Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gaur GreenVista Indirapuram - Construction is in progress to meet the deadline

Visited Gaur GreenVista Indirapuram a month back. The construction seems to be progressing well. With date of possession be 31st December 2009, the construction has reached the fourth floor.

I was particularly impressed when I saw that encroachment has been removed by the Municipal authorities and the road to approach the same from Supertech icon is straight and clean. The boundary wall of patrakar society has been removed and now one can go straight.

Gaursons has delivered some good projects like Gaur green avenue and gaur green city and hope despite all issues they will live upto expectations. One this which follow this builder is its reputation and its seen in this project how they fare. Its only because of their reputation that their project got sold off very quickly and they did not even thought of building the sample apartment.

Best of Luck Gaur......only thing that survives is the reputation.


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Anonymous said...


I am a future Gaur Green Vista resident.

Thanks very much for all this info.

Please do keep us all posted with further updates as well.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I too am a future resident. it will be good if we can take this forum ahead and form a community.

Gaursons are a terrific builder and presently i am living in gaur greencity. I chose a Gaur house again.

Now ten floors are done!

All the best guys

RajRawal said...

I'm also future resident of Gaur Green Vista. I invite you all to join Community for the same on orkut at

~Rajender Rawal

Rosy said...


I am also a future Guar Green vista resident and pass by the site everyday since it happens to be on the way to my office. For the past 2-3 months I don't see much happening on the site. Can someone update us with the current status?

ALso, I would like to be in touch with people who have booked their flats in Guar Green Vista.


Anonymous said...


is anyone ready to sell samratIII high way facing

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