Thursday, July 17, 2008

Staying in New York- Be careful if you going for Indian food because of taste

Its my 5th day of 2nd trip to New York and if i miss anything apart from my family is Indian food. While I tried most of thngs for breakfast, lunch or dinner .....there was craving inside me to go for something which would feel like home which Indirectly meant Indian food.

So after 3 days I pursuaded my friend that we should have indian food and how sick I am feeling in absence of it. I was staying in a hotel at E 45th street and Grand Central was nearby. I had knoledge of this and henc we went there at sunday night but unfrtunately Indian cuisine shop was closed. So that did not detered me and I returned there the next day. Yes I got their Entrees but it was pathetic. I didnt knew who to blame but neither rice or chicken was same. Though i can sense that chicken taste vary between Indian and US but the curry itself was dissappointing.

Sensing that it could be one of bad hits, vary next day we went to Darbar at E46th Street. Here I asked for spicy but the way that $15 dish was something more than being spicy. Well the decor was good and I liked the papad and chutney which they give with my mojito but then again chicken curry was huge dissappointment. I have realized that either my taste buds or the taste of chicken was to blame. Yes the taste of chicken cannot be same...........but hold on....the gravy was pathtic too. After giving bill of $70+ i was more dissappointed than happy.

My syory didnt ended here and i tried the third one next to Darbar called Joy Curry & Tandoori. I read the review in and thought that i have found the secret to good food. But frankly food here is worst of all. Their platter is pathetic and I threw everything in dustbin. Dont try their mango lassi because it add an insult to your injury.

At last I dont know why I am writing this blog. Yes you cannot expect things to be same as home but think I am deceived by the use of India in their nature. I think I have done the old classic mistake of expectation and hence I am feeling so bad about it. Next time its all Deli's shop in manhattan and nothing else.                                                              

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