is one of such logic which will help you to understand is more in depth.

Solvent Recovery is a mechanism whereby you tend to recover important constituents or chemicals from mixture and dissolve off things as minimum as possible. so in effect a mixture of many things eventually leads o separate things which can be used for your work in cost efficient way

Another way to call the above is Waste Recovery System which share the similar logic its just that the waste differs from industry to industry. I think it is one of ideas where important constituents are separated neatly without any effort.

If you would like to have more idea I would suggest you to visit the web and read more about it. Its more of a logic which when applied can create and all round efficiencies.


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