Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ramalinga Raju has fled to Pakistan

Ramalinga Raju the former chairman of Satyam has fled to Pakistan. Unconfirmed reports has validated that Pakistan government was too keen to invite him and has helped him to flee without any trouble. This is a complete failure of Indian Intelligence agency at time when India is yet to come out of memories of Mumbai saga.

Ramalinga Raju, a genius, who has duped lakhs of investors, could not be traced after his resignation on 7th January. However he has become an instant hit in Pakistan because of his sheer genius. Inner circle of Pakistan is of opinion that Ramalinga Raju has done the damage which no one from Pakistan or its outfits like ISI could have planned or executed in all these years. While the damage done to Mumbai has left many scars, the episode of satyam has potential to affect 53000 employees and inflict monetary loss of minimum Rs. 5000 Cr to company and its shareholder. Praises are coming from all quarters and there is a demand to confer him with highest honors in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

India on other side is doing everything to get Raju back. They are now preparing a proof of scandal in CD's which they plan to handover to each country including Pakistan to help them extradite Raju back. Pakistan meanwhile is in denial mode and authorities have refused to give any statement.

Disclaimer- This is a work of humor and a complete joke. The author salutes Mr. Raju genius who has the ability to fool everyone for almost a decade. Additionally author wants himself to be the first one to buy a book if Mr. Raju ever decides to write it.
On Pakistan front author mocks at India which for almost 2 months has failed to give justice to people who suffered in Mumbai attacks and terrorism. Pakistan will always deny and India will keep sending them the proofs.


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