Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Markets NSE-BSE does not look good

Markets have been on a downtrend for quite a while now. NSE after touching 3100 is now again close to its lows. More recent event again in January is satyam fraud but earnings and global cues is now taking its toll.

While we approach a long weekend its important to see how Nifty and sensex chalks out its path. It can be a down day considering people would not take a risk on long weekend.

One need to be cautious and take risk judiciously. People who want to buy for long term can also take a risk of buying considering nothing happens on this weekend and markets open up in green on 27th January.

So there is only 2 rules to follow

1. Dont take chances if you cant afford to lose any money
2. Dont ever forget the rule 1.

Good Luck and Happy Investing


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