Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sify Mall and FirstAndSecond - Delay in servicing orders

Last time I used amazon was when I ordered a camera for my Friend and got it delivered to my colleague in California who had to visit India in coming weeks. I was given an option of delivery from 1 day to 7 days along with cost attached to it. I opted to fast and my product was delivered on the very next day.

Back home I was looking for some books in finance and could find the same at two sites- sify mall and firstandsecond. I was excited as the same was paperback edition at almost one tenth the cost. Immediately at two in night i placed my ordered.

Sify Mall- This site is certainly for people staying in US but have relatives back home. I ordered the book and immediately the amount was deducted from my bank account. I was hopeful to get books fast and accordingly adjusted my schedule. But its almost 14th day and there is no update on my order (still shown under process). I have mailed to customer care but there is no reply. I am sitting and waiting with money already spent and no other option in hand

FirstAndSecond- Its even worst. they took more than 5 days to deduct money from my credit card. They have some useless options of paying which is no more than a headache. Its almost the same story as above and its been two weeks that I have no idea when my book would be delivered.

There are two things which are loud and clear. First they don't give you an option of fast delivery even if you are willing to pay more. Second with such lousy service the corner book store is better option (Book Store at JNU delivers it to you in a week, Daryaganj has no comparison).

Well it is much convenient to order from Internet but the followup agony is frightening too. I am not sure how they expect to compete with brick and mortar model. Probably convenience from ordering from home is only plus and customer in India are willing to wait for weeks.

After dot com bubble burst these sites must be in trouble but I refuse to agree that things cannot be improve. I have done myself and I am not from Mars                                                              

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