Monday, June 30, 2008

You need that extra money- Internet is your best bet

There is always a first step when you start anything. If you have started reading this article then the prime reason is that you want those extra bucks for which no qualification is required and no one is going to reject you. You don’t need to go through a job interview or those lengthy courses which promise you a job. Even if you are in a job you would like to make extra money to supplement your income in order to fulfill your wishes or create assets for safe future.

Blogging is certainly one field where if you become successful there is no stopping. People from remote areas of our country have left there job and have started active blogging only when they realized the potential it hold. Wait …… wait…………I am not saying that you leave your job immediately but I would certainly vouch you to take this seriously so that in coming years and far ahead you should have something to fall upon. Its like a journey with low success rate but like any profession hard work do pays off. Don’t expect thing to be fine from moment you write your first blog but be confident that market is out there which is hungry for information kept in your head.

So let’s take first step in this direction.

There are three important things before you start your blog

1) Presentation of your blog – It is platform which would be your launch pad and face in ever expanding internet.
2) Content and its effective marketing- Content is key. You need to have your niche and expertise for visitors to rely on you completely (More on this in my coming posts). It also covers the tricks which would help you promote your blog.
3) Other streams- there are other streams which would complement your earning. You need to set your foot here and with time it would be like the ATM machine for you.

I am keeping this post simple and informative because I have tons of friend who have capability to make big but don’t know from where they should start. Internet is expanding worldwide which means the sooner you ride the wagon; the higher you can go with each passing day.

This sums up where we are and what we need to do. As always start writing down about the vision. Vision is only step which provides direction. If there is no vision there are chances that you will fail much sooner than tasting the signs of victory in earlier phase which is important as a fuel.

In my next post I will talk about Setting up your first blog with all basic widgets.                                                              

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