Monday, June 30, 2008

Creating and Launching your first Blog in (A free web hosting service)

Blogger is an excellent platform where you can host your blog. I would suggest that you should start up by creating an email id in gmail different from your personal id. For purpose of this exercise I have created new id for myself too

--> Go to site
--> Create an id for yourself from “sign up as a new user”. I have created for myself

Now here are the steps to set your first blog
Step 1
-->Go to
-->In Username put your gmail id username (In my case it is chillihunter)
-->In password put your gmail password

After Signing you would go to Step 2

--> You will get the page “Sign Up for Blogger”. Here your gmail id and password is good enough to take care of all information that Blogger might need.
-->In Display Name add the name which you would like your readers to see on your blogs. In my case I have put Chilli Hunter
-->It is advisable to read their terms of service to avoid conflict in future

Step 3- This is the step where you would give Title of your blog and the url.

-->Give the title of your blog. It is important that you title should reflect the true nature of your blog. Sometime you can keep the name general in order to highlight your identity as an individual which is ok. In this case I will keep Chilli Hunter because I would be looking for spicy things over the web.
--> Url is an Important part. Jut like you write or It is important that people should write the url for your blog easily or should be able to remember it without any difficulty. Again I want it as chillihunter. Please note that though you can change it later on but it is not advisable because the posts that you have written would be from the old url only and hence you can loose some value of your site.

Step 4- Choose the template

This is a basic step. Preview and select the template which you like. I have selected Thisaway rose for my blog.

CONGRATS- Your blog is launched and it will take you to your first post. Just write something on your first post about the topic which interests you a lot. Give a tag and there you go.

Hold ON- This is not over yet
I would like you to set up different template (the outlay of your blog) than this one and also how you can set up adsense to make that extramoney.

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