Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don’t Get Swayed by Self Styled Analysts

Rising markets are back again and so are self styled analysts who have come out from hibernation to mint money again. You can see them everywhere in both online and offline media. I was surprised that a magazine who was till yesterday talking about negative sentiments is now talking about how next bull run has started. While it is easy for some to comprehend the current situation there are some gullible investors who get trapped. Nothing has ever destroyed the investment if the people than the stock markets all over the world. Despite of this even a small positive sign in stock market attracts lot of people and they flow in herds to invest their hard earned money.

While it does not surprise me but what concern me is another phase when innocent people would get cheated. Well the one who needs to be blamed for such situation is the people only and not the one who cheat other people. Markets everyone knows is full of risks but still people fail to understand that. While everything till now was negative, yesterday I got Money Today which has carried a column where they highlighted people who have made money in this small bull run. The article served no other purpose than a bait and is making people feel bad about themselves. End result, they would now go and invest in market and then would lose a shirt in small correction. They fail to understand that the publication has to come out with something every month and it is them who have to take informed decision.

My advice, stop reading anything which makes you feel bad about yourself. Just calculate the amount of money you have to take risk and invest that portion only in stock market. It is not at all bad if stock market is rising and you ave not invested even a single Penny…….why???? because this helps you to keep the Job. Yes even if I don’t earn a single penny from market, I am happy that markets are rising because I am able to maintain my job and get regular promotions and pay increases. So, I am Happy.
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