Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LG India Cheating its Customers

How you would comprehend 3 Free Services Offer. Certainly you would think that each free service can be availed in consecutive three summer seasons. Afterall you need a service only once before the start of the summer season. SO when LG India claims 3 free services don’t get very excited. All they mean is that you need to avail all the 3 free services within one year.

I just remember the way LG 2 ton split AC was pitched to me along with the promise of 3 free services. Like all other consumers I also didn’t bothered to read behind the lines. End result, The Company has made a fool out of me like they might be making of other customers. This also shows that they are not confident that their product would behave normal after one year of sale.
While we never faced any problem with our windows AC’s but the 2 ton split AC has taken out all the excitement. It all started when an AC bought in May/June last year was not working fine this season. We started to book our compliant in LG service centre but as promised we never not got any sms or call. My father than followed up and after around 20+ phone calls managed to get hold of someone at supervisor level. A service engineer was sent to our home and he told us that all gas has been leaked out.
Since I lost my bill (my folder was stolen) I asked him to get the purchase date form their records. But they were not ready to do that. The service engineer only told me that 3 services are available only in first year and after that you are on your own. According to them they would now log a complaint to other department and it is on them whether they would consider it in free period or not. Even with serial number they are not ready to give us the date of sale.
Now after getting fooled by one of the biggest brand name in India “LG India” we are waiting for the next batch of service engineers to come. One day has already passed with no response. We have been told that it will cost us between Rs. 2000-3000 for the complete process or even more. They were almost sure that since we lost our bill, there is no way anyone can help us.

Also an additional observation- The guy who installed our AC was from LG India. He seemed to be a novice and took 9 hours to install one unit. We were pretty sure that he will do some damage and seems that he has done his work. Now no one from LG India would listen to us and all their promises of excellent service has proved to be another market gimmick. Their marketing teams devise royal ways to fool customers and end result is what has been happening to us.

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