Saturday, July 4, 2009

Are You Planning to Buy a House?

TAKEN FROM WWW.GETRICHATTITUDE.COM . GET FREE TRADING CALLS AND LOTS OF OTHER INFORMATION. considers Home / House as the very important investment one should make in one’s life. This investment can be made either to secure your future or get a high returns on your investment. However before buying house there is two important principal which you should consider in mind
Principal 1- Location
Principal 2- Location

Remember there is no substitute to Location. Your investment can get stuck for lifetime or you can double your investment only by virtue of its location. However this principal makes many places unaffordable and away from our budget. In that case the best plan would be to do a thorough study of places which would get developed in near future. The pointers can be construction of new highway, airports, new industries coming up etc. If you foresee something developing in near future than the place should be your ideal target. However again location plays an important part there too and one should be very cautious about it.

Remember your investment would multiply only in places where there is a flow of money. Highways, industries, airports, offices bring with them the prosperity and more money and you stand to gain by getting a little share of it. Even If you planning to live on your own house in same place than also it is advantageous because you would have all amenities available at your disposal.

Buying is House is a very costly proposition. However the main principal you should remember is that “Money attracts Money”. If you don’t invest and allow your money to work, it wont get you more money. At same time more sound your investment is; more are the chances that it brings you handsome returns.

To start your search visit some good sites which will give you a good idea on projects around your area. Some are

here you would get information about launches and type of builders.

The story becomes completely different if you planning to buy a builders house (apart from location). The reputation and track record of the builders becomes very important because you don’t want your investment to get stuck in an undelivered house. While focus on builders is not under the scope of this article but two things which you should keep in mind is
1) The reputation of the builder is very important. Don’t go by what people or broker say but go by his track record. If builder is new or you not satisfied than don’t invest. Period.
2) See the quality of construction of builder. Don’t go by sample house but see from the projects already rolled out.
Sometimes you tend to make bad decisions when you have money in your pocket. Avoid impulsive urges because wrong decision has capability to ruin you.

Now you must be confused where to invest and avoid frauds. I apply two principals here
1) Investment in plots or houses gives by government bodies is good. HUDA, PUDA, DDA, HIMUDA, GNIDA are all government authorities and the investment made in their projects is clean
2) Investment made in reputed builder projects is also good. We are particularly impressed by the way DLF has reduced prices of their houses in current scenario. These builders charge a premium and it is worth considering the peace of mind which you get with it. Some issue do remains (like Park Place Project which has not yet started) but this is less compared to unknown or fly by night operators.
Remember an investment stuck in a house can be as fetal as a disease. So study and do more survey before you make this investment.



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