Saturday, May 2, 2009

HDFC Bank using Customer Retention Strategies

With bad economy, HDFC Bank has come out with well tailored customer retention strategies. Though not known to be as aggressive as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank has now started to focus more on existing customers. This is done more in order to prevent existing customers from switching accounts. Last morning I got a call from a lady who told me that she has been assigned to my account based on the balance I maintain. So for my account
1) All charges has been waived off
2) Services like locker, de-mat etc would now be charged at 50%. Would let me know in case it can be waived off completely
3) The charges on my debit card have been taken off.
4) Gave her number to contact regarding any service
This happened not only for my high balance account but all 4 accounts which my wife, brother and father maintain. I was particularly moved by the way they waived off all charges and converted my account to a classic account. While they have little relationship with HDFC but they were much ready to discuss the home loan stuff and wanted to help on that front too.
I see this more as a welcome move at the time when finance markets has to get down to the basics i.e. look after their existing customers. I am sure others would now follow suit and ultimate beneficiary would be the customer.
Everyone must recall how last year people shifter tomes of money from private banks to public one’s like SBI. Though too late, these banks have started to reposnse.
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Anonymous said...

This being a whiner's forum, I have something to whine about too. HDFC was introduced to me by a friend manager who meticulously explained to me about a nice Gold Debit card with free insurance cover of Rs.2 lakhs and shit like that which everyone might say when they penetrate a market for the first time.

Now heaven only knows if the insurance and the gold card bull is still alive with regular savings accounts like mine, but looking into HDFC's website this feature seems to be a benefit only with the Savings Max scheme.
Does it still apply for us in regular Savings schemes way back from 2007-08?? because if it doesn't then that will be a breach of contract wouldn't it which HDFC prolly doesn't give a f**k anyway.

I was not given prior notice about the AQB being raised to Rs.10000 from Rs.5000 and about these new stupid fees of Rs.62 everytime I transact online even with my AQB maintained. The new rules about a charge for more than 5 cash deposits blah blah blah and all that were not even communicated to me and if I know the law correctly, "fair warning" and "prior notice" was not made by the bank, which is otherwise imperative.

Perhaps the bank hopes to capitalise on customer's ignorance, which is make new rules, don;t let customers know about them and f**k them so hard with fees and fines that they can spend the next few months and days shuttling between bank, office/business and home just to get answers. Amused as HDFC might be about this whole circus, customers like myself are full of rage because we don;t have time to run around and ask questions much less have the time or money to seek legal recourse.

Then there is this sweet talking b*tch at the front desk who smirks whenever I enter the bank premises, as if to gracefully welcome my getting effed in the a** by her bank so her HDFC bank could rape me more with these unknown fees that they cook up every other day or hour.

HDFC shouldn't be called a “Housing Development Finance Corporation” but rather a “Heaven to Dupe and F**k the Customer”


A very very irate being f**ked in the a** customer.

PS:- Now that I have ended my catharsis, I'm sure Mr.Parekh or Kapoor would depute someone for a rejoinder on this with a ticket number. Well don't bother with taking up my complaints. There's a good ol saying that says "Old habits die hard" and if thugging a customer and hiding behind a politician's back is all that the likes of Parekh do for social clemency, then India is f**ked like everybody else, because my case may be solved only to open up in someone elses backyard.

Darcy said...

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Blogger said...

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