Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is Infosys the next one ?????

Wipro has been banned by World Bank days after Satyam met the same fate. Even though the amount is small in Wipro case but it does raise some questions about the way contracts are being sourced by the IT firms. Infosys can be the next one to be named pending the enquiries which are going at the World Bank end.

These are definitely not the good times and new of such nature does shatter the confidence of the market as a whole. This is definitely not the first time contract are being sourced in this manner and it would definitely be not the last. Not only Indian but companies across the world are involved in such practices at varying levels. However this is a good step by World Bank atleast to raise such issues and give it back to the companies concerned. You cannot expect it at places of high value and World Bank is one of those for sure.

Satyam is a clear example on how the promoters can go to any extent to maintain their control. This has direct baring on the targets assigned to sales which then uses every means to secure the contract. This is a vicious cycle and I don’t think any company is insulated from it. I am not sure which company would be the next one to ban such companies but at same time no justification can be made for those which are involved.

While Infosys Numbers did provided the support to market today but I am not sure how the world bank news will span out. Also I sincerely hope the Infosys rumors is just a rumour and it maintains the position of high dignity.


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